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No 1 on Google Software Update

I have had a lot of interest about the software I’ve been working on  which  dramatically  increases  SERPS. In my earlier post I described how the software took me from the bottom of page 2 for my keyword phrase to page one. This has doubled my traffic…and you guessed it my sales have increased too.

I’m still currently testing and am using the software on a new domain and I will release it soon as soon as I’m convinced that the rankings will stick. I’ll keep you guys updated.



SEO Footprints – Free PDF Download

Hi Guys,

If you are a user of scrapebox or would like to discover blogs and forums where you can benefit from backlinks, then this post will be of interest to you. I have a list in PDF format showing hundreds of these seo footprints which you can use to your advantage. If you’re not a scrapebox owner, don’t despair because I have decided to build a forum scraper using some of these footprints. I’m just toying with the idea at the moment, but what the software will do is take the seo footprints and search Google for corresponding site type with your seed keyword(s). The software will then save all of the links to disk and navigate to each one in turn. I think this will be a really useful application and I’m going to start working on the software when I finish this post.

Download SEO Footprints

download seo footprints