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Semi Automatic Linkwheel Creation

linkwheel creator, automatic linkwheel

Most Internet Marketers are familiar with the concept ofย  linkwheels, a linkwheel is a very effective way of promoting your site by using several authority Web 2.0 sites. Several properties in the outer wheel are linked together by a one way link and each of these in turn link to your website in the center of the wheel. Using this technique it is very easy to rank for your keyword phrase and get good visibility on the search engines.

The hardest part of creating a linkwheel is the time it takes to put one together, for this purpose I have created a Windows application which will log you into each web 2.0 property in turn, saving you no end of time.

linkwheel creator, linkwheel creation, automated linkwheel

The software also enables you to ping each web 2.0 property after updating content and provides a “sure fire” way of getting your site on the first page of Google.

The software is priced at only $10 too and is a very good investment for anyone who wants to increase their online sales.

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Linkwheel Promotion Technique

Hi Guys, Heres an idea which may build your traffic and reduce your Alexa rating. I’m no SEO guru, but I’ve noticed my traffic triple recently by using this method. It’s very simple to do, and is an automated process once you’ve set it up. There are a couple of ways to do this. The easiest way is to complile a list of all of the websites you are promoting and save the list as a html document aranged by your keyword phrases, for example:

<A HREF=””>Check Dofollow Blogs Automatically</A>

Once you’ve finished the list save it as a html file, upload it to your server and head over to: and turn that html file into an RSS feed.

Another way would be to use Yahoo Pipes and import all of your RSS feeds into a mashup. If you’re not familiar with Yahoo Pipes I recommend that you go over there, watch the tutorial and craft yourself some amazing unique content.

Another resource Is Dapper

Ok, now you have three ways to create a mashup feed.

The next thing you need to do is take the URL of your compiled list and head over to Pingomatic enter all your link details there ping the list and copy the url Pingomatic gives you (Pingomatic asks you to bookmark the url so you can use their service later) and paste it into notepad.

Now visit Online Cron Jobs, set up a free account, copy a bit of code and paste it into the html of a webpage on your domain. Now you can set up a Cron job to automatically run pingomatic once a day.

Theoretically every site you promote will be automatically pinged and therfore get visited by Search engines on a daily basis.

You could also use Twitterfeeder to call Pingomatic too…

I’ve noticed a marked improvement in Adsense revenue and sales are going pretty well too and my Alexa rankings have been consistently improving.

It will be interesting to see if such a simple technique may increase my online earnings substantially. Give this a try and let me know what results you get. The only thing I’m not sure about is that the sites will be pinged automatically by the cron, this pattern may be detected by the search engines.

For those of you who’d like to run Pingomatic from your desktop, I’ll create a desktop program which will randomly run Pingomatic, so it looks more natural.

Please give me your feedback on this idea.

Rob ๐Ÿ™‚

Dofollow Blog List Checker – Free No Optin

Just released a Dofollow Blog list checker…The software takes a list of urls from a text file and checks each one for the presence of Nofollow attributes. If a dofollow blog is found it is written to a new text file and the site is opened in your browser for commenting. This will save you a lot of time and best of all the software is free…well almost, it#s donationware so if you find it useful please make a donation by Paypal.

Here’s a screen shot:

dofollow checker

Pretty basic just enter the text file name and file extension and away it goes and checks your 1000’s of harvested URLs.

Dofollow Download

Free WordPress Squeeze Page Theme – Instant Download

Hey Guys, I’ve just made a free squeeze page for WordPress, here’s a screen shot:

You can download it from the following link:


Please consider making a $5 donation and then you can resell the template, remove the link to my site…or do whatever you want with it.

Your donation also encourages me to make more free Internet Marketing products, which I could be charging for.

Donate $5 And Get Full Resale Rights

Thanks Rob ๐Ÿ™‚

Business Blogging Tips for Non-Writers

A lot of companies I run into are afraid to jump into blogging, because they aren’t natural writers. Here is a video with some tips on how you can use blog to increase your business even if you aren’t a natural writer.

Community Blogging Tips (it’s proven to work!!) Part 1

These are tips for people who blog. If you visit Destructoid then you will understand all of these tips and no doubt agree with me.

Make money from a free blog

Would you like to find out how you’ll be able to make money online with blogs when you’re just starting out? Then pay close attention as you’re about to learn some great points in this report about how your blog can yield a great income for you.
Firstly, you’re going to require to pick out a topic that you have a lot of information about (a hobby is a good source). The rationality of this is because your blog needs content and you need to create content to make money!
In this report, you will find out where you should place adverts for best results and how you can optimize them for your blog.
The simplest method to make money is through Google Adsense as it provides one of the fastest ways for earning money. First off, you need to select a topic which either you have an interest and have a lot of information about. You’ll be blogging about it by composing content that’s highly applicable to your topic of choice.
Be sure that your blog and each post title has the keywords you want to monetize in them. If you would like to know where is the best place for your advertisements have a look at this website. The heatmap illustrations tell you exactly where you should have your ads to get the best adsense exposure and revenue.
Google also has some good information about ad placement
By reading this information and putting it to good use you will be able to successfully monetize your blog. You may also want to consider selling advertising space, selling text link placements, doing paid reviews of software and promoting clickbank products..
When your blog has good quality unique content you can make a good amount of money from Google Adsense and by repeating the process with additional blogs it is possible to make a very comfortable living. The best thing is that you can do all of this for free using Google’s “Blogger service”,or by opening a free account with Freehostia who provide free fully featured web hosting.

How to make $16 a day blogging

Ok this is going to take a little biit of your time, it’s a white hat method of using blogger and adsense to make some bucks. It’s a rinse and repeat process so should be making you some good money in a short time.


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