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Most Internet Marketers are familiar with the concept of  linkwheels, a linkwheel is a very effective way of promoting your site by using several authority Web 2.0 sites. Several properties in the outer wheel are linked together by a one way link and each of these in turn link to your website in the center of the wheel. Using this technique it is very easy to rank for your keyword phrase and get good visibility on the search engines.

The hardest part of creating a linkwheel is the time it takes to put one together, for this purpose I have created a Windows application which will log you into each web 2.0 property in turn, saving you no end of time.

linkwheel creator, linkwheel creation, automated linkwheel

The software also enables you to ping each web 2.0 property after updating content and provides a “sure fire” way of getting your site on the first page of Google.

The software is priced at only $10 too and is a very good investment for anyone who wants to increase their online sales.

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