Everybody recognizes by now that Twitter is a important traffic tool. But numerous people who attempt to use it end up disappointed and give up too quickly.

If you have tried utilizing Twitter for marketing and haven’t had impressive results, you may wish to try the following tips as they will greatly help increase your success with Twitter and build your affiliate sales

1. Make sure all your tweets are relevant to your niche

If you are promoting affiliates products on Twitter, then stay focused and concentrated on your niche, otherwise you will lose valuable followers and gain people who are unlikely to buy from you.

2. Send Tweets based upon your experience with affiliate products.

I know it hurts! , but if you’re going to promote an affiliate product, you should be familiar with it (or in the very least, have read about it. If you can genuinely review a product and make it sound appealing to your target market then you will make sales. Be very careful about the products which you choose to promote and look for value. Remember your reputation is at stake if you promote rubbish products.

3. Engage with your audience

Twitter is a social networking site and thus your activities should be focused on building relationships with people, post interesting content as well as “good” targeted automated posts. Make a point of replying  to tweets which interest you, interact with people and build interest and trust.

When you interact with your followers you learn more about them and their behaviour. this knowledge will make you an  effective affiliate marketer. Listen to what your followers are talking about and gain an understanding of the needs in your niche

4. Mix affiliate links with helpful tweets about your niche

Remember, not evey tweet has to have a link or a sales pitch, concentrate on your niche but “keep it human” . You can do a lot of good things with your 140 characters and provide a variety of useful infor mation to your followers.

Link to blog posts that are aimed at non-product focused keywords. You can ask questions and make make short observations about the niche and link useful posts on other blogs.

Keeping these simple tips in mind will make you a useful part of the Twitter community and a valued contributor to your niche.

All of these ideas make you a useful contributor to your niche and the Twitter community as a whole. Work on these important aspects, keep focused and build trust with your followers and you will experience increased conversions.,

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