WP PicPoll Review – A Cool Plugin for Encouraging Engagement

Hey guys here’s a review of a plugin that I’ve just picked up, it’s called WP Picpoll and it allows you to easily set up a poll,survey or quiz on your blog. Each selected option can be used to point people to a specific page, so it could be used to promote affiliate links or for listbuilding, two areas of great interest to me.. You can either create squeeze style pages with attractive guru style backgrounds or you can embed the quiz/poll into a blog post by just entering a shortcode.


I like applications which are intuitive and getting this plugin up and running was simple, there are training resources and access to support available from within the plugin’s settings page, but to be honest setting up your fist quiz or poll is so easy I doubt if you’ll be needing it.  In terms of usability it’s very user friendly and setting up a poll takes a couple of minutes maximum. I can see some great potential for this plugin on my sites, anything that is going to encourage user interaction has got to be a good thing. The only problem most people will have is thinking up new polls and quizzes!

Have a look at the following examples:


So in the above example each one of the social Icons can be voted on once, and after voting the visitor is sent to whatever page you want. I love the translucent overlays they look great on a guru style background.


In this example you could be sending your customer directly via your Amazon affiliate link to the product in the thumbnail, again another great way to use this plugin. This plugin could definitely be good for seasonal affiliate promotions.



Or you can set up a quiz and give your visitor the opportunity to win a free prize if they guess correctly…this of course could be tied in to an optin form.



This is the example I decided to choose as I have embedded the shortcode created by the plugin into a blog post. In my example further down the page, you’ll see that the Social Icons are linked to my Facebook, Google and Twitter profiles. A little unimaginative on my side, but it gives you an idea of how you could use the plugin to your advantage.



The last screenshot is for another competition, I like the aesthetics of this plugin, it looks great and the options jump right out at you. I  like this plugin and will be using it here on Stealthymarketer, II just need to be a little more imaginative with its use but I certainly can see is potential.

So here we go, down below is a poll I set up with the plugin, try voting on one of the options and see the plugin in action.

 [nds_poll id=’2′]

Want to know another nice fact about this plugin? It will only cost you $10 to buy the single site license…and the Developers license will only cost you $10 more. This is definitely one of those plugins that will be an asset to your business and will allow you to engage well with your site visitors.


Ubot Studio Black Friday – 25% Discount Code!


 7 Day Special UBOT Discount

Hey guys, today I have got something incredibly exciting to share with you…I have negotiated a very special deal with Ubot Studio and for the next seven days you can get the standard and professional version of Ubot with a 20% discount, but it gets better as you can also get the developer version of this awesome software development platform for a massive 25% off.

I’ve had a lot of success with Ubot and it’s enabled me to build a successful online business, the ease of development and the power of the software makes it simple for anyone to create their own software, whether they want to automate their online activities, to be a freelancer or a product developer.

Just take a look at the video below and you’ll see just how simple it is to create a software application. In the following video I create a software tool for twitter, which automatically sends out updates. I built this software in under 15 minutes and just goes to show how easy it is.


Imagine not having to purchase any more software from the Warrior Forum, because you will make your own. Just consider the savings you’ll make using Ubot studio, you’ll never be tempted by all those new shiny WSO’s and instead you’ll be in the seller mindset and believe me that is exactly where you want to be in this business.

Now imagine if you could just stop buying WSO’s…Imagine if you could create products yourself to automate your internet marketing, SEO, submissions to sites, updating your blogs…virtually anything you currently do in your browser….and what if you could actually turn things around and get in the seller mindset for a change?

The good news is it is possible and it’s also been made very easy for you to do, all you have to do is to have an idea and a simple to use development platform.

That’s exactly what I did, I purchased Ubot Studio and started making and selling my own software and in the process I have made a lot of money. The cool thing is that this is something that anyone can do, the software can be used by newbies and experienced programmers alike!

The biggest obstacle is the price for most people, and normally Ubot Studio will set you back a couple of hundred dollars, plus for the standard version. (However it really is a good investment because you can then become a product developer or use your software creations to provide a service)

For the next 7days I have managed to negotiate a special deal with the Ubot guys and can get you some hefty discounts on the latest and greatest version (5) which was released in October. This discount will only be open until December 8. After that this discount will no longer be available.

$189 for Standard (20% off) https://secure2.ubotstudio.com/products/ubot-studio-standard-edition?coupon=RMUB5P

$397 for Pro (20% off) https://secure2.ubotstudio.com/products/ubot-studio-professional-edition?coupon=RMUB5P

$517 for Dev (25% off) https://secure2.ubotstudio.com/products/ubot-studio-developer-edition?coupon=RMUB5P


If you can afford it I thoroughly recommend that you purchase, because it will not only save you money (you can stop buying WSO’s) you can also become a software developer, freelancer or use the software to offer a service on sites like FIverr.

I hope you can see the value in this, I stand behind Ubot Studio 100% as it’s the one tool that really turned things around for me and I’ve never looked back.

If you have any questions about Ubot Studio and developing with it, just shoot me an email and I’ll answer them for you.

To your success as a product developer!




Facebook Image Creating Software

Hi Guys,

Just thought I’d introduce you to my new software I’ve built for Facebook. The software creates and uploads those image/ quotation combinations which are so popular with users on Facebook. The cool thing is the software makes it so easy to do, you have a choice of over 20 image backgrounds you can use and combine with whatever text you want to use. You have a choice of Font Size and style, and with just one click you can create am image that could go viral. I’ve been really impressed during testing as I have seen first hand how effective using a tool like this is for getting, likes, shares and for engaging with your audience.

Take a look at the image below and you’ll see just how effective this tool is, this was with the first incarnation where I was just rendering text on a plain coloured background. However with the latest version you have a choice of over 20 beautiful stylish backgrounds.



The one thing I noticed was as soon as I started posting images, people would comment, like and share, and the only thing I really needed to do was to find some classic quotes to use with the software. The software not only renders the images but will post directly to your Facebook profile with one click of a mouse. Take a look at the software in the image below:



You can even use html commands in the software so you can bold text,change the colour, ad breaks, it really is something.


And here’s a selection of backgrounds from the software, to add instant style to your creations. I’ll also be adding to the collection as time goes by.



This is a perfect tool for getting your audience engaged, not only will you love it, but your potential clients will too! I’ll be giving my list subscribers the opportunity to get this cool software for a steal before it’s officially released…so keep an eye on your emails, you really don’t want to miss this one.



NIche Eureka 2 – cool niche research software – With my killer software bonus

Hi,  Rob here, hope you are doing well and profiting from your online endeavours. I’ve been really busy on a few new software projects, which are really exciting and I can’t wait to tell you more about them.

One is a Facebook tool and it really is special, there just isn’t anything else like it out there. Another project I’ve been working on does some truly incredible things with web traffic and boosting SERPS, again this is a total winner…I can’t wait to show you more, but here’s a quick preview:


Today I’m writing to you about a software product that has been developed by Barry Rodgers and Val Wilson. It’s a self contained tool that has embedded video training, which will teach you how to select, research a niche and also build a multi page niche website using a site generating component.

The videos in the software provide a clear overview of niche research ,presented in a way that anyone can easily understand. The information is solid and follows the exact strategy I used when I developed my best selling Nichegenrator software.

The next component within the software is a PDF transcription of the video describing the process in detail.

The final aspect of the software is a tool that will build your niche site for you and optimize the site for seo, Adsense and Amazon. Pretty cool and easy to do, you just answer the questions the software presents you with…and you’re done!

I like products like this because they streamline activities and save a lot of time…and as you know I am a great lover of automation.

Now here’s something you are going to like the bonus I mentioned earlier… I have built a software tool which automates the research process outlined in Niche Eureka and with a click of a button, you get all the resources loaded into your browser…   Man you are going to love this! It’s called Nichejacker and only available here,

Here’s a quick preview of the bonus software I created:

I’ve built it especially for you and best of all I’m giving it to you for free if you decide to invest in Niche Eureka…how cool is that?   To access this cool bonus just go to your JVzoo download page after purchase and you’ll be able to download it there


Right well back to the grind as they say, take care and speak soon

Sincerely   Rob

Is Your Blog Secure From Hackers?

Hi Rob here,

Hope you are having a good week, I’m currently working on my WordPress Blog security software, which will be released in the very near future. It’s been a lot of work, but it’s a tool that will save many of your blogs from being hacked.

This post however is not about my software but just describes some steps you can take to protect yourself and your online business.While I was compiling some information for a video which will compliment the main product I started thinking about you, and wondering what steps you are taking to protect your blogs. (I’d love to hear your thoughts on this by the way, so please feel free to email me.)

My partner Chris Jenkins and I had the misfortune of being hacked last year, and as our sites were on the same server the implications were quite severe. Surprisingly that was the first time I’d been hacked in all the years  I’ve been working online, and it really was a wake-up call for me. This may sound obvious, but did you know that the majority of blog owners still use the default “admin” username and the same password for all their blogs, e-mails, FTP and server access? I found that really surprising, but  I must confess that I was one of those using the default admin username at the time.

Another reason why blogs get hacked is that the blog owners don’t update WordPress, their plug-ins and themes regularly. These factors were instrumental in my decision to create software to protect my websites and also the sites of my customers.Here’s some tips to help you to secure your WordPress installation and to protect yourself from the nightmare of having your sites hacked.Whenever you set up a new blog make sure that you don’t use the admin username, and if you have done this I recommend that you go to your WordPress dashboard, create a new user with admin privileges and secure password and then delete the original admin account.

To generate a secure or password I personally go to http://strongpasswordgenerator.com ,you can rest assured that any passwords created on the site will be virtually impossible to crack.Another thing that you should do is delete any plug-ins and themes on your sites that you’re not using, as these too can be a vulnerability.

The security plug-ins that I use are bullet-proof security and better WP security, these two plug-ins do a very good job of securing WordPress and will show you if you a vulnerable to attack. They are free plugins and can be downloaded from wordpress.org in the plugins directory.

Lastly I’d recommend that you do regular backups of your site, I found another great free plugin called Updraft plus (also available from wordpress.org) which will backup your site to several sources including Dropbox and will automatically do scheduled backups.Just doing the few things that I suggested above, should make you be able to sleep better at night, knowing that your blog is a secure and unlikely to be hacked.Speak soon and please feel free to email me at any time.

To your ongoing success



Once upon a time it was easy to make money online, traditional back linking methods would ensure that you got traffic to your site. I used to make $400 a week from two free blogspot blogs alone. All I had to do was create software, write a single sales page, add a PayPal button, put out some tweets on Twitter, post on my blog, post on a couple of forums and it was easy money in the bank. I’d be making money in 24 hours, it really was easy.These days however, Google is tough on us, it’s nowhere near as easy as it used to be to rank a site and you are forced to rely on traffic from social networks.

To be noticed you need to get your content shared, but how can you do that?

If you’ve got some valuable information, a video or a blog post which provides information that people need, but are only able to access if they share the content on social networks … then what are they going to do if your content is locked down? They are going to share it right?

That’s where Mervik Haums has come in with some really out of the box thinking. Mervik has created a plugin which will lock down your images, videos and blog posts. Look at this example below (the content is not relevant it’s purely there to demonstrate the power of the plugin):

facebook_help_mindmapPretty cool huh? If folks want to view this mindmap about social networking…then they are going to have to share it! However Mervik takes this a step further and also allows you to apply the same blurring technique to text .

Below you are going to learn the secret to getting loads of traffic and subscribers a day, and believe me you do not want to miss this:

Another feature of Mervik’s plugin is that you can use it for list building,it integrates with the major auto responders, but also has an additional incredible feature, which I haven’t seen anywhere else before! With the plug-in you can enable an opt in box over the content that you want to protect and even if you don’t have an account with the major auto responders, then you can add the people who optin to WordPress… now this is freaking awesome! By using Mervik’s plugin and a free plug-in available from the WordPress repository called “email users”, you can turn WordPress into your own moneymaking, leads machine. Now that is something… that is truly something!

I thoroughly recommend this plug-in, I like the way that Mervik thinks and in my honest opinion there is nothing out there that even comes close!

The plug-in also gives you the ability to lock down and pause videos, just imagine having some content that people really need, but to access it they need to share the content … what are they going to do? They will sahere it without a shadow of a doubt…Brilliant work Mervik!

Click here to grab your copy now

How To Build A Successful Online Business

Selling today on the Internet has become much harder than it was a couple of years ago. Back then I could create a product host it on Blogger and be taking sales within 24 hours. I could use a service like pingomatic to share my content on all of the Social networks and be laughing my way to the Paypal bank, by the end of the week.

Crazy thing is that although a couple of years ago it was easier to make money…it was still only 3% of Internet marketers who were making anything more than $50 a week….Scary thought hey? Google has completely decimated the incomes of many people who counted on the Internet for making a living with the various “zoo” updates. I think if I were a newbie now I’d be hard pressed to not throw in the towel.

Anyone who believes the “get rich with a couple of clicks” dreams that are still being touted on the internet, needs to wake up and smell the coffee, it’s a dream and nothing more a dream that you’ll endlessly pursue and won’t deliver results.

So what can you do to make a living online if it’s all doom and gloom then? Fortunately there are still ways for making a living online and here are the things I strongly believe you should focus on:

  • Focus on something that you have a passion for and create great content
  • Create your own information product .(ebook,video or software)
  • Build a list using an autoresponder service and offer a free report as an incentive to get people to sign up. You can put affiliate links in this report, but make sure the product offers exceptional value. Once people have signed up give them a one time offer, something that compliments the free report you gave them.
  • Get the word out about your web site by posting in forums within your niche, look for people who are looking for help and provide them with useful information. Most forums allow you to have a signature link and you’ll get traffic and signups from this link.
  • Focus on building a relationship with your subscribers by sending them a series of useful emails. I have seen it stated that you should not try to sell to your subscribers until they have received at least 5 emails from you, I think this is sound advice.
  • Forget about using spammy tools to get results fast, in my opinion the only way to build a good business online now is by focusing on great content and building the authority of your site.
  • Stop purchasing the shiny objects from the Warrior Forum, sure there are some good tools there which will help you to build your business, but oftentimes find free equivalents online. In short “STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY
  • Build relationships on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus…again, don’t try to game the system. Ask questions, share your knowledge and establish yourself and your brand as an authority.

Building a successful online business is going to take time, but the long term results are worth the effort. I am going to set up a course here on Stealthymarketer and I will share the techniques that I have learned with my subscribers. So watch this space :D

Info Product Creation Tips

So you want to get into information product creation, good on you! So how the heck do you go about it? Fortunately It’s not quite as hard as you might imagine and believe me opportunity is everywhere! Every time that you spend money think of it as a way of making more money.

If you go to a conference network with people, maybe when you’re speaking to these people you will learn something that will in turn benefit others. Whatever you do look for opportunity, think of every time that you spend money as an opportunity to make more money. There is a product to be made from every experience, if you have learned something then you can share that information with other people and they will willingly pay you for it. Knowledge and experience are in invaluable asset. I’m a lover of automation and am always looking for ways to make my life easier and what benefits me will help other people too. You need to get into this mindset, there is a product to be made from every experience.

Look for opportunities on forums

Explore forums within your niche, do searches for terms like “How do I?” and “How to” you can make these searches broad or you can incorporate a specific keyword.

Try typing the following query into Google  site:warriorforum.com “How do I”+ list building. These kind of queries we’ll give you a basic foundation for research. Use the information you find to create products, it really doesn’t get much easier. I Have made tools specifically for this purpose just check out Forum Renegade and Niche Generator. With these tools I have automated search process, it makes my life easier as it will yours.

Expert interviews

I know several people online are making really good money by interviewing experts, either in video format or on skype. I saw one guy at a recent marketing event who had turned up with a video camera and tripod, all set to interview the speakers at the event. The event cost him several hundred dollars to go to, but when he left he had to content that would pay him back the amount he had spent many times over. This is an easy way to create content.


You can use video to re-purpose content on the Internet, say for example articles from article directories. Start doing some research and compile some good information from articles and turn the content into video, a presentation perhaps where you take the viewer through strategies teaching them step-by-step. Show people “how to do what they want to do” and you will make money.


The easiest way to do this would be to take a collection of articles from an article directory and just paste them into your report, (including the author details). Maybe you can add value by adding to the content and giving your take on things. This would be an excellent avenue for enticing people to sign up to a mailing list and you can do this so easily, all you need is an office suite like “Open Office” and you can export the documents in PDF format.


This is a personal favourite of mine and has enabled me to quit the rat race, although It’s not for everybody, as it takes quite a bit of technical know-how. However, you can easily to create your own software products using a development suite like Ubot Studio,

When I started I was using a free program called autohotkey to develop software, I generated enough money with this free program (and I’m not a programmer) to enable me to purchase the developer license of Ubot studio and since purchasing the development suite my software has generated several hundred thousand dollars in revenue.

At the end of the day though the one thing that is going to make you money is “FOCUS”, if you can’t stay focused on one project and see it through to completion,then you aren’t going to get anywhere. It’s a sad fact of life, but it’s true. I build and recommend products that make my life easier and the lives of my buyers, but if people don’t use them the way they were meant to be used, or they lose interest and jump onto the next “big thing” then they will just stay stuck and will never progress.


How To Get Great IM Products For Free

Yep you read that right, how often are you put off buying the latest new plugin, software tool or video course because of the cost?

This post is aimed at anyone (like me) who suffers from shiny object syndrome. I cannot resist all the latest plugins and tools I get notified about multiple times a day…I see some products and just have to buy them…it doesn’t matter whether that product sits on my hard drive and gathers dust…which is invariably what happens to many of the products I purchase.

When I mentioned in the title you could get these products for free, in the early days you will still have to buy them…but you will earn your money back quickly and more! As time goes by and implementing  the following strategy you will also get products for free…indeed some product developers will contact you and eagerly offer you review copies to get you to promote, that’s what happens to me.

So what the hell is this strategy Rob? and how do I get to benefit from all the cool products I want?

Firstly you are going to need to set up a review blog, the object of the strategy is to promote everything that you purchase. Make sure you check out the products beforehand, look at the reputations of the sellers of the products, read the reviews make sure you are investing wisely. I never promote anything that I do not use myself and I am concerned about quality, I value my blog readers and list subscribers and their satisfaction is very important to me.

Start to view those annoying promotional emails you receive several times a day as a valuable resource  which you can profit from. You  can be sure of a couple of things, the products being promoted are converting well and (hopefully) are good too. This is where you will need to do your research and check out reviews of the products before you commit. People receiving my emails can be assured that I purchase and test everything, I will never promote crap, no matter who asks me,…the product has to be good!

After reading the reviews and getting a feel of the reputation of the seller, look at how well they support their buyers on the thread…are they helpful? or do they appear to not give a toss? Next, , check out the affiliate platform where they are promoting.Take a look at the price and how well the product is selling and also look at the refund rate.

Before you approach the affiliate make sure that you have a good quality review blog set up, this is not going to be an overnight one click strategy…but if you work at this with a passion, you will create a profitable online business.

The hard part is going to convince the seller that you are going to be a trustworthy affiliate, unfortunately there are some scammers out there who have made it harder for new affiliates to get accepted. However on JVZoo you may find that the seller approves you, but doesn’t put you on instant payment until they can be sure that they trust you. This means you’ll have to wait a couple of months until you receive your commissions…but hell, if you start doing this regularly, you’ll be setting yourself up with several streams of recurring income…it really is awesome, I still get payments for products I’ve promoted several months ago!

The first thing you need to do is to purchase a domain for your review site, obviously if you are going to capitalize on free traffic then it will be time  to consult the Google Adwords tool, Market Samurai, Traffic Travis, Nichecracker etc. Keyword research is beyond the scope of this article, so I will not address it here.

I recently purchased Walt Baylis’s PR Powershot which could give your domain a headstart, the software reveals Expired domains with Page Rank, with the software it is easy to pick up domains of PR3 and above for a few dollars, this is now one tool I regularly use and wouldn’t want to be without. This tool would also be good for setting up your own private high PR blog network…it’s an essential purchase in my book and Walt is a great guy if you need support he’s there to help you right away!

Check Out PR Powershot Here 

Here are a couple of attractive review themes which you may like to consider for your review site, you can purchase both for a few dollars with developer licenses. Or you can always search for free themes too which will do an adequate job, I however like the two below :)



Elite review Theme – Get It Here


Fantastic Review Theme – Get It Here

OK so you have set up your review blog, now it’s time to give some detailed reviews of some of those products you’ve purchased in the past which have been gathering dust on your hard drive. Be totally honest and as descriptive as possible, If the product is the “Dog’s Danglers” then let your readers know and if something was not quite up to scratch talk about why the product doesn’t quite cut it. The more passion you can put into your writing the better and your readers will appreciate it and you will have the foundation of a great online business.

Once you are established, use forum marketing to promote your review site. Take advantage of having a signature link on places like the Warrior Forum. You can get a lot of traffic this way. All you have to do is to be helpful and respond to the questions people are asking. You don’t need to promote your site at all, if you establish trust then people will be curious and will visit your site. You might find my Forum Renegade software useful to this end, as it allows you to do targeted searches on forums in your niche, Nichegenerator is also a very useful tool which will help you…but that’s enough self promotion :)

I hope you have found this post useful and that you can now start a successful online review site.



Four Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Site

let’s face it with all of the Google updates hitting us and making our jobs and more are more difficult by the day we really need to start looking at finding alternative sources of traffic. In the past it was easy to game Google with software that would create back links for us with the click of a button. However these days changes to the Google algorithm have rendered so many of the traditional link building methods ineffective and if we are going to survive online then we need to look at alternative traffic strategies.

What is the answer? I think it’s obvious to all of us, It’s all about building relationships with people in our niche and our buyers and the best way to do this is via social networks. We need to build authority and trust, once we have these things then we have the foundation of a very profitable business.

Below I have outlined four strategies which will help to make your blog a success under way is to drive traffic to your site, get you noticed by Google and ultimately your buyers.

Get focused

It is common knowledge that the reason that most people fail online is because they can’t stay focused, they flit from one idea to another, looking out for the next shiny object which promises wealth for minimal effort. We are bombarded with these types of offers on a daily basis and get caught in a perpetual buying a loop. How many of us have hard drives filled up with products that we’ve purchased, but have never used or have half-heartedly tried then given up just to move onto the next shiny object? Make a point of being focused and use the products you have purchased, follow the strategies through to completion and break the patterns getting you nowhere fast. Being focused means having a plan, cutting out distractions like checking your e-mail and PayPal account multiple times a day.

Make a list of all the duties which you want to accomplish in a day, You can use pen and paper for this or you might want to use project management software and as you complete each task cross it off. Organisation is your friend and if you can be focused and efficient you are going to have a much greater chance of success.

Create blogs with great content

We need to think about creating great content, slim sites purely built to advertise and promote affiliate products are two a penny and are never going to get you the income you desire, regardless of how many amazing WordPress plug-ins you have. Gone are the days where you could make money by having hundreds of low quality spammy sites. Think of quality not quantity and focus on building something really special which will benefit you for years to come. it’s also a good idea to base your business on something which you have a passion for, your readers will appreciate this too and there will undoubtedly be opportunities for either selling your own product or promoting an affiliate.

Get active on Social Networks

It takes time and commitment, but you need to get active on social networks and start building relationships with people. If your blog content is great then these people will share your posts, link to your site and become your customers. I’m not so sure about the content curation which is doing the rounds at the moment, I’m more inclined to think that this approach will be viewed by Google as duplicate content, no matter how you dress it up, all will be yet another thing to be hit by future Google algorithm updates.

Be active on forums in your niche

Set time aside each day to be active on forums within your niche, respond to a couple of threads a day, build a reputation on the forum, once again we are focusing on building authority and trust. if these forums allow you to have a signature link, then make a point of linking to your blog. You will get traffic this way and also sales, it’s a very effective strategy which has made me a regular income in the past.    Once you have visitors to your site, focus on keeping them there with great content. Provide a means of getting them to opt in in to your list. Really work on the relationship with your subscribers, treat your subscribers with the courtesy they deserve. Don’t mail them any old offer, just because it’s converting. Offer them value and only ever promote products which you yourself use and have faith in.

If you can concentrate on the areas that I’ve mentioned then you will have the foundation for a business which will be around for the long haul, rather than being hit by the next Google algorithm update.

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