I had a bit of a setback a few days a go when my Blogspot blogs were taken down and I had to move the blogs to paid hosting. A few days along though and my new sites are showing up in Google’s search results and I’m making sales again 🙂

Once again I’m getting traffic and making sales, I’m fortunate because my software really does work well at getting keyword phrase based domains visibility.  Look at the AWstats report for the day that I launched the new backlinker professional site.  I had 48 unique visitors on the day I launched the new site and yes, I did make sales on that day.

backlinker professional, backlinker pro, backlinker, backlinker software

backlinker professional, backlinker, backlinker pro, backlinker software

I’m also back on the front page of Google in the third and fourth position, under links discussing my software. I basically own that Google page and anyone looking for Backlinker Professional is going to find me 🙂  Can you see the value of using my software?

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