Here’s a tip which will help you to build a following quickly on Twitter with Twitter marketing software. In the past it was easy to use Twitter to build a following by using aggressive following and unfollowing techniques you could easily get a couple of thousand followers overnight. It was a good time, but the quality of these users was low as these followers were not targeted. However you could always use these techniques to initially build up your profile and then start targeting users in your niche and it was there that the value lay.

It didn’t take twitter long to pick up on these tricks and after enforcing use of the API many twitter marketing software developers were put out of business. We saw the end of the excellent Buzzom and mass unfollowing and following became incredibly hard to do for free. I only concentrate on building a targeted following from the start these days and use my software Twitter Adder Professional to help me to do this.

There’s still some tricks you need to do to ensure that you build a following quickly, you must be actively tweeting interesting content to attract new followers. It’s not practical to do this manually as Twitter can really eat up your time and hinder your productivity. So the best thing to do (and it’s free!) is to sign up to and use Twitterfeed to post the content from RSS feeds to your Twitter stream. You can also create a list of scheduled posts and use an application like Twitter Adder Pro to post these updates at scheduled “human” intervals.

Finding content to post via Twitterfeed is easy just head over to Google and search for Google Alerts, next create a feed based on your niche keyword phrase and then copy the feed into feedburner to make a more user friendly feed. Now you can take the feedburner feed and create a new posting service on Twitterfeed. I usually get the feed to update once an hour and select the option to only post the title.

I’ve created a video for you so that you can see how to do this.


If you combine this technique with Twitter Marketing Software then you can quickly build a following of valuable targeted followers who you can direct to your website and get to join your optin list. This technique will herald instant and noticeable results.

Incidentally my Twitter adder software can be purchased for a short while for only $20 and if you’d like to get a copy at this awesome price then please visit


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