Hey guys, I picked up a cool wordpress plugin today, which enables you to drive completely targeted traffic yo your offers. It does this by presenting the visitor with either a poll or a review type template and giving them a selection of options. So for example, I could have a question like:

“What type of internet tools do you need?”

I could then present the visitor with

  • Niche research tools
  • Keyword tools
  • software development tools
  • SEO tools
Ok so my visitor is interested in Internet marketing tools…but we are now giving them the option to drill down further into a specific area of interest to them. Statistics are also recorded about the choices that your visitors make…which is extremely useful for getting ideas for products to develop…
wp magix polls
Anyway, they make their choice and now you have them in your sales funnel, the possibility of this person becoming a lead has got instantly closer and you can direct them to anywhere you want and as the plugin uses an Iframe…you can hide your hoplinks!
backlinker professional


Pretty neat…but also you have a banner across the top of the page…with social buttons and a download link, autoresponder and several ways for your visitor to build backlinks…and give you exposure on the internet.
The really cool thing is that you can get the Developer version of ┬áthis plugin for only $27 for the next 12 hours and then it goes back up in price. Do yourself a favour and get this plugin and start really building your list and increasing your sales…it’s a clever concept that if used correctly…just cannot fail.


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