Today I received a review of some software I created, and I had to post it here, because it makes what I do all worthwhile.

Here’s the review, it’s from a customer of mine called Peter Greaves.

Hi I would just like to say before I give an opinion on the BackLinker Pro-v4 that I came across site by accident looking for good internet tools I can use to promote and enhance my own sites and it was like a breath of fresh air.

I was a pleasant surprise to come across a site that gives you real quality internet tools and advice, giving you an excellent chance of earning a living from the internet.

BackLinker-Pro-v4 Covers seven major points of internet marketing, each area has its own program to implement and execute with ease. These programs working together and will very quickly move your website in the right direction and get immense coverage. If you just take time to look at what you are getting you are receiving seven excellent programs all worthy of standing on their own as unique individual software program packages. The potential of one of the programs is excellent to have seven all working together positively, organised to promote your site is really substantial.

Twitter Promote Program is simple to use but quite ingenious and the immediate visual feed back is very rewarding seeing the software working straight away. Until now I have not really been interested in Twitter, this program has opened my eyes to see how easy it is with this software to attract a great deal of traffic. promote An excellent program very easy to use with very quick results with the Social Networks.

Backlink Submitter I really like this part of the program so easy to use but clinically effective Submitting to over 11000 sites

Yahoo Promote Very innovative program giving you an opportunity to access the Yahoo Answers to leave your link, again enhancing the traffic to your web site.

Auto Ping Again a lovely piece of software populating the fields so easily

Alexa Ranker This is a great program to take advantage of the numerous proxy servers out there to give your site an unique view this software on its own is substantial.

RSS Linkwheel This is the first time I have seen this type of software and the potential is huge. Creating RSS Feeds which you can use on feedburner it is so easy to use, then you can just copy the url after the feed has been created and go to Input your feed and then you can customise it and give it a new name.

In conclusion this program is incredible easy to use and the video back-up gives you the confidence to apply the information correctly. Having used all of the programs the application is extremely easy to follow with long term excellent results and will with out a doubt move your website in the ascending direction. To say this is good value for money would be a gross under statement it’s Awesome!

Peter Greaves

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