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Create A Killer Social Media Boosting Bot – I’ll Show You How!

Hey guys, below you can watch a video where I will teach you how to create an automated program which will boost your likes and shares on Social Networks.

You will be surprised at how easy it is to use free tools to create software which will make the running of your online business easier. I should have sold this information as it is GOLD!  However I’m offering it to you today for Nada…all you need to do is enter your email address when the optin box appears on the video and you’ll get to see this awesome tutorial. Not only that but you will receive a very special software gift from me. To celebrate the imminent release of  my Meme creation posting software “Quotemaster” I am giving you the original version that I was selling online as a very special gift. So sit back relax and earn how you can make yourself infinitely more sexy on Facebook!


List Building Techniques – Traffic

One of the questions I frequently get asked by my subscribers and Skype Mastermind members is how to effectively build an email list. So today in this article I will suggest a few of the methods which have worked well for me. This article concentrates on how to get traffic to a Squeeze page and the various methods you can use. Building a list is not rocket science, indeed it is really simple, but getting the right quality of leads on the other hand requires a little thought.


Product launches (building a list of buyers)

This is by far the quickest method which will get buyers onto your list, in the past I have used the Warrior Special Offers section of the warrior forum. However for this to work effectively you are going to need your own product and the support of affiliates. The premise is that you have a product that you sell on the Front end (on the sales page) usually this product is pitched at around the $9 mark and increases in a dime sale.

You attract affiliates by offering 50% plus commissions on this product, frequently I have given affiliates 100% on the front end, because as you can imagine making $9 a sale is far more appealing than  $4.50 and to be honest I personally look to make at least $9 per item that I promote, or it just doesn’t seem worth my while. You then aim to recover your investment by offering a OTO (One Time Offer)as well as further upsells, each time offering a downsell if the customer chooses to reject the OTO. A downsell essentially is an opportunity to get a slimmed down or more basic version of the OTO.

Some people create a free offer on The Warrior Forum, where people opt in to access a product. This method was recommended to me by a mentor a few years ago, again you’d be wise to set up a funnel to catch buyers. The only thing is it would be hard to get affiliates on board to promote for you as essentially they are just giving you their list for no return. I suppose you could offer commissions on the OTO, but essentially I think you are relying more on the traffic the offer sections is getting from people just browsing the board…worth a shot for $20 though.

Using this method you can build a list of responsive buyers really quickly. One thing I tried was adding a option to purchase membership to a Internet marketing software membership site of mine on the download page of the product. This was extremely effective and I managed to create an income stream of several thousand dollars a month within approximately 6 weeks. There isn’t the space here to go into creating the products for this method, I’ll do that in a future blog post. However this first method is the one that is going to bring you in the most money in the quickest possible time.



Solo Ads

With Solo ads you purchase traffic from a vendor who already has a list. They will then send “Clicks” to a squeeze page where you can offer a free product in return for the users email address. The user opts in to get the free product and then they are exposed to a one time offer. This has the added bonus of paying for the cost of the solo ad, so hopefully you will have not only have a list of potential buyers but will also have brought in a few sales.

Unfortunately there are a lot of unscrupulous Solo Ad vendors who will send fake users to your pages, so it is important to check out the reputation of the vendor first. A few of places to look for solo ad vendors are in the classified section of the Warrior Forum, other places to try are Safe Swaps and a new site which has caught my attention called Solo Checker, the latter gets my vote, because unlike Safe Swaps their is no monthly charge for being a solo ad provider.

Another great place to look for solo ad vendors is in Facebook Groups where the solo ad vendors performance is often reviewed by group members. You will also need to use tracking software so that you can check the quality of the leads you are being sent, this is extremely importrant, fortunately there is a free tracking script called Prosper 202, you will need to be a little tech savvy to get this set up and tracking your links, but believe me it is worth it.


Social Traffic

Getting organic traffic from the Google Serps is not what it once was as you know and these days we have to rely more on Social Networks for traffic. Social networking is cool because you can establish yourself as a brand and build a following, however it’s a complete time sucker and it’s far to easy to waste a day on Facebook without achieving anything. I use a service called IFTT this is a cool resource which will update your networks automatically based upon a for example…If I do a post on Facebook then IFTT will send that status to Twitter, Google Plus,Tumblr etc, you get what I mean? This is a very useful tool because it means that our updates will get more exposure…it really is a numbers game, the more you get out there…the more traffic you will pick up.


Example IFTT recipies

By posting ads within groups related to your niche on Facebook, you can direct leads to a squeeze page. Initially I tried using this method to send traffic directly to affiliate offers and although I got a few sales, the conversions as you can imagine are based on the quantity of traffic that clicks through.

A way of increasing your conversions would be to use Facebook group posting software, I have a product designed specifically for that purpose, It’s called FB Poster and a free version is available for my list subscribers. The way I would recommend you use this software however is to drive traffic to a squeeze page, get people to opt in and then offer them an OTO so you can immediately separate the buyers from the freebie hunters.

In the next article I will describe some more effective free traffic sources you can use.


5 Minute Sales Letters Review – Create Sales Pages That Convert Easily


Watch this video…you’ll be sold!


Every now and again a tool comes along that has great potential for getting you sales, so when I discovered 5 Minute Sales Letters from Matt Cook…which promised to deliver incredible sales pages with world class copy as you can imagine I was very interested, but I was also sceptical.

To be honest it takes quite a bit to impress me, I’ll never promote rubbish and only ever look at anything which delivers on it’s promise…forget the hype, forget the BS, if a product is crap I won’t give it the time of day.

So what exactly is 5 Minute Sales Letters?

5 Minute Sales Letters is a WordPress plugin created by a chap called Matt Cook from Australia. The plugin was based on extensive research he performed by looking at content created by the top Copywriters in the world.

The premise of the plugin is that you fill in a few fields on a form related to the product you are going to promote, and after filling in the blanks, you press submit and “bingo” out pops a killer salespage, looking like a million dollars which could have been written by Gary Halbert…

Are you serious, could it really be that simple?

Well lets take a look and see if it really is that great…(you can see my review in the video above, with a demonstration of me using the plugin, plus you’ll also learn some killer information for creating awesome headlines for free…make sure you watch)

OK, so I installed the plugin on my blog…picked a product I have PLR rights to, filled in the required fields and here is the initial output and incredibly this is what the plugin created in 5 minutes:


Now that is just an extract of the page…we are talking a 6000 word salespage here…pretty damn awesome. To create something like that would have taken me a day easily, if not several!

The page comes with a story, calls to action, testimonials features and benefits, guarantee etc…it really is incredible. Take a look at the bottom of the page below, it created all this content including the JVZoo button and an image of my ugly mug at the bottom 🙂


So the initial output looks more than good…However I’d personally want to make that page my own adding my own style and images (which you can see me doing in the video).

So lets take a look at a page where I created my own images and really made the copy my own…although to be fair I didn’t change the original copy too much.


If you’d like to see the entire sales page just click on the image above, I’m sure you are going to be impressed.

I was totally stunned…here was a plugin that was going to save me so much time, the initial output was great, but editing and adding my own feel and media…well I’m sure you can see for yourself…it’s a “nobrainer”.

Just think about any PLR content you have sitting gathering dust on your hard drive…now you have an opportunity to make money from it easily! if you take action with this plugin you are definitely going to get sales…even if you don’t have a clue about writing copy, that’s how powerful it is.

The only thing I don’t like about the plugin is although the content created looks great, it has been designed to post the page immediately to the site, but it’s much better in my opinion to use this tool to create a starting point for a sales page and then take that content and place on a new site.You can easily achieve this by copying the html code and then posting that content into a new page, but maybe I’m being too picky?

So use the plugin as a content creation hub and not so much a publishing tool…if you get what I mean?

This plugin gets 5 stars from me, it’s one of the best things I’ve seen this year and I’m totally in love with it! Just think…in no time you will be pulling in sales and laughing all the way to the bank…I know I will be!

Another thing that impressed me was the price and the training, Matt is an ethical Marketer and a great presenter, so he’s got your back covered. I was so impressed that I reached out to him on Facebook and am glad to have him as a contact, look out for stuff Matt puts out in the future he’s certainly going places.

Get this plugin now, you’ll be glad that you did…there is no fluffy hype or BS here…this is the real deal!





List building strategies

Virtually anyone involved in internet marketing will tell you that the money is in the list, we have all heard that expression at one time or another but the emphasis has to be on not just building a list, but a list that actually makes money.

How do we get people onto our list?

To attract potential buyers we need to have an irresistable free offer,something that offers great value to the prospect.

This can work really well, especially if the gift has a high perceived value. It could be an ebook, a video, an audio recording, software application…indeed anything that has perceived value to your potential subscribers.

It’s much better to have a unique product to offer, for example a product that you created yourself. PLR products may be appealing because they make it easier to quickly offer a product to your audience, but you’ll need to brand the software as your own to benefit most from this method.
When creating your offer I believe it is better to offer a gift and have had my best success that way, however some people believe that a gift is not necessary

There is a school of thought that it’s better not to have an offer for people to join your list and although, I’ve had some success with this method, I believe that you get better quality leads from offers.

Another method is to put up several pages with each one linking to the next…with an enticing hook line to encourage people to click through to the next page, make sure you use quality information for this method. You could do this for a few pages or several and on the last page inform the prospect to get more information they will need to sign up.

This also acts as a way of filtering out the time wasters and “tyre kickers”. It also gives you an opportunity to connect with your audience and build trust, this wll make it easier to sell to your subscribers in the future.

Whatever List building method you use, make sure to “test” and learn what method works the best for you.

Althernative list building methods…

You don’t even have to rely on Squeeze pages, popups or exit popups to get subscribers, or even use an autoresponder, believe it or not!

Look at these alternatives:

Facebook likes – when you post to your Facebook page, you’ll show up in the feeds of people who’ve liked you.

Twitter -When you send out a “Tweet” your followers will see it and if they like it, you’ll get Retweets, further expanding your reach and also attract new followers

YouTube channel subscribers – Everytime you post a new video your subscribers are notified, this is a great method for getting traffic to affiliate offers and has worked very well for me.

Pinterest followers -If the quality of your pins is good, you’ll get “repinned” further extending your reach.

LinkedIn connections – if you’re business focused linked in has great potential fr attracting targeted clients.

I thoroughly recommend that you try my Traffic master software, this will allow you to create redirects for Images on Facebook…you can however use these same redirects to send traffic from Google Plus and Pinterest. This is a fantastic method for sending people diretly to the affiliate offer you are promoting.

I think the best strategy is to use all of the above as you’ll be giving yourself more opportunities for getting traffic to your offers and will not only build a list but makes some sales along the way.

Why You Need To Think Like A Seller

Making money online is something that so many people dream about, there’s a multitude of paid sources which feed on our dreams and offer us instant results, but the reality as I’m sure you know is so much different.

If you want to do well online you’re going to need to change your mindset and think like a seller rather than a buyer. This means rather than purchasing every offer that promises you the world, you need to stop and think when you read that sales page…ask yourself if you really do need that wonderful product…don’t let yourself be influenced by emotion.

When I started working online I literally didn’t have any money to invest in these beautiful shiny things even though I could see that many would be of benefit to my business. My strategy then was to research the topic and determine what the strategy was behind it and then by using a free programming software language (Autohotkey) I’d build my own product.

So where do you find these strategies? Take a look at forums in your niche and use Google to find related content on those forums use “keyword”+strategy or “ “keyword”+”How to”
do you get the idea?

A great place to look is on the Black hat forums because you’ll find some really innovative thinking, many marketers you know use these sites as a resource for building products.

Another thing to consider when tempted to purchase a new plugin for wordpress is to look at and check out to see if there is a plugin there that will do the job of the paid one. Many plugin developers get their ideas from browsing the plugins there and I have seen some direct clones of free plugins offered for sale on the Warrior Forum.

If you can get into the product developer/seller mindset then you will be on the right track. Think like a buyer and you’ll be on the path to poverty. Even when you start making money still be frugal with your purchases.

I remember what it was like when all of a sudden I had several thousand dollars in my Paypal account, the temptation was always there to buy, because now I had the finances to do so. However, I still resisted temptation only ever investing in anything that I was certain would benefit my business or increase my productivity.

If you are able I recommend that you get into software development or creating video products where you can teach people a new skill. Think about your abilities and how you can capitalize on them. Many go down the ebook route, but software and video have so much more value based on my own personal experience.

So there you have it, I’ve just given you some tips which will not only save you money but also get you on the path to making money unhindered by shiny object syndrome, just think about what I’ve said there truly is method in my madness.



Free Traffic From Forum Marketing

If you are new to Internet marketing you’ve undoubtedly wondered what the best ways of getting traffic are in these post apocalyptic days days of the Panda, the penguin and god knows what other mammal Google has hit us with.

Let’s face it the dream is getting free organic traffic and that’s getting harder and harder to do with each Google update and going down the paid route just isn’t an option for many people.

So what can we do to get free traffic? Well one thing that still works is forum marketing and in my opinion this method of marketing will be around for a long time.

I remember what it was like when I was new to selling online and it was more through fluke than anything else that I started to make sales and that was when things were easy! However those first sales and also freelancing jobs and long standing partnerships came as a result of forum marketing.

Blog commenting no longer has the power that it once had and it was only today I was reading that the days of guest posting are numbered as Google gets more and more tyrannical.

Forum marketing is not complex, essentially you will be responding to threads on a forum in your niche that gets consistently high targeted traffic.

Now we’re not talking about spamming here, were talking about providing value and building relationships with other forum members. If you do this correctly you will earn the trust of people within the forum and a also have the opportunity to establish yourself as an expert.

If you are doing forum marketing correctly then you don’t have to be reliant on Google for traffic. By helping people out with their questions you can forget about trying to get your site to rank high in the Serps , because you will get traffic from forums in your niche.

Forum marketing works well as long as you provide helpful answers to questions and and concentrate on adding value. Once you have established trust people will start clicking through to your site from the signature link below your post.

With forums your content can get exposed to hundreds of people browsing that forum. There is no better way to get traffic in my opinion and the beauty is it will not cost you a dime.

It’s a long process and you will not make sales overnight as you need to have a good reputation before people start trusting you. This is generally reflected by the amount of “likes” or thanks you have received, but once you have established yourself a couple of posts a day should be enough to bring in some sales.

Just be smart about how you tackle it, forums can be great for building relationships and your brand, but if you are just posting with the intention of getting people to click your signature link you will be onto a loser.

There are loads of forums on the internet and there’s sure to be one in your niche. Just try searching Google with your “keyword” followed by “forum” and you are sure to find a large selection to choose from.

If you are not using this traffic generation method then you really are missing out, so do yourself a favour and get into Forum Marketing today.

Use my Forum Marketing Software to give yourself the edge!

Download here

Ubot Studio Black Friday – 25% Discount Code!


 7 Day Special UBOT Discount

Hey guys, today I have got something incredibly exciting to share with you…I have negotiated a very special deal with Ubot Studio and for the next seven days you can get the standard and professional version of Ubot with a 20% discount, but it gets better as you can also get the developer version of this awesome software development platform for a massive 25% off.

I’ve had a lot of success with Ubot and it’s enabled me to build a successful online business, the ease of development and the power of the software makes it simple for anyone to create their own software, whether they want to automate their online activities, to be a freelancer or a product developer.

Just take a look at the video below and you’ll see just how simple it is to create a software application. In the following video I create a software tool for twitter, which automatically sends out updates. I built this software in under 15 minutes and just goes to show how easy it is.


Imagine not having to purchase any more software from the Warrior Forum, because you will make your own. Just consider the savings you’ll make using Ubot studio, you’ll never be tempted by all those new shiny WSO’s and instead you’ll be in the seller mindset and believe me that is exactly where you want to be in this business.

Now imagine if you could just stop buying WSO’s…Imagine if you could create products yourself to automate your internet marketing, SEO, submissions to sites, updating your blogs…virtually anything you currently do in your browser….and what if you could actually turn things around and get in the seller mindset for a change?

The good news is it is possible and it’s also been made very easy for you to do, all you have to do is to have an idea and a simple to use development platform.

That’s exactly what I did, I purchased Ubot Studio and started making and selling my own software and in the process I have made a lot of money. The cool thing is that this is something that anyone can do, the software can be used by newbies and experienced programmers alike!

The biggest obstacle is the price for most people, and normally Ubot Studio will set you back a couple of hundred dollars, plus for the standard version. (However it really is a good investment because you can then become a product developer or use your software creations to provide a service)

For the next 7days I have managed to negotiate a special deal with the Ubot guys and can get you some hefty discounts on the latest and greatest version (5) which was released in October. This discount will only be open until December 8. After that this discount will no longer be available.

$189 for Standard (20% off)

$397 for Pro (20% off)

$517 for Dev (25% off)


If you can afford it I thoroughly recommend that you purchase, because it will not only save you money (you can stop buying WSO’s) you can also become a software developer, freelancer or use the software to offer a service on sites like FIverr.

I hope you can see the value in this, I stand behind Ubot Studio 100% as it’s the one tool that really turned things around for me and I’ve never looked back.

If you have any questions about Ubot Studio and developing with it, just shoot me an email and I’ll answer them for you.

To your success as a product developer!




Pinterest WordPress Theme Case Study – Day 7

Well 7 days after installing IM Wealth Builders Covert Pinterest theme and I’m still seeing great results. The blog is running completely on auto and I am getting consistent traffic. Still considering how I could use the theme to work with a site like steallthymarketer. The social traffic potential is definitely promising, it’s just finding the right fit for an internet marketing site. I welcome any comments from you guys and any possible strategies you might suggest.

Here’s an Awstats snapshot for the past 7 days:

pinterest traffic awstats snaphot

And here’s the stats for the past 7 days from the blog itself using Kstats Reloaded:

covert pinterest theme stats day 7

Here is a new snapshot today of the Alexa ranking:

As you can see the Alexa ranking is now 1837,275…that’s quite a dramatic improvement in the past 7 days.

I will continue to monitor the site and give you updates.

If you would like to get hold of the theme then please visit the sales page below

Click Here to get this awesome theme and plugin now



Pinterest WordPress Theme Strategy Update

It’s day 3 after installing the Pinterest theme from IM Wealthbuilders and the traffic appears to be consistent from Twitter and Facebook (at the moment I am doing nothing to monetize this blog, It’s just a test to see how well this theme and the autobblogging plugin perform) I am also using the Imagepress plugin to add a human element and posting images relating to me and my life. If you need to get the Imagepress plugin you can get it here:

Download Imagepress plugin

Heres my Awstats for today 20/06/2012

piterest wordpress theme stats

As you can see the traffic is certainly consistent, to go from an average of 6 uniques a day to 141 so quickly is a pretty good result, I think you’ll agree.


Here’s the starts from the blog itself (using Kstats reloaded):

pinterest strategy - kstats reloaded stats

Kstats is reporting less uniques than Awstats and I’m inclined to trust these figures more, but still to go from a few uniques a day to 102 is certainly an achievement.

Below is the Alexa stats for, yesterday the site had an Alexa rank of over 7 Million, but when I checked today that rank had improved by 4 million…that’s pretty cool in my book.

pinterest strategy - Alexa stats

I’m also noticing that people are starting to follow me on Pinterest as a result of these posts, all in all this is very exciting. I think the biggest challenge is monetizing the site, for those of you who are affiliates of Amazon or Ebay, I imagine you may get good conversions.

My plan is to make a small network of blogs like this, to help promote my money sites. Maybe installing the theme on a sub domain of a money site might be an idea. I intend to clone the setup of this blog, so I can easily replicate it. I think if used in the right way then you can expect to get some outstanding results from this theme. I will continue to monitor and report how the traffic is going to you.

How To Drive Traffic With Pinterest

pinterest traffic

Pinterest is certainly a hot topic these days as can be seen by all of the Internet marketers who are targeting the platform. To be honest it’s taken me a while to get into the whole pinterest thing, it just didn’t grab me like Facebook or Twitter did, but as an additional traffic source it needs to be investigated. The demographic is mainly women, according to statistics 75%. I’m sure as time goes by though this will level out, that is unless Internet marketers masquerade as women and I know quite a few people who do. (on pinterest at least)

I mentioned in an earlier post about achieved an incredible spike in traffic because of copying the Pinterest model and I must confess that got me curious enough to want to investigate Pinterest further. I purchased a couple of pinterest bots, but I wasn’t really grabbed by pinterest, I just associated Pinterest with women posting images of shoes and fashion items and I just wasn’t sure if it would fit into my Internet marketing software niche, but I think I just wasn’t being creative enough.

Pinterest marketing strategies
Pinterest is concerned with connecting and interacting with others and this gives us three potential ways to market our products to people.

  • Re-pinning
  • Commenting
  • Following

Re-pinning an image gives you  the opportunity to drive traffic to your website. When you repin an image the person pinned the original is notified. We can also expect some of these people to check out our pinterest page, you therefore want to ensure that you have interesting content for visitors to read

Making comments is another strategy that can drive traffic as well, you can catch peoples interest in this way, so be sure to leave a useful comment, because nobody likes spam.

Following others on pinterest is yet another way of arousing interest and by connecting with people in your niche you can build relationships.

Working with pinterest is like any other social network, you don’t want to excessively promote yourself, you want people to get interested in you. Concentrate on building relationships and trust, try to add value and try to make yourself look as interesting as possible. Try to share a little bit of your personality and look for interesting images from your blogs to entice people to visit. Pinterest looks to be a very good marketing tool, but it needs to be used correctly.

Create videos showing how your product works so potential customers can see the further use for it. Another suggestion is to produce “How to videos” related to your niche. You can also use pinterest to announce any forthcoming events at your company.

One of the exciting things about pinterest is that your images can go viral, potentially resulting in a lot of traffic. To get pinterest working well for you though you can need to be actively engaged, this is going to take time, so where possible try to automate your activities. This is not especially easy because a bot or a program is unable to make decisions based upon looking at an image like we humans can.

One lesson I’ve learned in this game is that if you’re going to succeed you are going to need to interact and work with others. Think about the way that you communicate with other pinterest users, keep away from the hype and the sales spiel, be engaging and interesting.

One resource I found which could potentially be very useful for creating viral images is here you can create witty quotes, combined with images which with a little creativity could get some great results.

quickmeme images for pinterest

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