Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the method optimizing a website so that it achieves good visibility to the search engines. It primarily focuses on getting your site to rank for the  keywords related  to the niche you are operating in. For example, if you had a backlinking service then you would want to rank for that term. ( Incidentally I rank for that term and have the NO#1 position in a Google broad search, out of 14 Million other competing sites. Yep, I’m up there in the first position just under my paid competitors) visit Backlinker Professional for details.

There are two important parts of successful SEO for a website, the first is “on-site SEO” which relates to the optimization of your sites html code and style, the use of keywords and keyword phrases in your site content and the use of metadata.

The second  part is concerned with backlinks to your site, Search engines consider this aspect as part of thei algorithm and grade your site by the quality and number of websites which link to it. A high quality backlink carries much more weight than a low quality one.

So what does make a high quality link? This type of link will come from a respected website in your niche and will contain a keyword phrase in the anchor text which is relevant to to the content of your site.
This is the link that the browser will click if they choose to visit your site. Links of this type are favoured because they are coming from sites where the content is related and this is what the Search Engines rightly believe we want.

A website with many unrelated baclinks will never do as well as one with a few quality backlinks you should therefore strive to build these kinds of links whenever you can. A good example of this is to write articles related to your niche and to submit them to the best article directories with backlinks in your Author resource box..This type of backlinking strategy will give you a good placement on in the search engine rankings and will result in a steady flow of traffic, some of whom will convert into buyers of your products.

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