Nowadays practically, everyone has a Twitter account, and a very high persentage of those that do are Internet Marketers. 90% of the tweets that are being posted now-a-days are telling you to buy a product, or subscribe to a service. It’s all a bunch of crap!I’m sure the majority of tweets that you get everyday are from people trying to sell you stuff. So with all of this crap flying about in the twittersphere, do you actually stand a chance of making any money?

I’m pleased to say that the answer to that question is “Yes”, but you’ve got to be smart…

Firstly you don’t want to be one of those awful spammers. I mean have you ever purchased through them? I for one haven’t,

Here’s a few things you need to consider if you want to be successful Marketing on Twitter:

Your Twitter profile is your storefront, make sure that it represents you well and has useful links and contact information. Don’t stick with the default templates and avatars
, build a page whiche reflects your brand and generates interest. If you can’t do this well yourself, take a look on Fiverr and pay someone $5 to make one, or alternatively head over to and make one there.

and lets everyone in the Twittersphere

Find people interested in your niche, look for a star in your niche area and follow their followers, keep it targeted, baby!

I recommend using software for this step, Twitter Adder Professional, will sort all of this out for you flawlessly and auntomatically.No sweat, just more followers!

For each sales tweet that you send out, send several useful tweets which will benefit your followers, a ratio of 9 tweets for every one has been suggested.

Examples of good tweets could be, news related to your niche, tips and tricks and subjects which interest you. You can automate a lot of this process by using RSS feeds related to the niche and using Twitterfeed to posy updates once an hour.

Interacting with your followers and Retweeting their tweets will generate interest and trust in you too. Use a tool like Tweetdeck to monitor the twittersphere for mentions of your brand and reply in a timely manner.

Tak a look at your Twitter profile and ask yourself if you’re following the above rules, if you aren’t then you need to change and if you are, congratulations you are on the path to making a good living from Twitter.

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