WordPress Updater – Prevent Your WordPress Blogs From Being Hacked

If you have ever had your WordPress blog hacked then you’ll know how much of a nightmare it can be restoring the blog (if you’ve made regular backups) and getting all of your settings right again. The crazy thing is a big factor that plays a part in blogs getting hacked is whether or not the WordPress installations, plug-ins and themes are kept up-to-date. Obviously you need to use security plug-ins as well, by keeping all of your blogs up to date is a necessity there is no denying that.

After being hacked myself and looking at security issues, I came to the conclusion that what I needed was a tool which would update all of my WordPress installation is, plug-ins and themes with one click. To this end I built my blog updater, the software will see that your blogs are kept up-to-date and secure with minimum hassle. Take a look at the video below to see the software in operation and to get a better understanding of how it works.

This software is exclusively available for members of http://automatedtoolkit.com as part of their monthly $20 membership.The software is not the be all and end all solution to your security issues but it’s a large step in the right direction. To get hold of this great software and hundreds of other tools please visit http://automatedtoolkit.com today, you’ll be pleased that you did.

Addmefast Bot – Get 100’s of FB Likes, Youtube Views And more!

Hey guys, here’s another tool that is being released over at my sister site http://automatedtoolkit.com

This software automatically gets you Youtube views, Facebook likes etc and all you have to do is press go! In just a few hours of testing I got 51 Facebook likes on a blog post I submitted…totally awesome I think you’ll agree! Imagine, no more buying such services on Fiverr…just put my little bot to work and reap the benefits “Big Time” Hey you could even start your own Fiverr Business!

Come and join us today, I have loads of great IM software, PLR and tools…and an awesome Skype group! Isn’t it time for you to get my tools on your side and start making some good money with your online business?

If you are ready to take things to the next level, come ang join us at http://www.automatedtoolkit.com, it may be the best move you make in 2012.

Cheers Rob :)

Longtail Keyword Tool

Hey guys here is a long tail keyword tool which will enable you to discover the keywords that people are typing into the search engines within your niche. You simply enter a seed keyword phrase and click go, the software will then work its magic. The software outputs the data as a text file and also writes the keywords found to the software’s browser window. So all you need to do is take these keywords and enter them into the Google keyword external tool or market Samurai if you have it. You will then be able to distinguish the golden nuggets which you can then target.

You can get the software by signing up at http://automatedtoolkit.com and will also be able to download my other exclusive Internet marketing software, masses of PLR, courses and materials. I thoroughly recommend that you take advantage of this deal, its fantastic value and you can also interact with other members in our Facebook group and Skype Mastermind.

Ultimate JV Giveaway Event – $1000’s Of Software For Free!

Hey Guys,

Rob here with some great news for all you IM Sofware/Ebook Junkies, the ultimate giveaway has just begun. There are thousands of dollars worth of software and Ebooks from well-known Internet marketers (including myself) up for grabs check out all the content here for the next few days you have the opportunity to grab a diverse range of scripts,ebooks, software and training resources completely free!

It’s a great opportunity to save yourself some money and to take advantage of the generosity of these Internet Marketers.I have also put one of my products up there a brand-new keyword tool which uses Google instant prediction service to create a list of profit following keyword phrases. Find out in a couple of minutes exactly what people are searching for in your niche and then use these keyword phrases to target those people.

Sign up now and take advantage of this offer as it ends on Tuesday, 11 September 2012.I can’t vouch for the quality of all of the products on the site, but I can tell you that there is some excellent material to be grabbed. So head on over to: http://superimgiveaway.com/ultimatejv/go/94 and start downloading now, whilst you still have time!


Forum Traffic Master – Forum Marketing Software

Hi here’s a useful tool which you can use for forum marketing, it’s a cool tool and will find you all of the best forums to promote on regardless of niche. Simply enter your niche, click go and it will find from 10 to 100 forums for you to target. remeber with forum marketing it’s all about providing value, don’t use this as a spamming tool, use it to build authority.

Not only will you get traffic and sales, but you will also get backlinks to your site, use this on a daily basis  and you will make money. To get hold of this software please visit http://www.automatedtoolkit.com

Joining for a month will only cost you a dollar and you’ll have access to all of my great tools, plr and resources.


Backlinker Professional Update August 2012

Backlinker Professional is a useful tool to help you to gain exposure to your websites and is currently used by 100’s of users worldwide. I created the software to automate several of my daily Internet marketing activities. With the software you can:

  • Post to Twitter
  • Reply to people on twitter discussing your niche
  • Boost your Alexa ranking
  • Do Yahoo! answers marketing
  • Do Forum Marketing
  • Submit your site to 4700 stats and whois sites
  • Create RSS Mashups
  • Shorten and track URLs
  • Scrape Elite poxies
  • Automatically submit your site to Pingomatic

This is a very powerful program which I have used to build my site traffic and is available for immediate download from:



Automatic Social Poster

Here a demonstration of my latest backlinking software. I created this as an alternative to hellotxt as they are sadly closing this week. the software automatically posts your links to 4 social networks and is available for members of http://automatedtoolkit.com.

This should be a great tool in your SEO armoury.

Click here to Join Automated toolkit to claim this software.


How To Add A Clickable Overlay To Youtube Videos

Tutorial describing how to add a clickable overlay on your Youtube videos.

Automatic Hellotxt Updater

A while ago I developed a automatic posting tool for Ping.FM and the results the tool got were great. Alas all great things do not last and when Seesmic aquired Ping.FM we lost a great way of getting traffic to our sites.

I developed an alternative to work with Hello.TXT which uses multiple accounts and gives us back some of the power we once had with Ping.FM. Take a look at the following video where i describe how it works.

You can get a copy of this software and many other tools from http://automatedtoolkit.com and the great news is you can get all these tools for just $1 for a short time.

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