Hey guys, I thought I’d give you a glimpse of the latest new project “WPGIG” which is being released to the masses. It’s a WordPress Fiverr Clone, you simply install and configure my plug-in and you’ve got an instant Fiverr clone. It is a great plug-in and will allow any WordPress user to immediately set up a micro-job/freelancing site and receive payment by paypal. One of the great features of the plugin is that you can define the minimum and maximum price of the services… for example, I could use exactly the same pricing structure as Fiverr or I could set the minimum job Price at $100 and the maximum at $2000 if I so choose. At the moment I have the minimum price set at five dollars and a maximum at $20, which I believe will appeal to Fiverr users as it presents them with the opportunity to make more money per gig.I think people will love this plug-in is as it enables them to quickly build an instant business which could potentially make them a large amount of passive income. I’m very excited about it, as are my business contacts who I have shown the site to.

There are a few things to be addressed on the site, the first being setting a home link on the site, sorting out the permalink structure so it’s good for SEO, giving the user the option to include a YouTube video and lastly a professionally designed theme. I’m sure I’ll get a load of suggestions whilst the site is in Beta..this is..but I’m really excited about this one 🙂

Watch the video below to see the plugin in action now.

If you want to get hold of this plugin, I recommend that you sign up to my list and all of my subscribers will be notified about the release date. The plugin price will be set at about $97, but for an out of the box business, I think that is a “nobrainer”. I’m also planning on giving this plugin to members of my IM software membership site for half that price.

Go take the site for a test drive,list a gig and maybe make some money while you do!


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