You in all probability use Twitter and you must have  discovered  sites like Stumble Upon and Digg. These sites fall into the category of Web 2.0, but what does this mean? Web 2.0 in a nutshell is social networking,  a simple networking concept which produces amazing results.

If you would like to save or bookmark a site you’ve discovered, these days you don’t need to save it to your harddrive. When using a Web 2.0 site you bookmark sites online and you can check it again any time you want. However the real power behind social bookmarking is that you not only bookmark the resource for yourself,it is also shared with people from all over the world. All the people on your friend list and even the ones who are not can see your bookmark and they may also bookmark it too!.

Okay, so web 2.0 and social bookmarking are good and are of value to the user, but how is this of value for you as a web developer? Just think how much traffic an intersting article could bring your site.if it’s found and bookmarked  by just a few people who like and share your link..

The idea then is to create some content which will go viral on the Internet, this could be done by creating a video for Youtube, by creating a PDF document with some links back to your site, by giving a useful application away for free etc. There are many ways of enticing people to share your content too. Tweetmeme is a useful plugin which allows people to retweet your blog pages from within WordPress. There are also several good web 2.0 plugins for WordPress which allow users to bookmark your blog on various web 2.0 sites.

Writing articles for Ezinearticles and Go articles and including a link back to your blog is also a good way to get people to view and bookmark content on your blog too.

Combine article marketing and the major power of  Web 2.0 and the benefits to your business will be truly amazing. Imagine people passing your article from one another via Twitter or Digg and receiving exponential traffic.Imagine people sharing your blog on Twitter and Digg and all of the potential customers out there just waiting to buy your products.

Twitter for example is respomsible for about 20%  of my online sales, I currently use Twitter Adder Pro to build massive lists of followers in several targeted niches. My software is extemely powerful andsince developing and starting using it in 2009,I have seen my online income grow from $100 a week to several hundred dollars. I often make $100 a day!

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