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5 Minute Sales Letters Review – Create Sales Pages That Convert Easily


Watch this video…you’ll be sold!


Every now and again a tool comes along that has great potential for getting you sales, so when I discovered 5 Minute Sales Letters from Matt Cook…which promised to deliver incredible sales pages with world class copy as you can imagine I was very interested, but I was also sceptical.

To be honest it takes quite a bit to impress me, I’ll never promote rubbish and only ever look at anything which delivers on it’s promise…forget the hype, forget the BS, if a product is crap I won’t give it the time of day.

So what exactly is 5 Minute Sales Letters?

5 Minute Sales Letters is a WordPress plugin created by a chap called Matt Cook from Australia. The plugin was based on extensive research he performed by looking at content created by the top Copywriters in the world.

The premise of the plugin is that you fill in a few fields on a form related to the product you are going to promote, and after filling in the blanks, you press submit and “bingo” out pops a killer salespage, looking like a million dollars which could have been written by Gary Halbert…

Are you serious, could it really be that simple?

Well lets take a look and see if it really is that great…(you can see my review in the video above, with a demonstration of me using the plugin, plus you’ll also learn some killer information for creating awesome headlines for free…make sure you watch)

OK, so I installed the plugin on my blog…picked a product I have PLR rights to, filled in the required fields and here is the initial output and incredibly this is what the plugin created in 5 minutes:


Now that is just an extract of the page…we are talking a 6000 word salespage here…pretty damn awesome. To create something like that would have taken me a day easily, if not several!

The page comes with a story, calls to action, testimonials features and benefits, guarantee etc…it really is incredible. Take a look at the bottom of the page below, it created all this content including the JVZoo button and an image of my ugly mug at the bottom 🙂


So the initial output looks more than good…However I’d personally want to make that page my own adding my own style and images (which you can see me doing in the video).

So lets take a look at a page where I created my own images and really made the copy my own…although to be fair I didn’t change the original copy too much.


If you’d like to see the entire sales page just click on the image above, I’m sure you are going to be impressed.

I was totally stunned…here was a plugin that was going to save me so much time, the initial output was great, but editing and adding my own feel and media…well I’m sure you can see for yourself…it’s a “nobrainer”.

Just think about any PLR content you have sitting gathering dust on your hard drive…now you have an opportunity to make money from it easily! if you take action with this plugin you are definitely going to get sales…even if you don’t have a clue about writing copy, that’s how powerful it is.

The only thing I don’t like about the plugin is although the content created looks great, it has been designed to post the page immediately to the site, but it’s much better in my opinion to use this tool to create a starting point for a sales page and then take that content and place on a new site.You can easily achieve this by copying the html code and then posting that content into a new page, but maybe I’m being too picky?

So use the plugin as a content creation hub and not so much a publishing tool…if you get what I mean?

This plugin gets 5 stars from me, it’s one of the best things I’ve seen this year and I’m totally in love with it! Just think…in no time you will be pulling in sales and laughing all the way to the bank…I know I will be!

Another thing that impressed me was the price and the training, Matt is an ethical Marketer and a great presenter, so he’s got your back covered. I was so impressed that I reached out to him on Facebook and am glad to have him as a contact, look out for stuff Matt puts out in the future he’s certainly going places.

Get this plugin now, you’ll be glad that you did…there is no fluffy hype or BS here…this is the real deal!





VideoMakerFX Software Review – Create Awesome Video Presentations


It’s been a really exciting week, I got hold of a copy of VideoMakerFX from Peter Roszak and I have to confess I’m really impressed.

The software enables anyone to create professional whiteboard animations and presentations in minutes…that isn’t hype…this product really delivers the goods.

I’m sure you have seen the incredible whiteboard animations created by software like videoscribe…You know the type with the animated hand drawing characters and writing text, very slick indeed and very effective.

However Unlike Videoscribe, which will set you back close to $700 you can get VideomakerFX for a steal..I mean how does $37 sound?…I’m totally speechless! I think what impresses me the most is that the software could have been sold for so much more, even with a price tag of $100 it would still have been great value. Also because of the price it has made this technology accessible to anyone, regardless of budget.

The software is very easy to use and its apparent when you open it up that the design is obviously influenced by Videoscribe.


A Videoscribe clone with a great price

If you look at the actual scribing function within the software, you’ll see that it doesn’t look quite as professional as videoscribe, the hand animation It’s just not as slick, but don’t get me wrong it’s not bad at all.

Admittedly if I had to choose between Videoscribe and VideoMakerFX then I’d have to go with the former, because Videoscribe is undoubtedly the better of the two, But then you would expect it to be as VideoMakerFX is a fraction of the price and it would be insane to expect more.

With this software you’ll be churning out amazing professional videos in minutes (I know because I’ve been testing the software today and it’s amazing) Just take a look at a video below I put together in a few minutes with the software:


VideomakerFX is an essential purchase and will pay for itself many times over…there’s nothing else out there that comes close for the price, just watch the demos on the sales page…you will be more than impressed.

With this video software you can:

  • Create powerful sales videos easily
  • Make those character explainer videos that cost THOUSANDS
  • Create beautiful photo slideshows
  • Create presentation style videos, faster then using Powerpoint
  • Create videos in full HD and exports in record time!
  • Save time! The learning curve is just minutes!
  • Use over 200+ Animated Scenes and Slides for your presentations
  • Combine music,your own MPs, beautiful backgrounds, photos…this is special!


Lets look at some possible applications for this software:

  • Create videos for offline business
  • Start your own Fiverr Whiteboard animation service
  • Use to promote your own or affiliate products
  • Sell the service on the Warrior Forum

I think the great thing here is that Internet marketers on a budget will easily be able to set up their own service and profit from video creation for clients, Whereas before this would not have been an option for many people.

I’m positive that if you purchase this video software and take action then it will pay for itself many times over. Don’t let it sit on your hard drive and not do anything with it, start making some great looking presentations and reap the benefits.

This software is a “nobrainer” not only will the software increase your sales and generate more leads but it will also present you and your company as experts giving you a professional brand and identity online!

So if you want to profit handsomely from simple video creation, you’d be wise to get this software, nothing out there gets close for the price.

And selling for only $37…that’s just crazy! as it would still be great value with a $200 price tag.

Snap this up while you can, I guarantee that you will not regret it!



NIche Eureka 2 – cool niche research software – With my killer software bonus

Hi,  Rob here, hope you are doing well and profiting from your online endeavours. I’ve been really busy on a few new software projects, which are really exciting and I can’t wait to tell you more about them.

One is a Facebook tool and it really is special, there just isn’t anything else like it out there. Another project I’ve been working on does some truly incredible things with web traffic and boosting SERPS, again this is a total winner…I can’t wait to show you more, but here’s a quick preview:


Today I’m writing to you about a software product that has been developed by Barry Rodgers and Val Wilson. It’s a self contained tool that has embedded video training, which will teach you how to select, research a niche and also build a multi page niche website using a site generating component.

The videos in the software provide a clear overview of niche research ,presented in a way that anyone can easily understand. The information is solid and follows the exact strategy I used when I developed my best selling Nichegenrator software.

The next component within the software is a PDF transcription of the video describing the process in detail.

The final aspect of the software is a tool that will build your niche site for you and optimize the site for seo, Adsense and Amazon. Pretty cool and easy to do, you just answer the questions the software presents you with…and you’re done!

I like products like this because they streamline activities and save a lot of time…and as you know I am a great lover of automation.

Now here’s something you are going to like the bonus I mentioned earlier… I have built a software tool which automates the research process outlined in Niche Eureka and with a click of a button, you get all the resources loaded into your browser…   Man you are going to love this! It’s called Nichejacker and only available here,

Here’s a quick preview of the bonus software I created:

I’ve built it especially for you and best of all I’m giving it to you for free if you decide to invest in Niche Eureka…how cool is that?   To access this cool bonus just go to your JVzoo download page after purchase and you’ll be able to download it there


Right well back to the grind as they say, take care and speak soon

Sincerely   Rob

Info Product Creation Tips

So you want to get into information product creation, good on you! So how the heck do you go about it? Fortunately It’s not quite as hard as you might imagine and believe me opportunity is everywhere! Every time that you spend money think of it as a way of making more money.

If you go to a conference network with people, maybe when you’re speaking to these people you will learn something that will in turn benefit others. Whatever you do look for opportunity, think of every time that you spend money as an opportunity to make more money. There is a product to be made from every experience, if you have learned something then you can share that information with other people and they will willingly pay you for it. Knowledge and experience are in invaluable asset. I’m a lover of automation and am always looking for ways to make my life easier and what benefits me will help other people too. You need to get into this mindset, there is a product to be made from every experience.

Look for opportunities on forums

Explore forums within your niche, do searches for terms like “How do I?” and “How to” you can make these searches broad or you can incorporate a specific keyword.

Try typing the following query into Google “How do I”+ list building. These kind of queries we’ll give you a basic foundation for research. Use the information you find to create products, it really doesn’t get much easier. I Have made tools specifically for this purpose just check out Forum Renegade and Niche Generator. With these tools I have automated search process, it makes my life easier as it will yours.

Expert interviews

I know several people online are making really good money by interviewing experts, either in video format or on skype. I saw one guy at a recent marketing event who had turned up with a video camera and tripod, all set to interview the speakers at the event. The event cost him several hundred dollars to go to, but when he left he had to content that would pay him back the amount he had spent many times over. This is an easy way to create content.


You can use video to re-purpose content on the Internet, say for example articles from article directories. Start doing some research and compile some good information from articles and turn the content into video, a presentation perhaps where you take the viewer through strategies teaching them step-by-step. Show people “how to do what they want to do” and you will make money.


The easiest way to do this would be to take a collection of articles from an article directory and just paste them into your report, (including the author details). Maybe you can add value by adding to the content and giving your take on things. This would be an excellent avenue for enticing people to sign up to a mailing list and you can do this so easily, all you need is an office suite like “Open Office” and you can export the documents in PDF format.


This is a personal favourite of mine and has enabled me to quit the rat race, although It’s not for everybody, as it takes quite a bit of technical know-how. However, you can easily to create your own software products using a development suite like Ubot Studio,

When I started I was using a free program called autohotkey to develop software, I generated enough money with this free program (and I’m not a programmer) to enable me to purchase the developer license of Ubot studio and since purchasing the development suite my software has generated several hundred thousand dollars in revenue.

At the end of the day though the one thing that is going to make you money is “FOCUS”, if you can’t stay focused on one project and see it through to completion,then you aren’t going to get anywhere. It’s a sad fact of life, but it’s true. I build and recommend products that make my life easier and the lives of my buyers, but if people don’t use them the way they were meant to be used, or they lose interest and jump onto the next “big thing” then they will just stay stuck and will never progress.


How To Make $100 A Day Easily With Membership Sites

It’s a sad fact but so many people who get into Internet Marketing really struggle to make any money online. It’s true that there are a lot of offers that promise an instant push button and you’ll have cash in the bank in 24 hours, but the reality is that is unlikely to happen.

It took me years to get to the point where I was making a decent living online and out of all the strategies I have tried, by far the most effective so far has been setting up a membership site. I created to offer all of the software applications I develop to members, and with minimal promotion (apart from the odd blog post,tweet and a warrior forum sig link) I have had over 40 subscribers in just over a month. I charge $20 a month membership and my members have been really blown away with the value I am offering.

By using a membership site I have increased my passive income by $200 a week easily so far! The next stage is to advertise the membership site and I’m sure that in no time I will reach my target of  280 paying members a month.

The great thing about membership sites is that they can be set up for free by using a simple autoresponder which drip feeds content over a period of time, or you can purchase a plugin for WordPress which is the path I chose.

I personally purchased several membership platforms and addons including:

  • Optimizepress $97
  • Rapid Action Profits $297 and membership plugin
  • Digital Access Pass $167
  • WP-Emember $49.95 (this is my preferred choice)

WP-emember by tips and tricks HQ is my favourite and it’s so easy to implement, is the cheapest option and works really well with Flexsqueeze. you can also get the membership plugin and a ecommerce shop plugin for $69…which in my opinion is a complete no-brainer.

I have plans to open a couple more membership sites in 2012, the next one being in the Personal development/Self help niche and I’m looking forward to a very lucrative year indeed.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to give membership sites a try, and if you pick up the wp-emember plugin then you’ll be well on your way to making some passive income easily…you just need to do your niche research and find a good niche to set up your membership site in. You then need to think about ways to make the membership site irresistible to people.

For Automatedtoolkit I develop software applications for members regularly, I also offer a Skype Mastermind group where I’ve pulled in some very high profile experts who are available to give advice for new members, and lastly I provide the latest PLR software,scripts, wordpress themes and plugins.

The group is going really well and there is a great sense of community, I’m so pleased that I decided to give membership sites a try, doing so was the best decision I made in 2011 and I for one will never look back!

I encourage you to give membership sites a try, I’m sure that if you do, like me you will appreciate a regular online income for very little effort on your part.

Check out and see how the membership model works, you can even get a one month trial and access to all my software for only $1.


How To Make Money On Blogger For Free

Hi guys,

I have a really special report which I will be giving to my list subscribers in the second email in my newsletter series. This is the exact blueprint that I have used to make thousands of dollars online using the free Blogger Platform.

I created this ebook originally to sell as a WSO and I include all of the strategies I have used to great success. This isn’t some flimsy 3 page report, its crammed with valuable information and step by step instructions for setting up a very profitable online business.

Read the rest of this entry

No#1 On Google In 2 Days Using My Newest Software

no#1 in Google in 2 daysMan I’m gobsmacked! A couple of days ago I built an application which uses proxies to increase Serps. It was just an idea, I’d seen someone else had created a product a while ago to do this and I was a bit uncertain as to whether it would work or not. The site in question had been sitting at the bottom of page 2 on Google for a couple of months. I ran the software using the keyword phrase I was targeting and lo and behold 2 days later….I am sitting at position no 1 on Google.

I’m going to run a few more tests and then I’m going to make the software available to my list.

So if you want to grab a copy…you’d better sign up to my list quick 🙂

Hi guys, I’ve got another new piece of niche marketing software for you this time I’ve created a tool which searches 43 things for niche related keywords. It’s yet another method of building a keyword list, which may have some gems you might have missed by using other keyword research methods. The software is really easy to use an all you need to do is enter a seed keyword and the software will automatically generate up to 100 keywords for you. I’m currently creating a course describing how to make money online for free and this is one of the tools which I use in the course. The course is going to incorporate my other tools as well and will include a PDF document and video. This course will be offered to the members of my list within the next couple of weeks, if you’d like to claim your copy of the course and to download the Internet marketing software which I develop then please subscribe to my list.

Here’s a video of the software in action, as you can see the software does a very good job of finding keyword phrases for you to examine in further detail.

You can download the software directly from the following link:



nichegenerator lite - Free niche marketing software

There’s a lot of money to be made on the Internet if you can discover a niche which has high demand but low competition. However finding such niches requires a lot of research and is very demanding on your time.
Fortunately though there is software available which can make the job both simple and quick to do. As a programmer and developer I am constantly developing software to automate as much of my online activities as possible, which at the end of the day means more cash in the bank for me.
nichegenerator lite - Free niche marketing software

I developed an application called Niche Generator and have been successfully selling it online for a few years now. This software allows you to quickly discover niches, analyse the competition, find available domains and much, much more. It’s a great alternative to Market Samurai if you are on a limited budget and heralds some really spectacular results.
I have a lite version of the software which includes all of the tools you need to discover a profitable niche in lightning fast time and  is available for immediate download to all those who subscribe to my list. (The full version can be purchased for $37  from


Sign up to my list and give the software a try, I think you’ll be more than impressed with the results. A word of warning though, the software returns results from Google in a blink of an eye so please take it easy or you will end up with temporary bans. The software runs on Windows platforms or in a virtual environement if you are running a Mac with parallels or VMware.

You’ll love the way the software identifies niches for you to explore, you can find a niche in a click or two of your mouse, it really is that easy!

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