You may well know that I develop software for Twitter, and I’m very proud of the software I’ve developed which allows following, mass unfollowing, scheduled Tweeting, auto-replying etc. I have created two applications Twitter Adder Pro and Tweetmagnate. I use these tools regularly…but I have to confess I purchased Tweet Attacks Pro and Tweet Attacks account creator a few days ago and I hate to say it, but I really love the software.. I’ve been looking at some simple strategies which can be used with this software.

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“What makes it so special then and can’t your software do the same things?” Well my software is great for building and managing a following, but Tweetattacks is much more powerful and can maintain hundreds of accounts at a time, put them all on autopilot and make you affiliate commissions, boost your traffic etc, which was a bit beyond the scope of the software I’ve developed…but then again I charge $20 and $47 respectively for my products, whereas Tweetattacks will cost you a hefty $127 (with my $20 discount)

The thing about marketing on Twitter and promoting Affiliate products is that it really is a “numbers game” the more active accounts you have posting good content regularly will reap dividends in the long term. I make some sales on Twitter with my software, but with Tweetattacks I’m convinced that I will make much more. The method I am going to employ has been used by some well known Internet Marketer friends of mine, who I have great respect for and trust, so if these guys are doing it, it works!

I’m looking at making $50 a day from my efforts, that may not sound like much, but if it works well then I’ll look into doing something on a much grander scale and get outsourcers running the software.

Subscribers to my list will be shown the exact strategy I will be using in detail and taken through the whole process of reaching my initial $50 a day goal…but you will need to purchase the software to follow this strategy, alas there is no free way. However it should be easy to quickly recoup your investment in a very short time. As well as a case study, I will be creating videos which outline the process too too, so that you can see how effective this strategy is. Anyway without further ado let’s look at the features of this software.

What I Like About Tweet Attacks

I like Tweetattacks because, like my Twitter adder software, it does not use the Twitter API and therefore appears to be a genuine user. This alone reduces the possibility of your Twitter account being banned, but it also can manage hundreds of Twitter accounts at a time and use proxies whilst doing so.

You can use this software tool to:

  • Follow a users followers, like a competitor’s or a star in your niche.
  • Follow another user’s lists, where that user has spent time and care building a list of responsive users.
  • You can follow users based on s specific keyword phrase
  • Ignore users which appear to be spammers
  • Wait and reply, you can get the software to monitor the Twitter search stream and instantly reply when your targeted keyword phrase is mentioned.
  • Unfollow anyone who doesn’t follow you back after a specified length of time
  • Tweet Attacks will do all this on auto-pilot as often as you select and for multiple accounts. So if you have both a personal and a business account ,or are managing several accounts for clients, it is simple to automate building their following whilst you focus on finding and tweeting interesting content.

You can load up all your accounts, schedule a list of tasks and get the software to work whilst you are sleeping. Or you can set Tweet Attacks up to automatically run tasks at appointed times. Using this software it is simple to build a following of 700 to 1000 users a week per account.

I am going to focus on running 100 Twitter accounts, I did purchase Tweet Attacks Account Creator to assist in the account creation process, but even thought he software is great, it makes more sense for me to purchase 100 verified custom Twitter accounts on Fiverr as that will only cost me 10 bucks a time anyway.

I think the main thing that put me off this software was the fact that I hate reading manuals and with this beast there are so many features and functions that you really do need to read the manual to get the most from the software.

This software does appear to be the best Twitter account management software available on the Internet and I’ve tried them all (Including Tweet Adder), but this software has much more “punch” for it’s money and seriously beats any contender with a KO in the first round. It Rocks! Download the free version below and take this awesome software for a test drive.

Twitter Marketing Software

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