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How to build your Twitter Traffic quickly

I am a presenter on Steven Essa’s Big Fat Marketing show and on Monday’s show covered using Twitter for building web traffic to your site. In this post I will teach you how to link your blog to your Twitter account and how to update your account frequently with interesting content with Twitterfeed this will result in regular twitter traffic to your blog. There is a lot of merit in using Twitter to drive traffic to your site and it should form an essential part of your overall Internet Marketing strategy. Listed below are tips which will help you to make the most of using Twitter.

  • Create an attractive Twitter profile Make sure your profile looks as authentic and interesting as possible. To this end create a background for your profile. You can download free backgrounds from the free backgrounds may be a little basic for your needs, but you can easily customise them by using photoshop or a free program like Also make sure that you include a photograph of yourself and never use the default twitter avatar, traditionally accounts like this are associated with spam and that’s something that we don’t want.
  • Use keywords in your profile – Make sure that you put the keyword phrases that you intend to target in your twitter profile. so for example, I’m targeting people who are interested in “Internet marketing software” so I make sure but this keyword phrase is in my bio.
  • Link to your blog – Link to your main blog from your twitter profile and people who are interested in you will visit your site via this link.
  • Set up automatic posting – we want to our twitter profile to be actively working for us each day, now would be a physical impossibility for us to manually post to twitter 24 hours a day, but with the aid of a service like we can automatically get our twitter profile updated whenever we make a post on our blog, or from RSS feeds discussing our subject matter. This can be easily done by setting up an alert on Google Alerts. Watch the video below to see how to configure your Twitter account to work with Twitterfeed.
  • Follow the followers of Whales – Following stars in your niche is the best way of building your following. You tend to find that when you follow users based on keyword phrases, you pick up a lot a spammers and bots. These types of users are predominant in the search stream. However if you add people who are following well known people in your niche you will get good results. Take a look at the screenshot below and you can see how effective this method is.
twitter traffic - increased twitter followers










In the screenshot above I’m using one of my own applications to build the following, notice the sudden influx in followers after the 17th Setember when I started running my software. The software being used is called Twitter Adder Pro it can be purchased for only $20 from the following link.

Get Twitter Adder Pro 

(Please note that this software will only run on Windows based systems, or if you have a virtual environment like Paralells, or VMWare on the Mac.)

How to automate your Twitter account video instructions;

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