If you are like me and rely on using proxies for retrieving information online, or are an avid scrapebox user you will understand the importance of finding good proxies. Obviously when it comes to doing blog commenting with Scrapebox then you really need to buy private proxies, but for finding high PR blogs and forum profiles, article retrieval, research etc then good free elite proxies will suffice.

I find proxies either by using footprints like the examples below, you can use these in a Google search:

  • inurl: “proxyc/list.txt” (finds xrumer proxies)
  • inurl:”proxy list”
  • inurl:”proxies”
  • inurl:”proxy” filetype:txt
  • “*.*.*:80″ filetype:txt +proxy
  • Try using the following ports with the above query ie 1080,3124,3127,3128,8080

Another thing I do is run proxy source list through Zennoposter and then use zennoposter’s proxy checking and filtering facility. (which is really is awesome) I get some great proxies this way.

I have a list of download sources for proxies which you can download from the link below, which you can then either use with scrapebox or Zennoposter

Proxy Sources List Download

thanks google plus

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