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5 Minute Sales Letters Review – Create Sales Pages That Convert Easily


Watch this video…you’ll be sold!


Every now and again a tool comes along that has great potential for getting you sales, so when I discovered 5 Minute Sales Letters from Matt Cook…which promised to deliver incredible sales pages with world class copy as you can imagine I was very interested, but I was also sceptical.

To be honest it takes quite a bit to impress me, I’ll never promote rubbish and only ever look at anything which delivers on it’s promise…forget the hype, forget the BS, if a product is crap I won’t give it the time of day.

So what exactly is 5 Minute Sales Letters?

5 Minute Sales Letters is a WordPress plugin created by a chap called Matt Cook from Australia. The plugin was based on extensive research he performed by looking at content created by the top Copywriters in the world.

The premise of the plugin is that you fill in a few fields on a form related to the product you are going to promote, and after filling in the blanks, you press submit and “bingo” out pops a killer salespage, looking like a million dollars which could have been written by Gary Halbert…

Are you serious, could it really be that simple?

Well lets take a look and see if it really is that great…(you can see my review in the video above, with a demonstration of me using the plugin, plus you’ll also learn some killer information for creating awesome headlines for free…make sure you watch)

OK, so I installed the plugin on my blog…picked a product I have PLR rights to, filled in the required fields and here is the initial output and incredibly this is what the plugin created in 5 minutes:


Now that is just an extract of the page…we are talking a 6000 word salespage here…pretty damn awesome. To create something like that would have taken me a day easily, if not several!

The page comes with a story, calls to action, testimonials features and benefits, guarantee etc…it really is incredible. Take a look at the bottom of the page below, it created all this content including the JVZoo button and an image of my ugly mug at the bottom 🙂


So the initial output looks more than good…However I’d personally want to make that page my own adding my own style and images (which you can see me doing in the video).

So lets take a look at a page where I created my own images and really made the copy my own…although to be fair I didn’t change the original copy too much.


If you’d like to see the entire sales page just click on the image above, I’m sure you are going to be impressed.

I was totally stunned…here was a plugin that was going to save me so much time, the initial output was great, but editing and adding my own feel and media…well I’m sure you can see for yourself…it’s a “nobrainer”.

Just think about any PLR content you have sitting gathering dust on your hard drive…now you have an opportunity to make money from it easily! if you take action with this plugin you are definitely going to get sales…even if you don’t have a clue about writing copy, that’s how powerful it is.

The only thing I don’t like about the plugin is although the content created looks great, it has been designed to post the page immediately to the site, but it’s much better in my opinion to use this tool to create a starting point for a sales page and then take that content and place on a new site.You can easily achieve this by copying the html code and then posting that content into a new page, but maybe I’m being too picky?

So use the plugin as a content creation hub and not so much a publishing tool…if you get what I mean?

This plugin gets 5 stars from me, it’s one of the best things I’ve seen this year and I’m totally in love with it! Just think…in no time you will be pulling in sales and laughing all the way to the bank…I know I will be!

Another thing that impressed me was the price and the training, Matt is an ethical Marketer and a great presenter, so he’s got your back covered. I was so impressed that I reached out to him on Facebook and am glad to have him as a contact, look out for stuff Matt puts out in the future he’s certainly going places.

Get this plugin now, you’ll be glad that you did…there is no fluffy hype or BS here…this is the real deal!





WP PicPoll Review – A Cool Plugin for Encouraging Engagement

Hey guys here’s a review of a plugin that I’ve just picked up, it’s called WP Picpoll and it allows you to easily set up a poll,survey or quiz on your blog. Each selected option can be used to point people to a specific page, so it could be used to promote affiliate links or for listbuilding, two areas of great interest to me.. You can either create squeeze style pages with attractive guru style backgrounds or you can embed the quiz/poll into a blog post by just entering a shortcode.


I like applications which are intuitive and getting this plugin up and running was simple, there are training resources and access to support available from within the plugin’s settings page, but to be honest setting up your fist quiz or poll is so easy I doubt if you’ll be needing it.  In terms of usability it’s very user friendly and setting up a poll takes a couple of minutes maximum. I can see some great potential for this plugin on my sites, anything that is going to encourage user interaction has got to be a good thing. The only problem most people will have is thinking up new polls and quizzes!

Have a look at the following examples:


So in the above example each one of the social Icons can be voted on once, and after voting the visitor is sent to whatever page you want. I love the translucent overlays they look great on a guru style background.


In this example you could be sending your customer directly via your Amazon affiliate link to the product in the thumbnail, again another great way to use this plugin. This plugin could definitely be good for seasonal affiliate promotions.



Or you can set up a quiz and give your visitor the opportunity to win a free prize if they guess correctly…this of course could be tied in to an optin form.



This is the example I decided to choose as I have embedded the shortcode created by the plugin into a blog post. In my example further down the page, you’ll see that the Social Icons are linked to my Facebook, Google and Twitter profiles. A little unimaginative on my side, but it gives you an idea of how you could use the plugin to your advantage.



The last screenshot is for another competition, I like the aesthetics of this plugin, it looks great and the options jump right out at you. I  like this plugin and will be using it here on Stealthymarketer, II just need to be a little more imaginative with its use but I certainly can see is potential.

So here we go, down below is a poll I set up with the plugin, try voting on one of the options and see the plugin in action.

 [nds_poll id=’2′]

Want to know another nice fact about this plugin? It will only cost you $10 to buy the single site license…and the Developers license will only cost you $10 more. This is definitely one of those plugins that will be an asset to your business and will allow you to engage well with your site visitors.


Lockin Traffic Review – Not Using Social Networks For Traffic?….You’re stuffed!

Once upon a time it was easy to make money online, traditional back linking methods would ensure that you got traffic to your site. I used to make $400 a week from two free blogspot blogs alone. All I had to do was create software, write a single sales page, add a PayPal button, put out some tweets on Twitter, post on my blog, post on a couple of forums and it was easy money in the bank. I’d be making money in 24 hours, it really was easy.These days however, Google is tough on us, it’s nowhere near as easy as it used to be to rank a site and you are forced to rely on traffic from social networks.

To be noticed you need to get your content shared, but how can you do that?

If you’ve got some valuable information, a video or a blog post which provides information that people need, but are only able to access if they share the content on social networks … then what are they going to do if your content is locked down? They are going to share it right?

That’s where Mervik Haums has come in with some really out of the box thinking. Mervik has created a plugin which will lock down your images, videos and blog posts. Look at this example below (the content is not relevant it’s purely there to demonstrate the power of the plugin):

facebook_help_mindmapPretty cool huh? If folks want to view this mindmap about social networking…then they are going to have to share it! However Mervik takes this a step further and also allows you to apply the same blurring technique to text .

Below you are going to learn the secret to getting loads of traffic and subscribers a day, and believe me you do not want to miss this:

Another feature of Mervik’s plugin is that you can use it for list building,it integrates with the major auto responders, but also has an additional incredible feature, which I haven’t seen anywhere else before! With the plug-in you can enable an opt in box over the content that you want to protect and even if you don’t have an account with the major auto responders, then you can add the people who optin to WordPress… now this is freaking awesome! By using Mervik’s plugin and a free plug-in available from the WordPress repository called “email users”, you can turn WordPress into your own moneymaking, leads machine. Now that is something… that is truly something!

I thoroughly recommend this plug-in, I like the way that Mervik thinks and in my honest opinion there is nothing out there that even comes close!

The plug-in also gives you the ability to lock down and pause videos, just imagine having some content that people really need, but to access it they need to share the content … what are they going to do? They will sahere it without a shadow of a doubt…Brilliant work Mervik!

Click here to grab your copy now

WP Deploy – Manage Multiple WordPress Blogs Easily

Do you have multiple WordPress accounts? Managing them can be a “pain in the A” right? Well not any longer…and here’s why.

I recently purchased a plugin called Superpress which makes setting up a blog with recommended plugins, deleting posts, setting the default category etc a really quick procedure.Whilst I looked at the plugin wheels started turning and I thought…”What if I took this further?”

I created some software in Ubot that allows the user to:

  • Update multiple blogs
  • Deploy your favourite plugins to all your blogs
  • Install a theme on all your blogs
  • Set permalinks
  • Delete all plugins
  • Update all plugins

The software also has integration with Fantastico…this software will save you a load of time and puts you in complete control of one to 100 plus blogs. It really is awesome, just watch the video below to see this cool software in action. Believe me, once you’ve used this software you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

There are two ways to get this great software, you can either sign up at http://automatedtoolkit.com or you can purchase the Superpress plugin and you’ll get my software as a bonus,

To order Superpress now please visit the following link:


Pinterest WordPress Theme Strategy Update

It’s day 3 after installing the Pinterest theme from IM Wealthbuilders and the traffic appears to be consistent from Twitter and Facebook (at the moment I am doing nothing to monetize this blog, It’s just a test to see how well this theme and the autobblogging plugin perform) I am also using the Imagepress plugin to add a human element and posting images relating to me and my life. If you need to get the Imagepress plugin you can get it here:

Download Imagepress plugin

Heres my Awstats for today 20/06/2012

piterest wordpress theme stats

As you can see the traffic is certainly consistent, to go from an average of 6 uniques a day to 141 so quickly is a pretty good result, I think you’ll agree.


Here’s the starts from the blog itself (using Kstats reloaded):

pinterest strategy - kstats reloaded stats

Kstats is reporting less uniques than Awstats and I’m inclined to trust these figures more, but still to go from a few uniques a day to 102 is certainly an achievement.

Below is the Alexa stats for Nichesalsa.info, yesterday the site had an Alexa rank of over 7 Million, but when I checked today that rank had improved by 4 million…that’s pretty cool in my book.

pinterest strategy - Alexa stats

I’m also noticing that people are starting to follow me on Pinterest as a result of these posts, all in all this is very exciting. I think the biggest challenge is monetizing the site, for those of you who are affiliates of Amazon or Ebay, I imagine you may get good conversions.

My plan is to make a small network of blogs like this, to help promote my money sites. Maybe installing the theme on a sub domain of a money site might be an idea. I intend to clone the setup of this blog, so I can easily replicate it. I think if used in the right way then you can expect to get some outstanding results from this theme. I will continue to monitor and report how the traffic is going to you.

WP Magix – A Simple Approach To Targeted Traffic



Hey guys, I picked up a cool wordpress plugin today, which enables you to drive completely targeted traffic yo your offers. It does this by presenting the visitor with either a poll or a review type template and giving them a selection of options. So for example, I could have a question like:

“What type of internet tools do you need?”

I could then present the visitor with

  • Niche research tools
  • Keyword tools
  • software development tools
  • SEO tools
Ok so my visitor is interested in Internet marketing tools…but we are now giving them the option to drill down further into a specific area of interest to them. Statistics are also recorded about the choices that your visitors make…which is extremely useful for getting ideas for products to develop…
wp magix polls
Anyway, they make their choice and now you have them in your sales funnel, the possibility of this person becoming a lead has got instantly closer and you can direct them to anywhere you want and as the plugin uses an Iframe…you can hide your hoplinks!
backlinker professional


Pretty neat…but also you have a banner across the top of the page…with social buttons and a download link, autoresponder and several ways for your visitor to build backlinks…and give you exposure on the internet.
The really cool thing is that you can get the Developer version of  this plugin for only $27 for the next 12 hours and then it goes back up in price. Do yourself a favour and get this plugin and start really building your list and increasing your sales…it’s a clever concept that if used correctly…just cannot fail.


Fiverr WordPress Clone Released By Stealthymarketer

Hey guys, I thought I’d give you a glimpse of the latest new project “WPGIG” which is being released to the masses. It’s a WordPress Fiverr Clone, you simply install and configure my plug-in and you’ve got an instant Fiverr clone. It is a great plug-in and will allow any WordPress user to immediately set up a micro-job/freelancing site and receive payment by paypal. One of the great features of the plugin is that you can define the minimum and maximum price of the services… for example, I could use exactly the same pricing structure as Fiverr or I could set the minimum job Price at $100 and the maximum at $2000 if I so choose. At the moment I have the minimum price set at five dollars and a maximum at $20, which I believe will appeal to Fiverr users as it presents them with the opportunity to make more money per gig.I think people will love this plug-in is as it enables them to quickly build an instant business which could potentially make them a large amount of passive income. I’m very excited about it, as are my business contacts who I have shown the site to.

There are a few things to be addressed on the site, the first being setting a home link on the site, sorting out the permalink structure so it’s good for SEO, giving the user the option to include a YouTube video and lastly a professionally designed theme. I’m sure I’ll get a load of suggestions whilst the site is in Beta..this is..but I’m really excited about this one 🙂

Watch the video below to see the plugin in action now.

If you want to get hold of this plugin, I recommend that you sign up to my list and all of my subscribers will be notified about the release date. The plugin price will be set at about $97, but for an out of the box business, I think that is a “nobrainer”. I’m also planning on giving this plugin to members of my IM software membership site for half that price.

Go take the site for a test drive,list a gig and maybe make some money while you do!


WP Robot $90 Discount Voucher

wp robot discount codeI was searching online for WP Robot today as I’ve been considering buying it for a while. On some of my blogs I use caffeinated content which is pretty cool, on others WP O Matic, but WP Robot just appears to be the business so I was just about to buy when I discovered a discount code which gets you a $90 discount off of the $220 price.

It worked too! I’m not sure how long the code is available for, but here it is:

WARRIORROBOT just go to WP-Robots site http://www.wprobot.net and enter the code at checkout. Don’t worry I’m not getting any commission for this, I just thought I’d share it with my readers as it really is a cool plugin.

Installation and set up of WP Robot is simple, I’m one of those people who hates reading manuals and instead like to play about until I understand things. No problems there, the plugin is completely intuitive and it tool me know time at all to set up my posting template.

I created a site today with it, I’ll promote it and see how it goes with Adsense or maybe flip it some time in the future.

Here’s a screenshot of the site:

new wordpress site


I created the theme for the site too and I’m going to set up a site where I’ll give away free WordPress themes…I’ll keep you posted on that one.

SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2 (Part 2)

A little while ago I wrote a post about the SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2 plugin, here’s a link to the original post:

SEO SearchTerms Plugin

To be honest I’m pretty impressed, here’s a list of the search terms which have been driving traffic to my site:

I have a few products based on these phrases and as a result I’ve made some sales…so that’s pretty cool in my book. I remember a while ago I did something similar, I used yahoo pipes to scrape Google trends and got the results of that scrape to appear on my blog pages. This too, brought in a lot of traffic, but my readers were confused because apart from the trending keywords, there was no additional related content on my blog. Also as the Trends were constantly changing, some people would find me in a Google search, but then would get to my blog and not find any related content at all.

It’s a good plugin, to be honest I haven’t bothered with creating mis-spelled tags…but the plugin is definitely helping to bring in a small amount of traffic and those visitors are targeted and are converting to sales.

I think I’ll do some reworking of the Yahoo Pipes, Google Trends model and maybe combine those feeds with some related content and see how successful that technique might be.

My opinion on SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2?

Get it, it certainly works!