It’s a sad fact but so many people who get into Internet Marketing really struggle to make any money online. It’s true that there are a lot of offers that promise an instant push button and you’ll have cash in the bank in 24 hours, but the reality is that is unlikely to happen.

It took me years to get to the point where I was making a decent living online and out of all the strategies I have tried, by far the most effective so far has been setting up a membership site. I created to offer all of the software applications I develop to members, and with minimal promotion (apart from the odd blog post,tweet and a warrior forum sig link) I have had over 40 subscribers in just over a month. I charge $20 a month membership and my members have been really blown away with the value I am offering.

By using a membership site I have increased my passive income by $200 a week easily so far! The next stage is to advertise the membership site and I’m sure that in no time I will reach my target of  280 paying members a month.

The great thing about membership sites is that they can be set up for free by using a simple autoresponder which drip feeds content over a period of time, or you can purchase a plugin for WordPress which is the path I chose.

I personally purchased several membership platforms and addons including:

  • Optimizepress $97
  • Rapid Action Profits $297 and membership plugin
  • Digital Access Pass $167
  • WP-Emember $49.95 (this is my preferred choice)

WP-emember by tips and tricks HQ is my favourite and it’s so easy to implement, is the cheapest option and works really well with Flexsqueeze. you can also get the membership plugin and a ecommerce shop plugin for $69…which in my opinion is a complete no-brainer.

I have plans to open a couple more membership sites in 2012, the next one being in the Personal development/Self help niche and I’m looking forward to a very lucrative year indeed.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to give membership sites a try, and if you pick up the wp-emember plugin then you’ll be well on your way to making some passive income easily…you just need to do your niche research and find a good niche to set up your membership site in. You then need to think about ways to make the membership site irresistible to people.

For Automatedtoolkit I develop software applications for members regularly, I also offer a Skype Mastermind group where I’ve pulled in some very high profile experts who are available to give advice for new members, and lastly I provide the latest PLR software,scripts, wordpress themes and plugins.

The group is going really well and there is a great sense of community, I’m so pleased that I decided to give membership sites a try, doing so was the best decision I made in 2011 and I for one will never look back!

I encourage you to give membership sites a try, I’m sure that if you do, like me you will appreciate a regular online income for very little effort on your part.

Check out and see how the membership model works, you can even get a one month trial and access to all my software for only $1.


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