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Today I updated my Twitter adder software and improved its performance. Adding new people and removing the deadbeats works really quickly and efficiently. I’ve made a video describing the features in detail, so you can see the software in action and I think that you’ll be really impressed….I normally sell this software for $20, but I’m giving you the opportunity to get it for only $1 from my membership site.

Check out the new video I made, and if getting hold of this amazing product for only $1 doesn’t appeal to you then I think maybe it’s time for me to give up Internet Marketing 🙂

Awesome huh? But that’s not all that $1 payment will get you loads of my other best selling software too! Just head over to http://automatedtoolkit.com and see for yourself…there’s some real outstanding products there including software, wordpress pluigins and themes, awesome scripts and the best fresh PLR I can get my hands on.



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