How To Make A Good Income Online

I often wonder if making money online is something that anyone can do. I’ve been working online since 2002, but it took me a long time to get to the point where I was actually comfortable. So many times I considered giving up, but I was driven to succeed.

In the past year I’ve made a lot of contacts and learned a wealth of information about marketing online and finding what actually works. In the past I tended to rely on my intuition and although I had some success with product creation, what I’m achieving now truly is the stuff of dreams (well mine anyway)

so what have I been doing that is made such a dramatic difference to my online earnings?

Well I built a membership site, started promoting affiliates, launched some successful WSO’s (each one was more successful than the last) In fact the last WSO got WSO for the day…and week I recall.

My primary failing in the past was that I wanted to do everything myself, but there are too few hours in a day and to be successful you need to be a part of a team. Success comes from having some powerful affiliates promoting for you and it certainly is a life changer!

My advice to anybody who is serious about Internet marketing is to establish yourself as an expert in your field and to start interacting with people in your niche. Take time to post on the warrior forum and help out wherever you can. You’ll also find JV partners this way too.

it’s an exciting place to be in as well because you’ll find that people will give you review copies of their software and plug-ins, whereas in the past you have always had to purchase these products. I’m totally blown away by some of the products that I’ve been given for free.

So build up your reputation, develop your own product and find the JV partners to work with, if you do this then your chances of succeeding online are dramatically increased. And also consider the importance of a buyer’s list, my list is only a few thousand but from a list I make close to $3000 a month.

Another tip I have is to start up a membership site, in under a year I have grown my membership site to over 200 paying members and I aim to increase that number by 80 new members every month. it’s an incredible model and a fantastic source of recurring income.

I intend to release a course in the near future where I take students through the entire product creation life cycle to a launch in the Warrior Forum. In this course I will reveal the exact techniques that I to great advantage. to be notified about this course, please subscribe to my list.

To your success



Ubot Studio Massive 23% Discount exclusive

Hey Guys,

I’ve some great news for you! I have negotiated a very special deal with the Ubot Studio guys. Ubot Studio, is an awesome software development platform with which you can easily automate your web activities, with Ubot you can automate your internet marketing activities, sell your creations and stop having to invest in the latest WSO’s For the next 2 weeks only you can get a massive 23% discount on Ubot studio, that’s cheaper than anywhere else on the net!

With Ubot Studio you can make you own programs to increase your productivity or you can sell them online for great profit. I’ve personally created software with Ubot Studio that hasmade me 1000′s of dollars, Incredible really considering my initial investment was $245. The software has paid for itself many times over and has also enabled me to start my own popular membership site.

Software is easy to sell and Ubot tools I’ve created have made me a lot of money, for instance, my past 2 WSO’s took over $24000 dollars in 3 weeks!

What’s much more amazing is that the software I made for these WSO’s, could be made by anyone, even a complete newbie with no programming experience whatsoever! Have a look in the following video that shows me developing a product which could be easily be sold on the Warrior Forum for excellent profit.

Can you see now, just how easy it’s to produce your own Internet Marketing Software? Imagine the money you’ll save now that you can create your own automation tools! Stop buying WSO’s from the Warrior forum, because now you can easily replicate what professional software designers do. Ubot Studio took me from making a modest $50 per week to several thousand dollars on accasion..

Anyway, you’ve 2 weeks to get this excellent software with a HUGE 23% discount. After 2 weeks have passed this offer will be gone forever,remember you cannot get this discount anywhere else on the net ! So if you want the opportunity to make a living online from software development, then you’d better act fast.

Get the standard version here:

And the professional version here:

To your success



WP Magix – A Simple Approach To Targeted Traffic



Hey guys, I picked up a cool wordpress plugin today, which enables you to drive completely targeted traffic yo your offers. It does this by presenting the visitor with either a poll or a review type template and giving them a selection of options. So for example, I could have a question like:

“What type of internet tools do you need?”

I could then present the visitor with

  • Niche research tools
  • Keyword tools
  • software development tools
  • SEO tools
Ok so my visitor is interested in Internet marketing tools…but we are now giving them the option to drill down further into a specific area of interest to them. Statistics are also recorded about the choices that your visitors make…which is extremely useful for getting ideas for products to develop…
wp magix polls
Anyway, they make their choice and now you have them in your sales funnel, the possibility of this person becoming a lead has got instantly closer and you can direct them to anywhere you want and as the plugin uses an Iframe…you can hide your hoplinks!
backlinker professional


Pretty neat…but also you have a banner across the top of the page…with social buttons and a download link, autoresponder and several ways for your visitor to build backlinks…and give you exposure on the internet.
The really cool thing is that you can get the Developer version of  this plugin for only $27 for the next 12 hours and then it goes back up in price. Do yourself a favour and get this plugin and start really building your list and increasing your sales…it’s a clever concept that if used correctly…just cannot fail.


Hey guys, sorry I have not posted in awhile, the reason being I have been tied up in product development, building my membership site (which is proving to be a great success) and really getting into sales funnels and working with affiliates.

It’s been quite an intense time, but it’s all looking incredibly good at the moment. I’m currently looking for affiliates to promote A WSO that I’m putting out tomorrow, for some really great twitter software,with some exceptional OTO’s and bonuses from some respected Warrior Forum members.

The video below was fun to make, I didn’t originally intend for the dog to get involved, but I quite liked the chaotic element to it. Chris Jenkins got involved too and was a great help.

Launching Sunday. Jan 29 3PM Eastern

To become an affiliate for this wso, then please visit my JV page, the products are of incredible value and solid and I have a gut feeling that this is going to do really well.Just Click the sign up button below and you’ll be taken to my JV page…See you there!



Rob :)

Hey guys, I thought I’d give you a glimpse of the latest new project “WPGIG” which is being released to the masses. It’s a WordPress Fiverr Clone, you simply install and configure my plug-in and you’ve got an instant Fiverr clone. It is a great plug-in and will allow any WordPress user to immediately set up a micro-job/freelancing site and receive payment by paypal. One of the great features of the plugin is that you can define the minimum and maximum price of the services… for example, I could use exactly the same pricing structure as Fiverr or I could set the minimum job Price at $100 and the maximum at $2000 if I so choose. At the moment I have the minimum price set at five dollars and a maximum at $20, which I believe will appeal to Fiverr users as it presents them with the opportunity to make more money per gig.I think people will love this plug-in is as it enables them to quickly build an instant business which could potentially make them a large amount of passive income. I’m very excited about it, as are my business contacts who I have shown the site to.

There are a few things to be addressed on the site, the first being setting a home link on the site, sorting out the permalink structure so it’s good for SEO, giving the user the option to include a YouTube video and lastly a professionally designed theme. I’m sure I’ll get a load of suggestions whilst the site is in Beta..this is..but I’m really excited about this one :)

Watch the video below to see the plugin in action now.

If you want to get hold of this plugin, I recommend that you sign up to my list and all of my subscribers will be notified about the release date. The plugin price will be set at about $97, but for an out of the box business, I think that is a “nobrainer”. I’m also planning on giving this plugin to members of my IM software membership site for half that price.

Go take the site for a test drive,list a gig and maybe make some money while you do!

How To Make $100 A Day Easily With Membership Sites

It’s a sad fact but so many people who get into Internet Marketing really struggle to make any money online. It’s true that there are a lot of offers that promise an instant push button and you’ll have cash in the bank in 24 hours, but the reality is that is unlikely to happen.

It took me years to get to the point where I was making a decent living online and out of all the strategies I have tried, by far the most effective so far has been setting up a membership site. I created to offer all of the software applications I develop to members, and with minimal promotion (apart from the odd blog post,tweet and a warrior forum sig link) I have had over 40 subscribers in just over a month. I charge $20 a month membership and my members have been really blown away with the value I am offering.

By using a membership site I have increased my passive income by $200 a week easily so far! The next stage is to advertise the membership site and I’m sure that in no time I will reach my target of  280 paying members a month.

The great thing about membership sites is that they can be set up for free by using a simple autoresponder which drip feeds content over a period of time, or you can purchase a plugin for WordPress which is the path I chose.

I personally purchased several membership platforms and addons including:

  • Optimizepress $97
  • Rapid Action Profits $297 and membership plugin
  • Digital Access Pass $167
  • WP-Emember $49.95 (this is my preferred choice)

WP-emember by tips and tricks HQ is my favourite and it’s so easy to implement, is the cheapest option and works really well with Flexsqueeze. you can also get the membership plugin and a ecommerce shop plugin for $69…which in my opinion is a complete no-brainer.

I have plans to open a couple more membership sites in 2012, the next one being in the Personal development/Self help niche and I’m looking forward to a very lucrative year indeed.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to give membership sites a try, and if you pick up the wp-emember plugin then you’ll be well on your way to making some passive income easily…you just need to do your niche research and find a good niche to set up your membership site in. You then need to think about ways to make the membership site irresistible to people.

For Automatedtoolkit I develop software applications for members regularly, I also offer a Skype Mastermind group where I’ve pulled in some very high profile experts who are available to give advice for new members, and lastly I provide the latest PLR software,scripts, wordpress themes and plugins.

The group is going really well and there is a great sense of community, I’m so pleased that I decided to give membership sites a try, doing so was the best decision I made in 2011 and I for one will never look back!

I encourage you to give membership sites a try, I’m sure that if you do, like me you will appreciate a regular online income for very little effort on your part.

Check out and see how the membership model works, you can even get a one month trial and access to all my software for only $1.


Installing Windows Programs On Mac

Apple Mac’s in their various flavours are the the staple choice of many Internet marketers. However one problem that many Mac users face is the inability to run Windows programs on the Mac platform. don’t get me wrong you do have options for example parallels and VM Ware, but then you still need to have a licensed copy of Microsoft windows and this all costs money. The good news is there is another option and it’s free, but it is a little bit complicated to set up. You may or may not have heard of WINE but it’s an application for any Mac using an Intel processor which will allow you to run Windows programs on the Mac platform. I found this great video on you tube that takes you through all of the necessary steps for installing WINE and if you’re a frustrated Mac user who wants to use Internet marketing software developed for PCs, then you’re in for a right treat!

Watch the video below and you’ll be running Windows programs on your Mac within an hour!

The advantage of using wine over parallels and VM Ware as well is that you don’t need to have a Windows license and it will run software much better than running in a virtual environment. This is great news for all of you people who want to get hold of the software that I develop, but may have been put off by the expense of parallels or VM Ware and also the added requirement of getting a Windows license.

so take the plunge and start running native Windows programs on your Mac.


How To Run A Free Webinar

Webinars are a hot topic these days and a great way of interacting with people who are interested in your products. The biggest problem is finding a service which suits your needs and price is usually a major consideration. I recently discovered Anymeeting which looks like an ideal webinar solution for most people and best of all it’s free! Anymeeting achieves this by displaying adverts while the webinar is running. My strategy would be to test the platform and see how well it converts and then move on to the paid solution which is still not bad for $70 a month.

Anymeeting overview

As I mentioned earlier Anymeeting’s free service is ad supported and if you don’t like the idea of your potential clients seeing these ads then you might be wise to go for the paid option. It’s amazing to consider that the free version will allow you to have 200 attendees! The platform is web based and simple to use, so even if you are a complete newbie then you’ll get your first webinar up in no time.


In the free webinar domain, nothing else on the market comes close in my opinion. you have a great selection of tools and free support too! Signing up for the service is quick and painless and there is no requirement for you to download any software.


The only possible annoyance I can possibly see is adverts in the free version, but that is a small price to pay for the functionality that you are getting.

Price as stated before is free or you can get the Ad free version with up to 200 attendees for only $69 a month

Joining and starting your first meeting

The sign up process is simple, you just visit the website and choose an email and password, click submit and you’re done! You will receive an email requesting confirmation and once you have confimed your membership you are good to go! The whole process takes less than five minutes to set up. (I love it when things are this easy)

One you have signed up, your’e all set to start your first meeting or schedule a meeting in the future if you prefer. You can use a USB microphone or your telephone during the conference. the software uses one way broadcasting, so only one person can speak at a time. This is handled by pressing a button when it is time for the attendee to speak.

Once you have started your webinar by clicking on the “Start Presentation” button you can then choose what application you would like to share and also adjust the bandwidth so that attendees on slower connections can get the best performance.

Screen Sharing

You have the option to share your screen or to share a single application on your computer. It is better to opt for the share full screen option if you are using several applications as otherwise you have to stop and start screen sharing as you move from one application to another and this will interfere with the flow of your presentation.

Interacting with your Webinar attendees

With anymeeting you can engage with your audience in several ways. Including chats, status updates, polls and sending out links.

The status feature alllows users to ask a question and to interact with the presenters and to give their opinions on the webinar. Presenters can see these updates but the rest of the attendees don’t, which prevents the flow of the presntation from being disrupted. Presenters can also see how many attendees have questions and if they are having any issues with the presentation.

You can have private and public chats as well as converse only with other presenters. You can create polls “live” or in advance or save them for future webinars. This is very easy to do and you can switch efforlessly between poll questions by simply ending voting on the poll and moving on to the next open poll.

Automatic WordPress Blog Finder/Commenter $1

The month of November has been an incredible month for me, I’ve had a lot of new subscribers to my Internet marketing software membership site and I’ve been frantically working and creating powerful new internet marketing software for my new members. For only one dollar my members have access to all of the tools that I use on a daily basis to make money online. Even monthly access to Backlinker Professional, my flagship product!

Speaking of membership sites, if you haven’t tried this area then you may be leaving a lot of money on the table. Imagine having a membership site which provided the recurring income that you need to build your online empire and it really isn’t as difficult as you might have thought.

I’m really over delivering on my membership site, my subscribers are getting a ridiculous amount of value for a very reasonable price. Take a look at a product I’ve just given away, and what’s more I’ve given it away for a dollar!

This automatic blog Finder and commenter will find you high PR EDU blogs in a snap! It’s a complete no-brainer and ideal if you are the type of user who prefers simple one click solutions rather than having to learn complex applications like the brilliant (but potentially dangerous in newbie hands) Scrapebox.

just watch the demonstration below to see just how awesome the software is:

if I haven’t convinced you by now that it is really worth your while joining my new membership site, then I’d be very surprised!

What are you waiting for?

It’s only $1 for the first month!



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