I had the good fortune to stumble across a Link Building service offered by Links Infinity and as my time is a precious commodity I thought I would give the service a try. The service is provided by Kyle Colyer, Kyle has been working online for the last 5 years doing everything from web design, web development, SEO for national companies and finally internet marketing. He is a preacher of quality over quantity in all aspects of his business and as such his link building service reflects this.

To use Kyle’s service you simply provide him with 3 URL’s that you wish to promote and up to 3 Keyword phrases for each link you want him to promote. I chose the following 3 URL’s and phrases:

http://www.stealthymarketer.co.uk – internet marketing software,internet marketing software review, internet marketing software tools

http://stealthymarketer.co.uk/free-ubot-tutorial-make-a-twitter-account-creator/ ubot tutorial

http://stealthymarketer.co.uk/magix-movie-edit-pro-18-review/ magix movie edit pro 18 review

So I  chose the 7 day service and emailed the links and phrases over to Kyle and left him to do his work Within a few days I started to see some true SERPs magic…

The most competitive phrase was Internet Marketing Software which is a medium difficulty phrase to target and Kyle got me on to Page 3 of Google.com and after checking my stats today I can see that my SERPS positions are increasing


Looking at the keyword phrase “Magix ovie Edit Pro 18 Review” reveals that I am in the number one position on Google, above the creators of the software. See the following screenshot:

backlink service
For the remaining phrases:

  • Internet Marketing Software Tools – Position 4
  • Internet Marketing Sofware Review – Position 9
  • Ubot Tutorial – Position 9

As you can see Kyle has done a fine job and managed to achieve this in just over a week!

This is especially good news for me as a sale of Ubot Studio can make me either $37 to $99 a sale and Magix Movie editor makes me about $40 a time. To make the sales, you need the traffic and having a page one position on Google pretty much guarantees that.

Therefore I would encourage you to give Kyle’s service a try, he’s fast, professional and gets great results as you can see.

He offers three packages:

  • 7 Day service $40 – Your article submitted to 15 high PR blogs daily, 45 links to your blog per day. After 7 days your article will have been submitted to 105 blogs which can result in up to 315 links to your website.
  • 14 Day service $70 – Your article submitted to 15 high PR blogs daily, 45 links to your blog per day. After 14 days your article will have been submitted to 210 blogs which can result in up to 630 links to your website.
  • 28 Day service $120 – Your article submitted to 15 high PR blogs daily, 45 links to your blog per day. After 28 days your article will have been submitted to 420 blogs which can result in up to 1260 links to your website.
If you need to get traffic to your pages and to start making some sales then I thoroughly recommend that you give Kyle’s service a try…because he certainly delivers the goods!

I’d act fast too as there are limited slots!


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