Your Own Self -Hypnosis Business For $23.67…Seriously?

Brain Entrainment Toolkit, your own self-hypnosis business

Brain Entrainment Toolkit, your own self-hypnosis business

How would you like the opportunity to start up your own self hypnosis business? There’s an amazing listing on Ebay at the moment.  It’s for some software called the Brain Entrainment Toolkit. What makes this software special is that you can quickly and easily create your own Self-hypnosis/ Meditation tracks and burn them to CD. The Brain Entrainment Toolkit comprises of software to create your own hypnotic tracks a detailed tutorial in PDF format describing various ways to create and master Brainwave Entrainment tracks. There is also bonus software and material including:

  • The Subliminal Black Book (Influence people without their knowledge)
  • A Dream Machine emulator (A light sequence to achieve visions)
  • Feraliminal Lycanthropizer (Get in touch with the beast within)

The real power of this software though is the facility to make your own hypnotic, brainwave entrainment tracks. You can sell these on ebay or via your own website. It is here that the true value of the software lies.

You can easily sell these tracks for a minimum of $10 plus per item!

You are not bound by copyright so you are completely free to profit from this amazing package.

What is even more incredible is the price, you can get this software package for only $23.67

There are only 5 available on Ebay, this item looks like it is going to be very popular and has  received 248 views in less than 24 hours!

So if you want to get a copy at this silly price then get in quickly! This item will seen be a Clickbank product and when it becomes so the price will be around the $100 mark.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to start a business online in a popular and profitable niche, then this is exactly what you need!

Check it out, this could be a veritable money spinner for you 🙂

Click Here To View Ebay  Auction

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