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WP PicPoll Review – A Cool Plugin for Encouraging Engagement

Hey guys here’s a review of a plugin that I’ve just picked up, it’s called WP Picpoll and it allows you to easily set up a poll,survey or quiz on your blog. Each selected option can be used to point people to a specific page, so it could be used to promote affiliate links or for listbuilding, two areas of great interest to me.. You can either create squeeze style pages with attractive guru style backgrounds or you can embed the quiz/poll into a blog post by just entering a shortcode.


I like applications which are intuitive and getting this plugin up and running was simple, there are training resources and access to support available from within the plugin’s settings page, but to be honest setting up your fist quiz or poll is so easy I doubt if you’ll be needing it.  In terms of usability it’s very user friendly and setting up a poll takes a couple of minutes maximum. I can see some great potential for this plugin on my sites, anything that is going to encourage user interaction has got to be a good thing. The only problem most people will have is thinking up new polls and quizzes!

Have a look at the following examples:


So in the above example each one of the social Icons can be voted on once, and after voting the visitor is sent to whatever page you want. I love the translucent overlays they look great on a guru style background.


In this example you could be sending your customer directly via your Amazon affiliate link to the product in the thumbnail, again another great way to use this plugin. This plugin could definitely be good for seasonal affiliate promotions.



Or you can set up a quiz and give your visitor the opportunity to win a free prize if they guess correctly…this of course could be tied in to an optin form.



This is the example I decided to choose as I have embedded the shortcode created by the plugin into a blog post. In my example further down the page, you’ll see that the Social Icons are linked to my Facebook, Google and Twitter profiles. A little unimaginative on my side, but it gives you an idea of how you could use the plugin to your advantage.



The last screenshot is for another competition, I like the aesthetics of this plugin, it looks great and the options jump right out at you. I  like this plugin and will be using it here on Stealthymarketer, II just need to be a little more imaginative with its use but I certainly can see is potential.

So here we go, down below is a poll I set up with the plugin, try voting on one of the options and see the plugin in action.

 [nds_poll id=’2′]

Want to know another nice fact about this plugin? It will only cost you $10 to buy the single site license…and the Developers license will only cost you $10 more. This is definitely one of those plugins that will be an asset to your business and will allow you to engage well with your site visitors.


WP Deploy – Manage Multiple WordPress Blogs Easily

Do you have multiple WordPress accounts? Managing them can be a “pain in the A” right? Well not any longer…and here’s why.

I recently purchased a plugin called Superpress which makes setting up a blog with recommended plugins, deleting posts, setting the default category etc a really quick procedure.Whilst I looked at the plugin wheels started turning and I thought…”What if I took this further?”

I created some software in Ubot that allows the user to:

  • Update multiple blogs
  • Deploy your favourite plugins to all your blogs
  • Install a theme on all your blogs
  • Set permalinks
  • Delete all plugins
  • Update all plugins

The software also has integration with Fantastico…this software will save you a load of time and puts you in complete control of one to 100 plus blogs. It really is awesome, just watch the video below to see this cool software in action. Believe me, once you’ve used this software you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

There are two ways to get this great software, you can either sign up at http://automatedtoolkit.com or you can purchase the Superpress plugin and you’ll get my software as a bonus,

To order Superpress now please visit the following link:


WordPress Pinterest Clone – Awesome Traffic Solution

IM Wealthbuilders have done it again! They have developed a theme that turns a WordPress blog into a very convincing Pinterest clone. The the thing I respect most about IM Wealthbuilders is that they truly do think out of the box, I guess that is why their launches are so successful.

pinterest wordpress theme

This theme was developed after the IM Wealthbuilder team noticed that the most expensive domain on the net, “sex.com” whose traffic was floundering applied the Pinterest model to their site and the results were staggering. Take a look at the spike in traffic in the Alexa screenshot below.

sex.com uses pinterest model

Pretty awesome hey? Now imagine if you could do something like that to your site. I picked up the theme with a view to creating feeder sites to my main blogs, just to test the traffic. People love images and as can be seen by the success of Pinterest…they like sharing them. By using the same format as Pinterest, people instinctively know how to pin and share your content…because they’ve been doing it for a while.

Take a look at the image below you will notice that the theme uses exactly the same viral techniques as Pinterest, with the pin,like and comment options. The theme designers have made it so easy for your site visitors to make traffic to your sites or affiliate offers go viral.

pinterest image with repin,like and comment buttons

There is also an additional plugin for this theme that turns any WordPress blog into a completely “hands off” automated affiliate marketing machine. This has to be one of the best WordPress “out of the box” business solutions of 2012 and if you want to keep ahead in the Internet Marketing game then you really should purchase this theme, because believe me it is guaranteed to do wonders for your traffic.

You can get the theme from the following link for around $10 (that’s a discount of $49 off the usual price), make sure to watch the video to see just how powerful this is.



Fiverr WordPress Clone Released By Stealthymarketer

Hey guys, I thought I’d give you a glimpse of the latest new project “WPGIG” which is being released to the masses. It’s a WordPress Fiverr Clone, you simply install and configure my plug-in and you’ve got an instant Fiverr clone. It is a great plug-in and will allow any WordPress user to immediately set up a micro-job/freelancing site and receive payment by paypal. One of the great features of the plugin is that you can define the minimum and maximum price of the services… for example, I could use exactly the same pricing structure as Fiverr or I could set the minimum job Price at $100 and the maximum at $2000 if I so choose. At the moment I have the minimum price set at five dollars and a maximum at $20, which I believe will appeal to Fiverr users as it presents them with the opportunity to make more money per gig.I think people will love this plug-in is as it enables them to quickly build an instant business which could potentially make them a large amount of passive income. I’m very excited about it, as are my business contacts who I have shown the site to.

There are a few things to be addressed on the site, the first being setting a home link on the site, sorting out the permalink structure so it’s good for SEO, giving the user the option to include a YouTube video and lastly a professionally designed theme. I’m sure I’ll get a load of suggestions whilst the site is in Beta..this is..but I’m really excited about this one 🙂

Watch the video below to see the plugin in action now.

If you want to get hold of this plugin, I recommend that you sign up to my list and all of my subscribers will be notified about the release date. The plugin price will be set at about $97, but for an out of the box business, I think that is a “nobrainer”. I’m also planning on giving this plugin to members of my IM software membership site for half that price.

Go take the site for a test drive,list a gig and maybe make some money while you do!


Free WordPress Squeeze Page New For 2011

wordpress squeeze pageHey guys, considering how many of you come to this blog searching for a free wordpress squeeze page. I thought I’d update my wordpress squeeze page template for 2011.

It can be downloaded instantly from  http://www.wordpresssqueezepage.info

So download now and start building a profitable list today.



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How To Easily Increase Your Blog Traffic

Here is an interesting tip I learned recently which may increase your web traffic by 200%. I can’t vouch for the efficacy of this method yet as I am still testing at the moment, but looking at the method I’m quite sure that it will work.

This technique will only work on WordPress blogs though…so if you’ve got WordPress then you’re laughing.

First get hold of the SEO searchterms tagging 2 Plugin, you can get it from the following location:


Alternatively in your Plugins settings in your WordPress blog, run a search for “searchterms-tagging-2 and wordpress will find it for you. Then it’s a simple one click install.

Next go to Appearance>Widgets> and the popular search terms, recent search terms and popular search terms to your sidebar.

Set the cofiguration to show 100 rater than the default 10 items.

This plugin will optimise all of your pages and posts for the search terms and will also show the keywords people are typing into Google to find you.

For example:

If your page title was “Twitter Mass unfollow tool”

The plugin will show what terms people used to arrive at the page so it will reveal things like Twitter Mass unfollow application, twitter mass unfollow tool, twitter mass unfollow software windows etc. The plugin will then optimize the page for those keywords too.

If someone then searches for “twitter software” then the plugin will optimise for that keyword phrase.

The theory is that when you have your pages optimised for hundreds of keywords then you will attract more visitors and More visitors = More earnings!

You can also optimise for mis-spelt keywords

Go to: http://tools.seobook.com/spelling/keywords-typos.cgi and enter your keyword phrases and experiment with the options for generating typos.

If your query was twitter software then you would get a list of keywords like this:

twtter software
twiter software
twiter software
twittr software
twitte software
twitter oftware

Add these typos to the tags for your post and you will benefit from the additional traffic. so for example my original tags were:

twitter software, twitter mass unfollow software, twitter tool

twitter mass unfollo software twiter tool
twiter mass unfollow software twittr tool
twitter mass unfolow software twitte tool

Just add these phrases to your tags and see what results you get.

I will revisit this post to let you know how effective this method actually is.

Easily Get The No#1 Position On Google – $10

Free WordPress Squeeze Page Theme – Instant Download

Hey Guys, I’ve just made a free squeeze page for WordPress, here’s a screen shot:

You can download it from the following link:


Please consider making a $5 donation and then you can resell the template, remove the link to my site…or do whatever you want with it.

Your donation also encourages me to make more free Internet Marketing products, which I could be charging for.

Donate $5 And Get Full Resale Rights

Thanks Rob 🙂