Keyword elite review
Keyword elite review

Keyword Elite is a desktop based keyword research tool with some powerful features. Unlike Wordtracker and Adwords Accelerator, this keyword research tool is not web-based and does not require a subscription. Keyword Elite is really five tools in one, it’s like the Swiss Army knife of keyword tools!

You can do so many things with Keyword Elite that it’s hard to know where to start. Keyword Elite is very popular and used by many sucessful Internet Marketers. It has a proven track record for successfully being able to do what it is advertised to do. Keyword elite combines the best of all the other keyword tools and offers a single push button solution.

How does a keyword list of 10000 words sound for starters on one single keyword topic? Keyword Elite will compile a large list of keywords related to your site automatically, and show you prices per click and a wealth of other information. It also goes one step further and will allow you to track the top advertisers using a particular keyword and show their bids over time.
Keyword Elite gives the user the option to create keyword list from 100 to 10000 keyword easily.

You can use, Google, Meta tags, yahoo, misspelled words in order to find what people are searching for. With the keyword lists you build, you can fully optimize your campaigns and make your money back within a few days. But before you go out there to get your copy of the Keyword Elite software, please some time to take a look at my simple review on the Keyword Elite software.

1. Keyword Elite Who is it for? This keyword software is ideal for anyone who wants to find a good solution to do their keyword research, from creating and selecting good keywords to build ing a list and spying your Adwords competition.
2. Easy to use interface
3. Comes with a simple to use success blue-print e-book which is a step-by-step guide which teaches you everything you need to know abour Pay Per Click marketing.
4. Able to assist you well in building a large list of keywords for any market.
5. Able to assist you to analyze and spy your Adwords competitors so that you can fine tune your Adwords campaign to beat your competitors.
6. Produces excellent keywords lists.
7. Integrates easily with Wordtracker.
8. Able to assist you to build up keywords that are fantastic for Adsense pages.
9. Keyword Elite always stays updated through emails.
10. Keyword Elite Weak Points – No smooth way to go from projects to projects. You need to work on separate projects.
11. The forum that comes with the purchase is not very active. (although this could be construed as a good thing!
12. Keyword Elite is slow to generate keywords.
13. Keyword Elite Ratings 5/5 for user-friendliness and usability 5/5 for pay-per-click advertisers 4/5 for search engine optimization effort 4/5 for niche-miners 5/5 for values.
14. Keyword Elite Verdict An above standard keyword research tool for spying on competitors, keywords list management and creation of great keyword lists.

If you’re serious about making money…buy it!
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