Working from home online is great but it isn’t easy work, if you believe that then you’d better “wise up”. You need focus, direction , motivation and a relentless determination to succeed.Not only that but you need good systems in place and be able to work quickly and efficiently. Speed is essential, as mastery over time will reap greater rewards. As an Internet Marketer you need to automate the repetitive tasks which you perform each day, wherever possible use the power of your computer to help you with tasks.
Get hold of form filling software, a good example is Roboform, it’s a good product and will save you loads of time when registering on sites. Another good option to look at is IMacros, this software integrates with your web browser and allows you to perform form filling and much more. I used Imacros to make a Twitter Adder in the past, it was very effective too!!!
Once you have all the tedious jobs which you do cut down to a minimum, the next thing you have to consider is your use of time, how much time do you waste browsing forums, checking email, Google Adsense, Paypal  generally procrastinating, when you should be taking action?
Make sure you consider SEO too, make sure you understand it and do thorough research of your target market. Do everything by the book, understand what Google likes and “play ball.” Play by the rules and you will see great benefits.
The most important factor about  making a good living online is to be seen and to have good visibility in the search engines. We need to be seen as an authority site and how do we achieve that? By backlinking, the more links coming to our site from respected sources on the Internet, the more traffic and sales we get. Things really turned around for me when I decided to automate the majority of my daily Internet Marketing tasks. I watched my earnings go from $30 a week to several hundred. I started creating software to submit my site links, to research niches, to update my social networks automatically. Everyday I was automatically spreading the word about my products, often just by clicking a button or by writing a few words.
One of the most powerful tools which I personally use and have released to the Internet marketing Community is called Backlinker Professional v4.0. This powerful software will reply to Tweets in your niche on Twitter with unique replies, update 30 social networks with Ping.FM, Index your site with 11232 Whois and stats sites, Answer Open questions on Yahoo Answers,Boost your Alexa Ranking, Create “Mashup” RSS feeds and automatically ping your sites with multiple RSS Feed directories. An awesome bit of kit which will get your site indexed instantly and a flood of traffic to your website.
To work smarter not harder and appreciate the benefits of Internet Marketing Automation.

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