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Lucrative And Effective Marketing Using Twitter Software

Using Twitter software is essential if you really want to make some good money online, but you’ve got to use it carefully to avoid getting your account on Twitter banned. I have therefore compiled a few tips to help you to get the most from your Twitter software and your Twitter account.

Unfollow users who are not following you back after a couple of days,  you need to keep your Twitter list free from “deadbeats” these people have no intention of buying from you, they’re only using you to make themselves look more popular. Also, before you start using the mass follow feature of your Twitter software make sure that you have posted some interesting updates on your profile and taken the time to add a profile picture and an interesting background.. I mean, would you want to follow someone who doesn’t look interesting, has nothing to say and who could possibly be a spammer?

If your Twitter account is new and you’ve just started using your Twitter software on it, don’t go crazy adding followers or you may get your account suspended, (although this has never happened to me).
Follow about 50 users a day for the first couple of weeks, don’t be impatient, it won’t be too long before you can up the stakes. I usually use the facility to search by keyword when adding users as this will get me a nice following of targeted users, exactly the type of people who are likely to be interested in my offers. Adding the followers of prominent people in your niche is also a good idea as once again these people are going to be your target market.

After a couple of weeks have passed increase the amount of people you follow to about 100 a day and continue to unfollow deadbeats every a couple of days. Use the schedule feature of your software to add interesting updates. One tip here is to use Stumbleupon to find some interesting content and copy the urls you like into your scheduled texts. I’m thinking of building a Stumbleupon feature into the next incarnation of Twitter Adder, (or I may make a standalone program to do this). It makes for interesting content and your readers will appreciate your updates, if you spend a little time doing this.

Taking a little bit of care using your Twitter software will reap great results, drive traffic to your website and increase your product or affiliate sales. If you haven’t got hold of Twitter Adder Pro yet then I recommend that you get it now from the link below. I’m only charging $16 for this software at the moment and it is much better than some of the more expensive Twitter software available on the market.

Get Twitter Adder Pro For Only $16

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Free Tweet Scheduler

Schedule a massive list of tweets for twitter, this software can be very useful for automatically posting clickbanks links or interesting comments.

Download Tweet Scheduler

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Why Using Twitter Software Is Essential For Your IM Business

Free Twitter Adder

Over the past twelve months while I’ve been using Twitter I’ve realized how beneficial it is to business. However I’ve also learned how time consuming “Tweeting” can be and how it’s easy to waste multiple hours posting tweets. If you want to succeed selling your products on Twitter, you are going to need to build a list of targeted followers. It’s not worth your while adding any Twitter user, you need to directly target people interested in your niche.

I’ve been using Twitter software for over a year now and am pleased to say it’s the best investment of my time I’ve spent. I usually constitute $200 a week from Twitter, just by posting tweets advertising my products. Sometimes I’ll make that much in a day!

It’s important to have a system which looks after itself, so you can set it and forget it! I use my Twitter software to find targeted followers, delete deadbeats and schedule my Tweets so that I have more time to investigate new markets.

If you had a “set it and forget it” Twitter application which enabled you to target over 20 million potential customers whilst you worked on new projects, you’d be crazy to not take full advantage of such an application wouldn’t you?

Twitter Adder professional allows you to follow thousands of targeted customers, many of whom will reciprocate your friend request.You can also schedule your Tweets from a large text file and post updates to multiple accounts, it really is clever stuff and puts you leaps and bounds ahead of your competition.I love the fact that I’m making money 24/7 whilst I’m doing other things. For example, last week I was playing the new Splinter Cell game on My Xbox360 and taking time out while in the background my Twitter adder software was making me money, I’d made over $200 online even before I completed the game. That’s luxury isn’t it? The freedom to do what you want while an automated system does all the hard work.

The software I use only costs $16 too, not like all those adders out there which will cost you $70 to $200 and it does everything that they do too!

Do yourself a favour and download Twitter Adder Pro and free up some time to do the things you want to do 🙂

Download Twitter Adder Pro

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Make A Killing Automating Twitter

Twitter is certainly a hot topic at the moment with people from all over the world writing about what is happening in their private lives. You can read what your friends or favorite stars are doing and communicate with them and you can sell niche products to a interested audience.

Why you need to use Twitter?

With Twitter it is easy to advertise either yourself or your site and you can immediately witness a growth in site traffic. This can greatly impact on the amount of sales you make, whether your’e promoting yourself, your rock band, an information product product or a clickbank product. Twitter really does make it possible to make a affluent living online, but there is a lot of manual work to do each day following new people and posting interesting updates.

Why Twitter is an essential tool for “Bloggers”

Twitter can seamlessly communicate with your site , which is great if you’re out and about because you can update both your twitter account and site  immediately just by using your mobile. This also becomes very exciting when you are selling Clickbank products online or if you use Google adsense, because you can set up a self-updating blog that works on autopilot, which alerts your twitter friends and the blog community at large whenever you make a post. I have noticed my online daily income grow substantially since I started using Twitter.

Twitter and autoblogs – A guaranteed income source

For every self-updating blog, I have a dedicated Twitter account. My blogs automatically get targeted content at regular times during the day and write posts related to my keyword selection. Whenever a post is made, my blogs ping multiple blog search engines to let the blogging community know my blogs have been updated and an update is also posted to my Twitter accounts. I therefore immediately get traffic from Twitter, the blogging community and from the search engines. Each of my auto blogs are selling information products via Paypal and every time a sale is made, the digital products are automatically sent out to my customers. The power of this system is that I never need to touch my Twitter account or my blog and having fun or out enjoying life whillst my amazing automatic system makes money for me 365 days a year.

The biggest obstacle standing in the way of such a system is the time that it takes to build a large Twitter following. It is therefore imperative that the process is automated if you want to make money quickly.

This isn’t as difficult as it seems as there are several products available which will do this for you, but the software is expensive and cost anything from sixty to a couple of hundred dollars to buy.  I decided to write my own software to automate the Twitter following process and watched my followers go from zero to over four thousand followers in 21 days. I decided to keep the price of my softwarevery low to make it accessible to everyone. My software also schedules Twitter posts, offering an easy way to earn money online that everyone, Marketer, band, wannabe celebrity etc. cannot afford to be without.

Download Twitter Adder Now!

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