let’s face it with all of the Google updates hitting us and making our jobs and more are more difficult by the day we really need to start looking at finding alternative sources of traffic. In the past it was easy to game Google with software that would create back links for us with the click of a button. However these days changes to the Google algorithm have rendered so many of the traditional link building methods ineffective and if we are going to survive online then we need to look at alternative traffic strategies.

What is the answer? I think it’s obvious to all of us, It’s all about building relationships with people in our niche and our buyers and the best way to do this is via social networks. We need to build authority and trust, once we have these things then we have the foundation of a very profitable business.

Below I have outlined four strategies which will help to make your blog a success under way is to drive traffic to your site, get you noticed by Google and ultimately your buyers.

Get focused

It is common knowledge that the reason that most people fail online is because they can’t stay focused, they flit from one idea to another, looking out for the next shiny object which promises wealth for minimal effort. We are bombarded with these types of offers on a daily basis and get caught in a perpetual buying a loop. How many of us have hard drives filled up with products that we’ve purchased, but have never used or have half-heartedly tried then given up just to move onto the next shiny object? Make a point of being focused and use the products you have purchased, follow the strategies through to completion and break the patterns getting you nowhere fast. Being focused means having a plan, cutting out distractions like checking your e-mail and PayPal account multiple times a day.

Make a list of all the duties which you want to accomplish in a day, You can use pen and paper for this or you might want to use project management software and as you complete each task cross it off. Organisation is your friend and if you can be focused and efficient you are going to have a much greater chance of success.

Create blogs with great content

We need to think about creating great content, slim sites purely built to advertise and promote affiliate products are two a penny and are never going to get you the income you desire, regardless of how many amazing WordPress plug-ins you have. Gone are the days where you could make money by having hundreds of low quality spammy sites. Think of quality not quantity and focus on building something really special which will benefit you for years to come. it’s also a good idea to base your business on something which you have a passion for, your readers will appreciate this too and there will undoubtedly be opportunities for either selling your own product or promoting an affiliate.

Get active on Social Networks

It takes time and commitment, but you need to get active on social networks and start building relationships with people. If your blog content is great then these people will share your posts, link to your site and become your customers. I’m not so sure about the content curation which is doing the rounds at the moment, I’m more inclined to think that this approach will be viewed by Google as duplicate content, no matter how you dress it up, all will be yet another thing to be hit by future Google algorithm updates.

Be active on forums in your niche

Set time aside each day to be active on forums within your niche, respond to a couple of threads a day, build a reputation on the forum, once again we are focusing on building authority and trust. if these forums allow you to have a signature link, then make a point of linking to your blog. You will get traffic this way and also sales, it’s a very effective strategy which has made me a regular income in the past.    Once you have visitors to your site, focus on keeping them there with great content. Provide a means of getting them to opt in in to your list. Really work on the relationship with your subscribers, treat your subscribers with the courtesy they deserve. Don’t mail them any old offer, just because it’s converting. Offer them value and only ever promote products which you yourself use and have faith in.

If you can concentrate on the areas that I’ve mentioned then you will have the foundation for a business which will be around for the long haul, rather than being hit by the next Google algorithm update.

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