Yep you read that right, how often are you put off buying the latest new plugin, software tool or video course because of the cost?

This post is aimed at anyone (like me) who suffers from shiny object syndrome. I cannot resist all the latest plugins and tools I get notified about multiple times a day…I see some products and just have to buy them…it doesn’t matter whether that product sits on my hard drive and gathers dust…which is invariably what happens to many of the products I purchase.

When I mentioned in the title you could get these products for free, in the early days you will still have to buy them…but you will earn your money back quickly and more! As time goes by and implementing  the following strategy you will also get products for free…indeed some product developers will contact you and eagerly offer you review copies to get you to promote, that’s what happens to me.

So what the hell is this strategy Rob? and how do I get to benefit from all the cool products I want?

Firstly you are going to need to set up a review blog, the object of the strategy is to promote everything that you purchase. Make sure you check out the products beforehand, look at the reputations of the sellers of the products, read the reviews make sure you are investing wisely. I never promote anything that I do not use myself and I am concerned about quality, I value my blog readers and list subscribers and their satisfaction is very important to me.

Start to view those annoying promotional emails you receive several times a day as a valuable resource  which you can profit from. You  can be sure of a couple of things, the products being promoted are converting well and (hopefully) are good too. This is where you will need to do your research and check out reviews of the products before you commit. People receiving my emails can be assured that I purchase and test everything, I will never promote crap, no matter who asks me,…the product has to be good!

After reading the reviews and getting a feel of the reputation of the seller, look at how well they support their buyers on the thread…are they helpful? or do they appear to not give a toss? Next, , check out the affiliate platform where they are promoting.Take a look at the price and how well the product is selling and also look at the refund rate.

Before you approach the affiliate make sure that you have a good quality review blog set up, this is not going to be an overnight one click strategy…but if you work at this with a passion, you will create a profitable online business.

The hard part is going to convince the seller that you are going to be a trustworthy affiliate, unfortunately there are some scammers out there who have made it harder for new affiliates to get accepted. However on JVZoo you may find that the seller approves you, but doesn’t put you on instant payment until they can be sure that they trust you. This means you’ll have to wait a couple of months until you receive your commissions…but hell, if you start doing this regularly, you’ll be setting yourself up with several streams of recurring income…it really is awesome, I still get payments for products I’ve promoted several months ago!

The first thing you need to do is to purchase a domain for your review site, obviously if you are going to capitalize on free traffic then it will be time  to consult the Google Adwords tool, Market Samurai, Traffic Travis, Nichecracker etc. Keyword research is beyond the scope of this article, so I will not address it here.

I recently purchased Walt Baylis’s PR Powershot which could give your domain a headstart, the software reveals Expired domains with Page Rank, with the software it is easy to pick up domains of PR3 and above for a few dollars, this is now one tool I regularly use and wouldn’t want to be without. This tool would also be good for setting up your own private high PR blog network…it’s an essential purchase in my book and Walt is a great guy if you need support he’s there to help you right away!

Check Out PR Powershot Here 

Here are a couple of attractive review themes which you may like to consider for your review site, you can purchase both for a few dollars with developer licenses. Or you can always search for free themes too which will do an adequate job, I however like the two below 🙂



Elite review Theme – Get It Here


Fantastic Review Theme – Get It Here

OK so you have set up your review blog, now it’s time to give some detailed reviews of some of those products you’ve purchased in the past which have been gathering dust on your hard drive. Be totally honest and as descriptive as possible, If the product is the “Dog’s Danglers” then let your readers know and if something was not quite up to scratch talk about why the product doesn’t quite cut it. The more passion you can put into your writing the better and your readers will appreciate it and you will have the foundation of a great online business.

Once you are established, use forum marketing to promote your review site. Take advantage of having a signature link on places like the Warrior Forum. You can get a lot of traffic this way. All you have to do is to be helpful and respond to the questions people are asking. You don’t need to promote your site at all, if you establish trust then people will be curious and will visit your site. You might find my Forum Renegade software useful to this end, as it allows you to do targeted searches on forums in your niche, Nichegenerator is also a very useful tool which will help you…but that’s enough self promotion 🙂

I hope you have found this post useful and that you can now start a successful online review site.



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