Managing your Twitter following can be difficult these days with Twitter clamping down on software which enables automation of the Twitter following/unfollowing process. I’m currently having some very powerful Twitter management software developed and during the testing phase the performance of the software is proving to be amazing.

The software finds targeted users for you and adds them in a human way, it analyses Twitter users to determine whether they are active, are potential spammmers or bots and if they are worth following. If they meet the filter criteria, then they are added justĀ  like a real user.

The software also “mass unfollows” Twitter users not following you back, but it also does this in the background and once again in a very human way.

The software can find users by following prominent people in your niche and by keyword, it can also broadcast to multiple Twitter accounts, schedule Tweets and also post manual updates.

Here are my stats from Twittercounter I added 150 targeted users on the 23/09/10 and 89 of those users followed me back, I think you’ll agree that’s very impressive!

All in all it’s a very sexy application and will be a formidable competitor for the likes of Tweet Adder and Hummingbird.

Here’s a screenshot of the software in action:

twitter adder pro - mass unfollow/ follow tool and more!

The software should be released by early October and I think you’ll find that it’s a wonderful Twitter management tool, indeed an essential tool for your Internet Marketing toolkit.

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