Being an internet marketer and developer for many years, I recognize the necessity of automation. Before I started automating my Internet Marketing activities I wasted countless valuable hours researching and composing content, uploading the content to my own web sites, book-marking, creating back-links, profile links (I’m sure you’re familiar with these activities) and how tedious and time-consuming they are.

ubot tutorial $46 discountMy time is valuable and I don’t want to waste time performing activities which can easily be handled by a bot. Every minute wasted doing an activity which can be automated means there’s less money in the bank for me at the end of the day. To drive my business forward I need to automate wherever possible without compromising quality. I ensure that whatever I automate adds to the performance of my business and helps my business to grow whilst giving me the time to explore new niches

As an Internet marketer what tools should I choose? When it comes to automation you need to be able to select an application which will be easy to use and to learn  and one such application which fulfills  this criteria Ubot Studio.The  interface is simple to understand with its intuitive drag-and-drop interface and support while you are learning on the Ubot forum is very good. All in all you’ll be up and running in no time and be  building your first bot within hours. You can either use the software in yourself or you can sell your creations, which is the path that I took.

The beauty of you UBOT over other programming environments is that it is a rapid application development tool. You can create a powerful script which could take a traditional programmer weeks to create. new blog makes it possible for anyone to create complex automated applications which can perform any duties you do whilst working online.

Because Ubot is a visual programming language it is very easy to learn and it won’t take you long at all to create applications like:

  • article scrapers
  • article rewriters
  • twitter bots
  • Facebook bots
  • Backlink submitting bots
  • link wheel bots
  • profile linking bots
  • blog finders/commenters
  • RSS submitters
  • Serps scraping bots

Computers are tools which we use to perform tasks quickly and we should take advantage of this fact wherever we can. I am self employed and my time is an expensive commodity, in order to make a good living I have to automate my daily SEO and Promotional activities,( I really don’t have a choice here). I spend a lot of time freelancing for some well known Internet Marketers but at the same time I need to keep on top of my own business. Some people I know cannot understand how I can manage multiple projects at the same time, I’m currently involved in several big JV’s, I’m providing IT support for products, developing software, managing outsourcers, promoting my sites, exploring new niches etc…the list goes on.

My software has made me thousands over the past nine months alone, wouldn’t you like a little piece of that action? Do yourself a big favour and get hold of Ubot studio today, I’m sure it will be one of the best investments you’ve ever made.

Watch the video below…and I think you’ll be sold…just like I was “Hook, line and sinker!”

UBot Studio Finds You Money Where No One Else Looks from Seth Turin on Vimeo.


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