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You know me and how I try to do my best to help out Internet Marketers of all levels…I made a post on a pupular Internet Marketing forum which described exactly how I make several hundred dollars from Free blogspot blogs. I described the exact process and also gave a couple of examples of sites where I have the No#1 position on Google. You can still find those sites if you enter the following queries into Google:


Backlinker professional

Blogger squeeze page

blogger squeeze

See the blogspot blogs in the No#1 position? They were taken down by Blogger after someone maliciously reported the blogs as being spam blogs. You can still view them by looking at the cached version on Google.

I was therefore forced to register .com domains for these sites. It’s not a major problem, I mean the new backlinker Professional site is now on page one of Google and has only been live for just over a day. See below:

backlinker professional, backlinker, blogger squeeze page, blogger squeeze

Not bad I think you’ll agree to be in position 6 on the first page of Google after just over a day eh?

I think what gets me the most is that I was helping people out by revealing my strategy and I got my blogs reported. I can see now why many Internet Marketers don’t share the tricks they’ve learned. I don’t really want to go down that route, but I’ll definitely not be giving examples of my online successes anymore.

What is it with some people?

For those of you who’d like to get hold of my blogger Squeese Page package and my Backlinker Professional software then please visit the following sites:

Backlinker Professional

Blogger Squeeze Page

Cheers Rob

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