Ok so you want to dominate the first page of Google, here’s a trick you can use to dramatically increase your Web visibility. It will cost you $10 to do, but you can use this technique on as many sites as you like.

First you need an indexing application which submits your main site site to 1000’s of whois and stats sites. Next you need some free blogs from platforms like blogger,wordpress…you know the linkwheel principle.
You want to build keyword rich domain names, using the keyword phrase you want to rank for. Each free blog should have one page of unique niche content and each of the blogs will have a javascript redirect pointing to your main site.
Now you put each of  these free blogs through your indexing/backlinking program.
Next, register with Ping.FM and add posting to your free blogs and also register for the other 30 plus social network sites. Now everytime you make a post on Ping.fm your post will appear in minutes on Google.
Next create an RSS feed including all of the free blogs which you created, send an update via Ping.FM using your keyword phrase and a link to your blog.
Lastly ping the RSS feed you created, you should see a sudden increase in traffic and much better visibility in the search engines.
I’ve been using all of these techniques separately and they work very well, combined they should be deliver some really good results.
I’ll do some testing on a new domain and post the results here, what I have noticed is that if you set up a new wordpress blog, with this technique you’ll get indexed really quickly and within a few days you’ll be getting targeted traffic and…hopefully sales.
Hope this helps you guys.
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