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Anyone who is using Internet Marketing software will tell you that it is an essential part of their business, but why is it so critical to the success of a business?
A major challenge that an Internet Marketer has to face is effective use of time and although having good project management skills is a prerequisite, the biggest drain on the Internet Marketers time is the frequently tedious but essential day to day marketing duties we have to perform. You know the duties I’m talking about; Research, writing, re-writing and submitting articles, social book marking, blog commenting, forum posting, the list goes on and on….These activities eat away at your time and if you’re not automating them, then your backlng a loser.Without Internet Marketing software you will struggle to make a good living online and you certainly won’t be making the money you dream about. Forget quitting the day job because until you automate you’ll remain a well and truly stuck there.
A mistake many people make is that they don’t treat their online business like they would the offline equivalent. Building a business takes time, it’s not something that happens overnight and a lot of hard work is involved. You need to wear so many hats, you’ll need to be a designer, web developer, product developer, writer, seo expert and salesman. It’s not easy, don’t believe anyone who tells you so, it just isn’t true.If you have money available to invest in your business then it will be easier for you because you will be able to afford all of the internet marketing software needed to get your business up and running, but make sure you check things out thoroughly before parting with your hard earned cash.

I’ve always been pretty shrewd, I only buy internet marketing software or pay for services when I can afford to, and for a few years relied on the free open source alternatives out there. I can honestly say it’s all down to free applications like Open Office and the free programming languages “Autohotkey” and “AutoIT” which have provided the finances I needed for more expensive and powerful software. Over the past year I have spent thousands on Internet Marketing software and the tools needed to create create my own. If you can’t afford the tools then use the free alternatives just like I did, because they will do in the meantime.

It’s going to take you a while to build the traffic needed to start making money online, if you have the money than invest in Ubot Studio as the internet marketing software you can build with it will quickly get you on the road to making money. Whilst I’m writing this post I have several tools working on autopilot for me, I’m about to put several of them all on their own dedicated box, so they can run for 24 hours a day without intervention from me.

Here are a list of the tools I use on a daily basis:

  • Backlinker Professional 5 – I developed this software to automate activities I do on a daily basis, including forum marketing, Twitter marketing, RSS submissions etc. This software on its own can get some spectacular results.
  • Power PingFm poster – I originally developed this software to automate one pingfm account, but collaborated with my business partner Frank Thomas and we developed the software to include posting to multiple pingfm accounts. It runs completely on autopilot and I have it running 15 Pingfm accounts at a time.
  • Commenting software – I’m working on this at the moment, it finds EDU, GOV, Commentluv and recent post blogs and allows you to comment on them. I’ve just built in a page rank feature, it’s really neat and I get good results from it.
  • Tweetmagnate – Another of my applications works 24/7 adding and removing twitter users.


Internet Marketing Software like the above enable me to maximise the use of my time and I couldn’t live without them…well I could, but I’d be a lot poorer.

An Internet Marketing business needs to be treated with passion and you need to be prepared to put some hard work in to see good results. Invest your time and money carefully in internet marketing software and your business and you will get good results.

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