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TTS Sketchmaker Review

tts adAs a marketer and product developer I frequently get the opportunity to test new products from my peers. So I was very excited and interested when I got access to TTS Sketchmaker as I love creating videos to advertize my software and tools. As you know video is an excellent free method of driving traffic to your sites these days and a professionally produced video can sure bring in the sales!

TTS Sketchmaker is a whiteboard animation creator with a difference, it allows you to use text to speech technology. I was a little skeptical  initially because many text to speech applications can sound damn awful, reminiscent of the old Texas Instruments Speak and spell…(if you’re an old git like me then you will remember that).

Anyway I watched the video on the JV page and was pleased to hear that the quality of the voices included with the software were pretty convincing. It’s true that this technology still has a way to go, but the quality and tone of the voices was not bad at all.

The software is very easy to use, (I never read manuals if I can help it, as I learn better that way) the interface is logically laid out and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand it. Within a few minutes I’d created a short video and rendered it to MP4. Newbies will love this tool not only because it’s so easy to use and that the rendered quality looks pretty damn good, but also they will find it a godsend if they do not like the sound of their voice or are fearful of creating voice overs.

The software also comes with 25 different voices and languages including Male and Female with some pretty cool British and American ones, to Russian, Slovakian and Spanish accented voices. I love the variety here and It really is good fun!

As you’d expect there is also the facility to include backing tracks in MP3 format and the volume can easily be controlled to fit in with the voices you have chosen.

There are also a range of effects you can use too and you can change the background colour or use an image background if you choose.

Combine the output of this tool with Video Maker FX, Easy Sketch Pro and/or explaindio then I think that the user is onto a winner.



Take a look at the video below I put together in a few minutes, granted I was just having some fun, but I can certainly see the potential of this tool. When I posted on Facebook too there was a lot of interest, I think we are looking at a winning product here.

Lets face it one of the best ways of getting your products or services noticed these days is through the use of video, with whiteboard tools like this you now have the ability to create cool looking promotional videos without any fuss for yourself and your clients.

Lastly another thing that goes in the software’s favour is the price during the launch you can get hold of the software for only $27…which in my humble opinion makes it very eligible for my “No Brainer” award. Do yourself a favour and pick this tool up, you’ll be very pleased that you did!




Create A Killer Social Media Boosting Bot – I’ll Show You How!

Hey guys, below you can watch a video where I will teach you how to create an automated program which will boost your likes and shares on Social Networks.

You will be surprised at how easy it is to use free tools to create software which will make the running of your online business easier. I should have sold this information as it is GOLD!  However I’m offering it to you today for Nada…all you need to do is enter your email address when the optin box appears on the video and you’ll get to see this awesome tutorial. Not only that but you will receive a very special software gift from me. To celebrate the imminent release of  my Meme creation posting software “Quotemaster” I am giving you the original version that I was selling online as a very special gift. So sit back relax and earn how you can make yourself infinitely more sexy on Facebook!


List Building Techniques – Traffic Continued…

This is the second part of my list building series where I  look at further techniques for list building, which I currently use and have had success with in the past.


Forum Marketing

I first stumbled on forum marketing several years ago and it’s a method which I still use with great success today. Essentially you participate in forums within your niche offering value to other people by answering their questions and building yourself a reputation a a person who can be trusted and who also is an authority.

This method still is an old favourite of mine, indeed it is where I got my first big break in Internet Marketing and not only made me a lot of sales online, but also got me some freelancing jobs which gave me the opportunity to work with some big marketers,build some invaluable relationships that have paid dividends over the past few years.

So how does this work in a nutshell, well first you provide value and then you use what is called a signature link, which appears whenever you post a reply to a thread on the forum. When someone clicks on that link they are taken straight to your squeeze page.This literally can be an opportunity to get cash on demand. In the past I’d make a couple of posts a day knowing that those posts would result in sales, it’s a great method and will reap dividends if you use it well.

sig link

Example of a forum signature link

I also have some software called Forum Renegade, which will find the niche forums for you to post on and will also find threads by keyword, so you can be ahead of the game, using this software will make you work very efficiently and I recommend you purchase it. You can get hold of Forum Renegade here


Article Marketing

Once upon a time Article marketing was a dream, back in the day there was a method called “Bum Marketing” whereby you would create several articles related to the product you were promoting and at the time Google favoured content from article directories like Ezinearticles. So a well written article related to your niche would immediately rank well and you’d consistently make sales.

Alas Google put an end to this strategy, so it’s not really worth the time of day these days. I still pick up the odd sale from articles I wrote back in the day, but the traffic is minimal and I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have a lot of time to waste for very little return. If you look on the Warrior Forum you will see that some people still advocate this as a viable method..suggesting that you publish your articles first on your blog and then submit to the articles to the Article directories…so people will publish your articles on their sites…a very bad Idea these days as Google will penalize you for duplicate content. Don’t listen to the people who promote this strategy, it’s a waste of time.


Video Marketing

This is one of my favourite methods of getting traffic although I primarily use it to directly promote affiliate offers. People love video and if you pique their interest, then they will click through to your Squeeze pages. However we are talking quality videos here. One of the techniques that has worked well in the past for me was creating simple presentations using either Powerpoint, Open Office or Google Documents free Presentation application.

I love the latter as it allows me to access my content from anywhere and on any device, Google Drive is a recommended resource in my opinion. Simply create a presentation, add a voiceover and deliver content that will benefit your potential lead. In the resource box below the video add a link to your squeeze page and a description about the product you are promoting.

Videos also have the potential to go viral, so spending a bit of time creating a good video could help you to build a list very quickly. To do this you are going to need some screen capture software the best in my opinion is Camtasia you can download a free trial here, the downside with the trial is that your videos will be watermarked, however it’s a great opportunity to try out this great software…I couldn’t live without it! A free alternative is Camstudio…not quite as snazzy as the former…but “you get what you pays for”. You can download Camstudio here.

You can use other tricks here like adding the “hand written scribe” style videos, these are very effective for immediately getting engagement. One great product I recommend picking up is VideomakerFX you can read my review of this product here, it’s one of those tools that if used well will result in loads of new leads and buyers.



Blogging is also a great way of building a list, posting regularly to your blog with information which will benefit your readers is a must in my book. Not only will it help you to establish yourself as a brand, but it will also help with your list building efforts. You can also drive traffic from your Autoresponder (I use Aweber) and concentrate on building relationships with your subscribers. Having a list that you purely market to is a bad decision, you need to build up a relationship with your subscribers. You need to think less about money and more about providing value, which you can do by sending out a weekly newsletter with information that will appeal to your audience.

This also has a plus effect as the more traffic that gets sent to your blog, the better your authority and rankings will be.


Blog Commenting

Alas not quite what it was these days due to an over zealous Google. By finding and commenting on blogs within your niche you can drive traffic to your website and your squeeze pages. One of the biggest problems with blog commenting is the amount of Spam, you might have noticed on my blog I have disabled comments, this is due to the amount of crappy spam comments I receive on a daily basis. It’s a bit of a shame really because I would love to encourage discussion here, but having to moderate the blog constantly and sending the rubbish comments to spam hell is not something I have the inclination to do.

However there are some blogs out there where you can post an intelligent comment and get a link back to your site, so it’s still worth a shot!


Question and Answer sites

A few years ago I used to use Yahoo answers and Answerbag to drive traffic to my sites, it was a great method too. All I needed to do was spend a little time searching for people with problems in my niche and answer their questions and then place my site as a resource. I made quite a few sales this way and it was easy work, however because if abuse this method is not as effective as it once was and it’s easy to get your Yahoo account banned…so not the best of choices these days alas, but still worth a shot…to test it out just buy a couple of level 2 Yahoo accounts on Fiverr.


I have given you a list of methods which I use to great success online for list building, I hope that you now feel ready to try some of these techniques and start building yourself a responsive and lucrative email list and start making some good money from your marketing efforts. A very important point to keep in mind while you are building your list is to think about the people who are subscribing, get personal with them, build relationships, remember that they are looking for solutions to their problems and it is your duty to help them.  Planned future articles include, setting up a squeeze page for free and product development.

Wishing you great success in your Internet Marketing efforts




VideoMakerFX Software Review – Create Awesome Video Presentations


It’s been a really exciting week, I got hold of a copy of VideoMakerFX from Peter Roszak and I have to confess I’m really impressed.

The software enables anyone to create professional whiteboard animations and presentations in minutes…that isn’t hype…this product really delivers the goods.

I’m sure you have seen the incredible whiteboard animations created by software like videoscribe…You know the type with the animated hand drawing characters and writing text, very slick indeed and very effective.

However Unlike Videoscribe, which will set you back close to $700 you can get VideomakerFX for a steal..I mean how does $37 sound?…I’m totally speechless! I think what impresses me the most is that the software could have been sold for so much more, even with a price tag of $100 it would still have been great value. Also because of the price it has made this technology accessible to anyone, regardless of budget.

The software is very easy to use and its apparent when you open it up that the design is obviously influenced by Videoscribe.


A Videoscribe clone with a great price

If you look at the actual scribing function within the software, you’ll see that it doesn’t look quite as professional as videoscribe, the hand animation It’s just not as slick, but don’t get me wrong it’s not bad at all.

Admittedly if I had to choose between Videoscribe and VideoMakerFX then I’d have to go with the former, because Videoscribe is undoubtedly the better of the two, But then you would expect it to be as VideoMakerFX is a fraction of the price and it would be insane to expect more.

With this software you’ll be churning out amazing professional videos in minutes (I know because I’ve been testing the software today and it’s amazing) Just take a look at a video below I put together in a few minutes with the software:


VideomakerFX is an essential purchase and will pay for itself many times over…there’s nothing else out there that comes close for the price, just watch the demos on the sales page…you will be more than impressed.

With this video software you can:

  • Create powerful sales videos easily
  • Make those character explainer videos that cost THOUSANDS
  • Create beautiful photo slideshows
  • Create presentation style videos, faster then using Powerpoint
  • Create videos in full HD and exports in record time!
  • Save time! The learning curve is just minutes!
  • Use over 200+ Animated Scenes and Slides for your presentations
  • Combine music,your own MPs, beautiful backgrounds, photos…this is special!


Lets look at some possible applications for this software:

  • Create videos for offline business
  • Start your own Fiverr Whiteboard animation service
  • Use to promote your own or affiliate products
  • Sell the service on the Warrior Forum

I think the great thing here is that Internet marketers on a budget will easily be able to set up their own service and profit from video creation for clients, Whereas before this would not have been an option for many people.

I’m positive that if you purchase this video software and take action then it will pay for itself many times over. Don’t let it sit on your hard drive and not do anything with it, start making some great looking presentations and reap the benefits.

This software is a “nobrainer” not only will the software increase your sales and generate more leads but it will also present you and your company as experts giving you a professional brand and identity online!

So if you want to profit handsomely from simple video creation, you’d be wise to get this software, nothing out there gets close for the price.

And selling for only $37…that’s just crazy! as it would still be great value with a $200 price tag.

Snap this up while you can, I guarantee that you will not regret it!



List building strategies

Virtually anyone involved in internet marketing will tell you that the money is in the list, we have all heard that expression at one time or another but the emphasis has to be on not just building a list, but a list that actually makes money.

How do we get people onto our list?

To attract potential buyers we need to have an irresistable free offer,something that offers great value to the prospect.

This can work really well, especially if the gift has a high perceived value. It could be an ebook, a video, an audio recording, software application…indeed anything that has perceived value to your potential subscribers.

It’s much better to have a unique product to offer, for example a product that you created yourself. PLR products may be appealing because they make it easier to quickly offer a product to your audience, but you’ll need to brand the software as your own to benefit most from this method.
When creating your offer I believe it is better to offer a gift and have had my best success that way, however some people believe that a gift is not necessary

There is a school of thought that it’s better not to have an offer for people to join your list and although, I’ve had some success with this method, I believe that you get better quality leads from offers.

Another method is to put up several pages with each one linking to the next…with an enticing hook line to encourage people to click through to the next page, make sure you use quality information for this method. You could do this for a few pages or several and on the last page inform the prospect to get more information they will need to sign up.

This also acts as a way of filtering out the time wasters and “tyre kickers”. It also gives you an opportunity to connect with your audience and build trust, this wll make it easier to sell to your subscribers in the future.

Whatever List building method you use, make sure to “test” and learn what method works the best for you.

Althernative list building methods…

You don’t even have to rely on Squeeze pages, popups or exit popups to get subscribers, or even use an autoresponder, believe it or not!

Look at these alternatives:

Facebook likes – when you post to your Facebook page, you’ll show up in the feeds of people who’ve liked you.

Twitter -When you send out a “Tweet” your followers will see it and if they like it, you’ll get Retweets, further expanding your reach and also attract new followers

YouTube channel subscribers – Everytime you post a new video your subscribers are notified, this is a great method for getting traffic to affiliate offers and has worked very well for me.

Pinterest followers -If the quality of your pins is good, you’ll get “repinned” further extending your reach.

LinkedIn connections – if you’re business focused linked in has great potential fr attracting targeted clients.

I thoroughly recommend that you try my Traffic master software, this will allow you to create redirects for Images on Facebook…you can however use these same redirects to send traffic from Google Plus and Pinterest. This is a fantastic method for sending people diretly to the affiliate offer you are promoting.

I think the best strategy is to use all of the above as you’ll be giving yourself more opportunities for getting traffic to your offers and will not only build a list but makes some sales along the way.

Why You Need To Think Like A Seller

Making money online is something that so many people dream about, there’s a multitude of paid sources which feed on our dreams and offer us instant results, but the reality as I’m sure you know is so much different.

If you want to do well online you’re going to need to change your mindset and think like a seller rather than a buyer. This means rather than purchasing every offer that promises you the world, you need to stop and think when you read that sales page…ask yourself if you really do need that wonderful product…don’t let yourself be influenced by emotion.

When I started working online I literally didn’t have any money to invest in these beautiful shiny things even though I could see that many would be of benefit to my business. My strategy then was to research the topic and determine what the strategy was behind it and then by using a free programming software language (Autohotkey) I’d build my own product.

So where do you find these strategies? Take a look at forums in your niche and use Google to find related content on those forums use “keyword”+strategy or “ “keyword”+”How to”
do you get the idea?

A great place to look is on the Black hat forums because you’ll find some really innovative thinking, many marketers you know use these sites as a resource for building products.

Another thing to consider when tempted to purchase a new plugin for wordpress is to look at and check out to see if there is a plugin there that will do the job of the paid one. Many plugin developers get their ideas from browsing the plugins there and I have seen some direct clones of free plugins offered for sale on the Warrior Forum.

If you can get into the product developer/seller mindset then you will be on the right track. Think like a buyer and you’ll be on the path to poverty. Even when you start making money still be frugal with your purchases.

I remember what it was like when all of a sudden I had several thousand dollars in my Paypal account, the temptation was always there to buy, because now I had the finances to do so. However, I still resisted temptation only ever investing in anything that I was certain would benefit my business or increase my productivity.

If you are able I recommend that you get into software development or creating video products where you can teach people a new skill. Think about your abilities and how you can capitalize on them. Many go down the ebook route, but software and video have so much more value based on my own personal experience.

So there you have it, I’ve just given you some tips which will not only save you money but also get you on the path to making money unhindered by shiny object syndrome, just think about what I’ve said there truly is method in my madness.



Free Traffic From Forum Marketing

If you are new to Internet marketing you’ve undoubtedly wondered what the best ways of getting traffic are in these post apocalyptic days days of the Panda, the penguin and god knows what other mammal Google has hit us with.

Let’s face it the dream is getting free organic traffic and that’s getting harder and harder to do with each Google update and going down the paid route just isn’t an option for many people.

So what can we do to get free traffic? Well one thing that still works is forum marketing and in my opinion this method of marketing will be around for a long time.

I remember what it was like when I was new to selling online and it was more through fluke than anything else that I started to make sales and that was when things were easy! However those first sales and also freelancing jobs and long standing partnerships came as a result of forum marketing.

Blog commenting no longer has the power that it once had and it was only today I was reading that the days of guest posting are numbered as Google gets more and more tyrannical.

Forum marketing is not complex, essentially you will be responding to threads on a forum in your niche that gets consistently high targeted traffic.

Now we’re not talking about spamming here, were talking about providing value and building relationships with other forum members. If you do this correctly you will earn the trust of people within the forum and a also have the opportunity to establish yourself as an expert.

If you are doing forum marketing correctly then you don’t have to be reliant on Google for traffic. By helping people out with their questions you can forget about trying to get your site to rank high in the Serps , because you will get traffic from forums in your niche.

Forum marketing works well as long as you provide helpful answers to questions and and concentrate on adding value. Once you have established trust people will start clicking through to your site from the signature link below your post.

With forums your content can get exposed to hundreds of people browsing that forum. There is no better way to get traffic in my opinion and the beauty is it will not cost you a dime.

It’s a long process and you will not make sales overnight as you need to have a good reputation before people start trusting you. This is generally reflected by the amount of “likes” or thanks you have received, but once you have established yourself a couple of posts a day should be enough to bring in some sales.

Just be smart about how you tackle it, forums can be great for building relationships and your brand, but if you are just posting with the intention of getting people to click your signature link you will be onto a loser.

There are loads of forums on the internet and there’s sure to be one in your niche. Just try searching Google with your “keyword” followed by “forum” and you are sure to find a large selection to choose from.

If you are not using this traffic generation method then you really are missing out, so do yourself a favour and get into Forum Marketing today.

Use my Forum Marketing Software to give yourself the edge!

Download here

WP PicPoll Review – A Cool Plugin for Encouraging Engagement

Hey guys here’s a review of a plugin that I’ve just picked up, it’s called WP Picpoll and it allows you to easily set up a poll,survey or quiz on your blog. Each selected option can be used to point people to a specific page, so it could be used to promote affiliate links or for listbuilding, two areas of great interest to me.. You can either create squeeze style pages with attractive guru style backgrounds or you can embed the quiz/poll into a blog post by just entering a shortcode.


I like applications which are intuitive and getting this plugin up and running was simple, there are training resources and access to support available from within the plugin’s settings page, but to be honest setting up your fist quiz or poll is so easy I doubt if you’ll be needing it.  In terms of usability it’s very user friendly and setting up a poll takes a couple of minutes maximum. I can see some great potential for this plugin on my sites, anything that is going to encourage user interaction has got to be a good thing. The only problem most people will have is thinking up new polls and quizzes!

Have a look at the following examples:


So in the above example each one of the social Icons can be voted on once, and after voting the visitor is sent to whatever page you want. I love the translucent overlays they look great on a guru style background.


In this example you could be sending your customer directly via your Amazon affiliate link to the product in the thumbnail, again another great way to use this plugin. This plugin could definitely be good for seasonal affiliate promotions.



Or you can set up a quiz and give your visitor the opportunity to win a free prize if they guess correctly…this of course could be tied in to an optin form.



This is the example I decided to choose as I have embedded the shortcode created by the plugin into a blog post. In my example further down the page, you’ll see that the Social Icons are linked to my Facebook, Google and Twitter profiles. A little unimaginative on my side, but it gives you an idea of how you could use the plugin to your advantage.



The last screenshot is for another competition, I like the aesthetics of this plugin, it looks great and the options jump right out at you. I  like this plugin and will be using it here on Stealthymarketer, II just need to be a little more imaginative with its use but I certainly can see is potential.

So here we go, down below is a poll I set up with the plugin, try voting on one of the options and see the plugin in action.

 [nds_poll id=’2′]

Want to know another nice fact about this plugin? It will only cost you $10 to buy the single site license…and the Developers license will only cost you $10 more. This is definitely one of those plugins that will be an asset to your business and will allow you to engage well with your site visitors.


Ubot Studio Black Friday – 25% Discount Code!


 7 Day Special UBOT Discount

Hey guys, today I have got something incredibly exciting to share with you…I have negotiated a very special deal with Ubot Studio and for the next seven days you can get the standard and professional version of Ubot with a 20% discount, but it gets better as you can also get the developer version of this awesome software development platform for a massive 25% off.

I’ve had a lot of success with Ubot and it’s enabled me to build a successful online business, the ease of development and the power of the software makes it simple for anyone to create their own software, whether they want to automate their online activities, to be a freelancer or a product developer.

Just take a look at the video below and you’ll see just how simple it is to create a software application. In the following video I create a software tool for twitter, which automatically sends out updates. I built this software in under 15 minutes and just goes to show how easy it is.


Imagine not having to purchase any more software from the Warrior Forum, because you will make your own. Just consider the savings you’ll make using Ubot studio, you’ll never be tempted by all those new shiny WSO’s and instead you’ll be in the seller mindset and believe me that is exactly where you want to be in this business.

Now imagine if you could just stop buying WSO’s…Imagine if you could create products yourself to automate your internet marketing, SEO, submissions to sites, updating your blogs…virtually anything you currently do in your browser….and what if you could actually turn things around and get in the seller mindset for a change?

The good news is it is possible and it’s also been made very easy for you to do, all you have to do is to have an idea and a simple to use development platform.

That’s exactly what I did, I purchased Ubot Studio and started making and selling my own software and in the process I have made a lot of money. The cool thing is that this is something that anyone can do, the software can be used by newbies and experienced programmers alike!

The biggest obstacle is the price for most people, and normally Ubot Studio will set you back a couple of hundred dollars, plus for the standard version. (However it really is a good investment because you can then become a product developer or use your software creations to provide a service)

For the next 7days I have managed to negotiate a special deal with the Ubot guys and can get you some hefty discounts on the latest and greatest version (5) which was released in October. This discount will only be open until December 8. After that this discount will no longer be available.

$189 for Standard (20% off)

$397 for Pro (20% off)

$517 for Dev (25% off)


If you can afford it I thoroughly recommend that you purchase, because it will not only save you money (you can stop buying WSO’s) you can also become a software developer, freelancer or use the software to offer a service on sites like FIverr.

I hope you can see the value in this, I stand behind Ubot Studio 100% as it’s the one tool that really turned things around for me and I’ve never looked back.

If you have any questions about Ubot Studio and developing with it, just shoot me an email and I’ll answer them for you.

To your success as a product developer!




NIche Eureka 2 – cool niche research software – With my killer software bonus

Hi,  Rob here, hope you are doing well and profiting from your online endeavours. I’ve been really busy on a few new software projects, which are really exciting and I can’t wait to tell you more about them.

One is a Facebook tool and it really is special, there just isn’t anything else like it out there. Another project I’ve been working on does some truly incredible things with web traffic and boosting SERPS, again this is a total winner…I can’t wait to show you more, but here’s a quick preview:


Today I’m writing to you about a software product that has been developed by Barry Rodgers and Val Wilson. It’s a self contained tool that has embedded video training, which will teach you how to select, research a niche and also build a multi page niche website using a site generating component.

The videos in the software provide a clear overview of niche research ,presented in a way that anyone can easily understand. The information is solid and follows the exact strategy I used when I developed my best selling Nichegenrator software.

The next component within the software is a PDF transcription of the video describing the process in detail.

The final aspect of the software is a tool that will build your niche site for you and optimize the site for seo, Adsense and Amazon. Pretty cool and easy to do, you just answer the questions the software presents you with…and you’re done!

I like products like this because they streamline activities and save a lot of time…and as you know I am a great lover of automation.

Now here’s something you are going to like the bonus I mentioned earlier… I have built a software tool which automates the research process outlined in Niche Eureka and with a click of a button, you get all the resources loaded into your browser…   Man you are going to love this! It’s called Nichejacker and only available here,

Here’s a quick preview of the bonus software I created:

I’ve built it especially for you and best of all I’m giving it to you for free if you decide to invest in Niche Eureka…how cool is that?   To access this cool bonus just go to your JVzoo download page after purchase and you’ll be able to download it there


Right well back to the grind as they say, take care and speak soon

Sincerely   Rob

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