Backlinker Professional Update August 2012

Backlinker Professional is a useful tool to help you to gain exposure to your websites and is currently used by 100′s of users worldwide. I created the software to automate several of my daily Internet marketing activities. With the software you can:

  • Post to Twitter
  • Reply to people on twitter discussing your niche
  • Boost your Alexa ranking
  • Do Yahoo! answers marketing
  • Do Forum Marketing
  • Submit your site to 4700 stats and whois sites
  • Create RSS Mashups
  • Shorten and track URLs
  • Scrape Elite poxies
  • Automatically submit your site to Pingomatic

This is a very powerful program which I have used to build my site traffic and is available for immediate download from:


Automatic Social Poster

Here a demonstration of my latest backlinking software. I created this as an alternative to hellotxt as they are sadly closing this week. the software automatically posts your links to 4 social networks and is available for members of

This should be a great tool in your SEO armoury.

Click here to Join Automated toolkit to claim this software.


Tutorial describing how to add a clickable overlay on your Youtube videos.

Automatic Hellotxt Updater

A while ago I developed a automatic posting tool for Ping.FM and the results the tool got were great. Alas all great things do not last and when Seesmic aquired Ping.FM we lost a great way of getting traffic to our sites.

I developed an alternative to work with Hello.TXT which uses multiple accounts and gives us back some of the power we once had with Ping.FM. Take a look at the following video where i describe how it works.

You can get a copy of this software and many other tools from and the great news is you can get all these tools for just $1 for a short time.

Do you have multiple WordPress accounts? Managing them can be a “pain in the A” right? Well not any longer…and here’s why.

I recently purchased a plugin called Superpress which makes setting up a blog with recommended plugins, deleting posts, setting the default category etc a really quick procedure.Whilst I looked at the plugin wheels started turning and I thought…”What if I took this further?”

I created some software in Ubot that allows the user to:

  • Update multiple blogs
  • Deploy your favourite plugins to all your blogs
  • Install a theme on all your blogs
  • Set permalinks
  • Delete all plugins
  • Update all plugins

The software also has integration with Fantastico…this software will save you a load of time and puts you in complete control of one to 100 plus blogs. It really is awesome, just watch the video below to see this cool software in action. Believe me, once you’ve used this software you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

There are two ways to get this great software, you can either sign up at or you can purchase the Superpress plugin and you’ll get my software as a bonus,

To order Superpress now please visit the following link:

Pinterest WordPress Theme Case Study – Day 7

Well 7 days after installing IM Wealth Builders Covert Pinterest theme and I’m still seeing great results. The blog is running completely on auto and I am getting consistent traffic. Still considering how I could use the theme to work with a site like steallthymarketer. The social traffic potential is definitely promising, it’s just finding the right fit for an internet marketing site. I welcome any comments from you guys and any possible strategies you might suggest.

Here’s an Awstats snapshot for the past 7 days:

pinterest traffic awstats snaphot

And here’s the stats for the past 7 days from the blog itself using Kstats Reloaded:

covert pinterest theme stats day 7

Here is a new snapshot today of the Alexa ranking:

As you can see the Alexa ranking is now 1837,275…that’s quite a dramatic improvement in the past 7 days.

I will continue to monitor the site and give you updates.

If you would like to get hold of the theme then please visit the sales page below

Click Here to get this awesome theme and plugin now



Pinterest WordPress Theme Strategy Update

It’s day 3 after installing the Pinterest theme from IM Wealthbuilders and the traffic appears to be consistent from Twitter and Facebook (at the moment I am doing nothing to monetize this blog, It’s just a test to see how well this theme and the autobblogging plugin perform) I am also using the Imagepress plugin to add a human element and posting images relating to me and my life. If you need to get the Imagepress plugin you can get it here:

Download Imagepress plugin

Heres my Awstats for today 20/06/2012

piterest wordpress theme stats

As you can see the traffic is certainly consistent, to go from an average of 6 uniques a day to 141 so quickly is a pretty good result, I think you’ll agree.


Here’s the starts from the blog itself (using Kstats reloaded):

pinterest strategy - kstats reloaded stats

Kstats is reporting less uniques than Awstats and I’m inclined to trust these figures more, but still to go from a few uniques a day to 102 is certainly an achievement.

Below is the Alexa stats for, yesterday the site had an Alexa rank of over 7 Million, but when I checked today that rank had improved by 4 million…that’s pretty cool in my book.

pinterest strategy - Alexa stats

I’m also noticing that people are starting to follow me on Pinterest as a result of these posts, all in all this is very exciting. I think the biggest challenge is monetizing the site, for those of you who are affiliates of Amazon or Ebay, I imagine you may get good conversions.

My plan is to make a small network of blogs like this, to help promote my money sites. Maybe installing the theme on a sub domain of a money site might be an idea. I intend to clone the setup of this blog, so I can easily replicate it. I think if used in the right way then you can expect to get some outstanding results from this theme. I will continue to monitor and report how the traffic is going to you.

Pinterest Strategy – Case Study

pinterest strategy

I thought it could be good to play with a pinterest strategy and to present it in a case study using the theme from IM wealthbuilders and their autoblogging plugin. I set up the pinterest theme,  set autoblogging up (very simple to do). I picked a domain that  had been sitting around for a couple of years that was getting a couple of unique visitors a day, set up statistics for the blog, linked the blog to Twitter with Twitterfeed and let it roll.

The first thing I noticed was just how quickly traffic started to come, the autoblogging component created a couple of compelling tweets that got some interest and click throughs, looking at my stats today, I expect my visits to double.

pinterest strategy traffic

Pretty good results I think you’ll agree! I’m thinking of using sites like this to drive traffic to my existing blogs (feeder style) maybe use an open link wheel type structure. I’m excited by the possibilities of this theme, I think if you get it right then you’re going to do very well.

Take a look at a snapshot of my AWstats to get an even clearer picture of how awesome this theme is for driving traffic:

nichesalsa stats

Can you see why this theme has got me excited yet? I think this is really something!

I also installed WP Clicks so I can monitor user behaviour, WP Clicks creates videos where you can view your visitors activity on the site, pretty cool plugin. The only problem with WP Clicks that I can see is that it could certainly suck up your time watching what your visitors are up to. However for the sake of this case study I think it will be very useful.

So to conclude on the second day of testing, I have a feeling that this theme and autoblogging plugin is going to be a winner. I’ll do an update in 7 days time and we’ll see what the traffic is like then. To check out the blog where I’ve installed the theme please visit

Click Here to get this awesome theme now


How To Drive Traffic With Pinterest

pinterest traffic

Pinterest is certainly a hot topic these days as can be seen by all of the Internet marketers who are targeting the platform. To be honest it’s taken me a while to get into the whole pinterest thing, it just didn’t grab me like Facebook or Twitter did, but as an additional traffic source it needs to be investigated. The demographic is mainly women, according to statistics 75%. I’m sure as time goes by though this will level out, that is unless Internet marketers masquerade as women and I know quite a few people who do. (on pinterest at least)

I mentioned in an earlier post about achieved an incredible spike in traffic because of copying the Pinterest model and I must confess that got me curious enough to want to investigate Pinterest further. I purchased a couple of pinterest bots, but I wasn’t really grabbed by pinterest, I just associated Pinterest with women posting images of shoes and fashion items and I just wasn’t sure if it would fit into my Internet marketing software niche, but I think I just wasn’t being creative enough.

Pinterest marketing strategies
Pinterest is concerned with connecting and interacting with others and this gives us three potential ways to market our products to people.

  • Re-pinning
  • Commenting
  • Following

Re-pinning an image gives you  the opportunity to drive traffic to your website. When you repin an image the person pinned the original is notified. We can also expect some of these people to check out our pinterest page, you therefore want to ensure that you have interesting content for visitors to read

Making comments is another strategy that can drive traffic as well, you can catch peoples interest in this way, so be sure to leave a useful comment, because nobody likes spam.

Following others on pinterest is yet another way of arousing interest and by connecting with people in your niche you can build relationships.

Working with pinterest is like any other social network, you don’t want to excessively promote yourself, you want people to get interested in you. Concentrate on building relationships and trust, try to add value and try to make yourself look as interesting as possible. Try to share a little bit of your personality and look for interesting images from your blogs to entice people to visit. Pinterest looks to be a very good marketing tool, but it needs to be used correctly.

Create videos showing how your product works so potential customers can see the further use for it. Another suggestion is to produce “How to videos” related to your niche. You can also use pinterest to announce any forthcoming events at your company.

One of the exciting things about pinterest is that your images can go viral, potentially resulting in a lot of traffic. To get pinterest working well for you though you can need to be actively engaged, this is going to take time, so where possible try to automate your activities. This is not especially easy because a bot or a program is unable to make decisions based upon looking at an image like we humans can.

One lesson I’ve learned in this game is that if you’re going to succeed you are going to need to interact and work with others. Think about the way that you communicate with other pinterest users, keep away from the hype and the sales spiel, be engaging and interesting.

One resource I found which could potentially be very useful for creating viral images is here you can create witty quotes, combined with images which with a little creativity could get some great results.

quickmeme images for pinterest

IM Wealthbuilders have done it again! They have developed a theme that turns a WordPress blog into a very convincing Pinterest clone. The the thing I respect most about IM Wealthbuilders is that they truly do think out of the box, I guess that is why their launches are so successful.

pinterest wordpress theme

This theme was developed after the IM Wealthbuilder team noticed that the most expensive domain on the net, “” whose traffic was floundering applied the Pinterest model to their site and the results were staggering. Take a look at the spike in traffic in the Alexa screenshot below. uses pinterest model

Pretty awesome hey? Now imagine if you could do something like that to your site. I picked up the theme with a view to creating feeder sites to my main blogs, just to test the traffic. People love images and as can be seen by the success of Pinterest…they like sharing them. By using the same format as Pinterest, people instinctively know how to pin and share your content…because they’ve been doing it for a while.

Take a look at the image below you will notice that the theme uses exactly the same viral techniques as Pinterest, with the pin,like and comment options. The theme designers have made it so easy for your site visitors to make traffic to your sites or affiliate offers go viral.

pinterest image with repin,like and comment buttons

There is also an additional plugin for this theme that turns any WordPress blog into a completely “hands off” automated affiliate marketing machine. This has to be one of the best WordPress “out of the box” business solutions of 2012 and if you want to keep ahead in the Internet Marketing game then you really should purchase this theme, because believe me it is guaranteed to do wonders for your traffic.

You can get the theme from the following link for around $10 (that’s a discount of $49 off the usual price), make sure to watch the video to see just how powerful this is.



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