Hi Guys,

I’ve started using commentluv to increase my backlinks and have also installed the plugin here at Stealthymarketer. I can see the advantages of using Commentluv and that theoretically ones web traffic will increase as people use searches like “intext:”CommentLuv Enabled” +keyword”

I like the idea too, that having such a plugin enabled will attract some useful and informative posts. I am however concerned that using the plugin will increase the amount of spam. SO for that purpose I am trialing the plugin. Please note that any irrelevant or spammy comments will be deleted, but if you’ve got something worthwhile to say then you are very welcome here.

Cheers Rob

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66 Responses to Build backlinks with “intext:”CommentLuv Enabled” +keyword”

  • Well, I just restarted using commentluv in my site and I hope that my effort in leaving links from other related blogs will be paid in the future. First, I never like to install blog commenting system aside from using wordpress’ native because it’s dead simple and fast. I’m afraid too much options will scare my users from leaving comments. As with anyone else, traffic is important and any plugin that promises to deliver is appreciated.

  • Hi Rob,
    I am looking at installing commentluv on my site about Podiatrist Melbourne I guess I am concerned about an increase in spam.
    I love your site will check back from time to time.


  • Hi Greg, As long as you are using Askimet and a captcha then spam is nothing to worry about. I only approve posts which have some value and you can spot the spammers a mile off.

  • Hi Rob,
    Any tool such as commentluv is a great help to further the cause.

  • hi,
    i think you can use the tool no dofollow or dofollow.which are easily available in google search

  • There are a few ways to do it, I’ve used various queries with software to find blogs with recent comments, that are edu or gov and open. My blog commenting software uses these techniques. I think it is always better to search for common footprints. Heres a link to my blog commenter Here’s the link:


    Cheers Rob

  • Thank you so much for doing the hard work in these articles. Very informative now hard part for me is putting all this good information into some kinda action that will bring me some rewards any advice you have to offer will be most appreciated.

  • I’ve started using CommentLuv on some of my blogs, too and I didn’t see spam increasing because of Akismet. It does a really good job! I recommend it

  • I also installed it on my blog. But the best features come out when you go to other blogs and leave a comment. I spend a good part of my day in conversation with people all over the web, but I get my best click results on CommentLuv enabled blogs on an average of 10 to 1.

    It’s probably the best plugin around at the moment :)

  • I’ve started using CommentLuv on some of my blogs.It does a really good job! I recommend it

  • It is great that you have this plugin installed. It does encourage people to leave comments and increase readership. But the problem is getting quality comments as well as going through each comment to weed out those spammy ones. I suppose you will always have to take the good with the bad and make the best out of it. ;)

  • Have you found the new comment luv plugin any better or worse than the porevious versions?

  • Thank you for all the search keyword strings! I tried the first 3 and they gave me the same results essentially. Is it common to see this?

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  • This post was helpful and the other comments were too. I was curious if CommentLuv and Akismet would be compatible, but Hayley answered my question. I’ll give this plugin a try and do a followup comment with my own thoughts.

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