ezinearticles software downloadHere’s a great free tool which you can use to discover the most viewed articles on ezine articles in your niche. It’s a really simple application and takes your keyword phrase and returns results in a couple of seconds.

Why would you want to use this tool? Well, you can use it to discover the techniques that your competitors are using to rank highly for their articles, analyse their articles and see what you can do to rank better. You can also use it as a tool to discover articles in your niche which you can comment on and thus steal some of the traffic from these articles.

The software is a free alternative to a version I am currently selling online for a short time for only $10. The paid version searches for the top 100 articles in your niche on Ezinearticles and then posts your comments and URL on those highly viewed articles. If you’d like to get hold of the $10 version and would like to learn more about the software and also see a video of it in action, please visit:

Article Traffic Wizard

Alternatively you can just download the free version from the link below.


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